For the current version of the location, see Loot Lake.
Loot Lake - Season 6 - Fortnite

Leaky Lake was the remain of Loot Lake. Leaky Lake got its name when the 6.02 patch was brought to Fortnite on October 10, 2018. After the Floating Island ripped out of the bottom of Loot Lake some land remained in the form of little islands. At the center of Leaky Lake, there is a vortex that drags you into itself when you get too close. When you fall into the vortex it reflects you like Loot Lake after The Cube sunk into it.

As of November 4th, the lake has been covered in a new mess of Islands. And the vortex is now gone, as it has been sealed by the largest island. Since Battle Pass Season 7, it has now gone back to being called Loot Lake.


  • There are a few chests on the remains of the island and in a trailer of a truck.