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Shotgun: Pump-Action. Deals high damage at a moderate fire rate. Short range and limited magazine size.
— In-Game Description

The Lever Action Shotgun was a Shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2: Season 5.


The Lever Action Shotgun is a close range, slow firing shotgun. It has a medium sized spread which can be tightened by aiming down sights. The weapon fires slowly as the lever must be cranked between shots, similar to the pump on the Pump Shotgun.


Lever Action Shotguns range from dealing 93.6 Damage per shot to 114.3 Damage per shot (88.9 - 108.6 damage per second) assuming all 9 pellets hit. All Lever Action Shotguns use Ammo Shells - Icon - Fortnite.png Shells. The Lever Action Shotgun a headshot multiplier of 1.45x. There is a maximum damage cap of 130 to 150.

The Lever Action Shotgun reloads 1 shell at a time, and its reload time statistic is how long it takes for a zero ammo reload to a full magazine.

Lever Action Shotgun Lever Action Shotgun Lever Action Shotgun
Lever Action Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Lever Action Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Lever Action Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Common Uncommon Rare
DPS: 88.9 DPS: 93.2 DPS: 98.3
Damage: 93.6 Damage: 98.1 Damage: 103.5
Fire Rate: 0.95 Fire Rate: 0.95 Fire Rate: 0.95
Magazine Size: 6 Magazine Size: 6 Magazine Size: 6
Reload Time: 6.6s Reload Time: 6.3s Reload Time: 6s
Structure Damage: 45 Structure Damage: 47 Structure Damage: 50
Lever Action Shotgun Lever Action Shotgun
Lever Action Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Lever Action Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Epic Legendary
DPS: 103.5 DPS: 108.6
Damage: 108.9 Damage: 114.3
Fire Rate: 0.95 Fire Rate: 0.95
Magazine Size: 6 Magazine Size: 6
Reload Time: 5.7s Reload Time: 5.4s
Structure Damage: 53 Structure Damage: 55

The Lever Action Shotgun is a hitscan weapon, but fires a spread of 9 pellets when both aiming down sights and hipfiring. Aiming down sights tightens the spread of pellets.

Damage falloff:

  • Damage falloff begins at 5 meters (1 tile).
  • Damage steadily decreases down to 68% of its maximum at 10 meters (2 tiles).
  • Damage decreases down to 63% of its maximum at 15 meters (3 tiles).
  • It deals damage until 30 meters (6 tiles).


Sound Type Rarity Audio
Pullout Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary


As of when the weapon was last available in Chapter 2: Season 8

Rarity Chest Rare













Combining a Lever Action Shotgun with:

Strategy Guide

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This section outlines a strategy. Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

  • The Lever Action Shotgun does the most damage when all pellets are landed on an up close headshot. As such, using the weapon at further ranges is ill-advised.
  • This shotgun's Common and Uncommon variants are able to eliminate a player in three shoots while the Rare to Legendary variants in only two shoots, mixing it with its great fire rate, almost equal to that of the (OLD) Heavy Shotgun, makes it a really reliable option.
    • However, it has less range than most shotguns, a slow reload time and also a slower equip time speed than both Pump Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun.
    • Because the Lever can eliminate in 3 body shots in Common and Uncommon rarities, it is highly advisable to use a Tactical, Auto or Double Barrel Shotguns instead of it in those rarities.
    • However, in the Rare, Epic and Legendary rarities, it eliminates in two body shots. Although those three shotguns can eliminate faster, but the Lever is overall a more reliable option.
  • Because of its relatively slow equip time, make sure to extract this shotgun before you go to the enemy.
  • The Lever Action Shotgun can be definied as a mix between a Pump shotgun and a Double Barrel Shotgun. However if you're skilled with both of this weapons they're, generally speaking, stronger. This doesn't mean that its useless though, because it remains a poweful shotgun if you're practical with it.
  • Try to use this shotgun at really close ranges, to maximize your damage input. Where you would use a Double Barrel Shotgun or a Dragon's Breath Shotgun.


Chapter 2: Season 5

  • Update v15.20: Added the Lever Action Shotgun in Common to Legendary rarities.

Chapter 2: Season 6

  • Update v16.00
    • All rarities of the Lever Action Shotgun have been Vaulted.

Chapter 2: Season 7

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Update v18.00: All rarities are now obtainable as floor or chest loot.

Chapter 3: Season 1

Chapter 3: Season 2

  • Update v20.30: Headshot damage reduced and capped from 135/142/150/157/165 to 130/135/140/145/150.


  • It is the second weapon to use the prefix 'Lever Action', after the Lever Action Rifle which was added shortly before this weapon's inclusion.
  • The weapon appears to resemble the Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun, with a shorter barrel and tape around the middle.
  • The lever-cocking animation, where the gun is twirled as the lever is pulled, was originally popularized by John Wayne in his Western movies, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • In the Battle Pass trailer for Chapter 3: Season 1, a player is shown equipped with the Lever Action Shotgun in one scene. This was either an error on the developer's part, or a hint at a possible un-vaulting off the weapon.