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Limited Time Modes or LTMs are a type of playlist available in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They often add a unique twist to the default game mode, and are sometimes added as permanent modes due to popularity.

This list does not contain Live Events, Permanent modes, Arena, or Randomized playlists like Operation: Snowdown.


Limited Time Modes are playlists that add a unique change to the Standard 100 player Battle Royale, or alternatively Team Rumble formula. Some modes change up the accessible Loot Pool, such as Unvaulted, and others change the formula entirely such as Air Royale.

Limited Time Modes can exist in the game for anywhere between a few hours, or an entire season. Later on in the season, other Limited Time Modes unrelated to the existing season begin to cycle.

List of Battle Royale Based Modes

These modes are based on the existing Battle Royale formula, and require the player to eliminate all other members of enemy squads.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
Barebones - Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Barebones No HUD elements such as Map, Damage Numbers etc. Similar to Hardcore modes in other franchises.
Blitz - Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.jpeg
Blitz Faster Moving Storm, More Materials per drop
Catch! - Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.png
Throwdown Only Throwable Items spawn Used to be known as Catch!
Close Encounters - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Close Encounters Shotguns only, as well as Mobility items.
Playlist Fill Squads.png
The Floor is Lava Lava continually rises from the bottom of the map, dealing damage to players. Players are slowly given materials in their inventory.
Fog Of War - Mode - Fortnite.png
Fog Of War Suppressed Weapons only. Previously known as Sneaky Silencers
The Getaway (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Getaway Take a Jewel from a Marked Map location and take it to a Getaway van to secure a win. All Loot is Rare and above.
Ground game.jpg
Ground Game Materials are capped at 30/20/20, reducing builds allowed.
High Explosives - Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.jpg
High Explosives Only Explosive Weapons spawn.
Playlist - Placeholder - Fortnite.png
Infinity Gauntlet Standard BR, except an Infinity Gauntlet spawns, turning a player into Thanos.
One Shot - LTM - Fortnite.png
One Shot Low gravity. Every player has 50 health. Sniper Rifles only.
Pickaxe Frenzy - Mode - Fortnite.png
Pickaxe Frenzy No weapons or healing items spawn. Emote to heal.
Score Royale LTM - Fortnite.jpg
Score Royale Players can win the match by doing activities other than eliminating all other players. Players can still win the standard way.
Slide - Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.png
Slide Players constantly have frozen feet effects, and Grapplers routinely spawn.
Soaring Solos-Soaring 50s - Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Soaring Solos Identical to Solos, but with glider re-deploy. Players do not need the Gliders item.
Solid Gold - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Solid Gold All weapons that spawn are Legendary rarity.
Sniper Shootout (Old) - Promo - Fortnite.jpg
Sniper Shootout Sniper Rifles are the only weapons that spawn.
Steady Storm - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Steady Storm There is no downtime between storm movement. The Storm moves slower.
Playlist - Placeholder - Fortnite.png
Strategic Structures Stone and Metal structures have higher health, players have lower caps for each material however.
Sword Fight - LTM - Fortnite.jpeg
Sword Fight All weapons that spawn are Epic or Legendary rarity, the Infinity Blade spawns as Chest Loot.
Playlist - Placeholder - Fortnite.png
Tank Battle Player spawns with more health, but cannot only heal via siphoning health (attacking other players).
Unvaulted All items that spawn are Vaulted, aside from some healing items.
Wild West Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Wild West The Loot Pool is weaponry that fits a 'Wild West' theme. The Loot Pool is very similar to the Loot Pool in Tilted Town.

The next list of modes are similar, but have much larger squad numbers.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
50v50 2 teams of 50 players. Each team drops from a separate Battle Bus. Originally did not have separate battle bus spawns for each team.
Soaring 50s Identical to 50v50, with Glider Redeploy on.
Solid Gold: 50v50 Identical to 50v50, with all weapons that spawn being Legendary rarity.
Teams of 33 3 teams of 33 players. Each team drops from a separate Battle Bus. The Battle Buses form a Triangle on the map.
Teams of 20 5 teams of 20 players. Each team drops from a separate Battle Bus. The Battle Buses form a Pentagon on the map.
Teams of 12 8 teams of 12 players. Each team drops from a separate Battle Bus. The Battle Buses form a Octagon on the map.

The next list of modes are similar, but allow the player to respawn.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
Air Royale Each squad gets an X-4 Stormwing, and 3 respawns of their plane. The player cannot land on the floor without their plane else they will instantly die. Drain all other squads of their respawns to win. Loot and healing are completely reworked in this mode.
Arsenal Upon eliminating a player with a weapon, your weapon changes and becomes weaker. Win by getting an elimination with the final weapon given. Works like Gun Game or Arms Race from Counter-Strike.
Bounty / Wick's Bounty / Mando's Bounty Each player gets 2 respawns and 2 tokens. Eliminate enemy players to steal their tokens. Upon reaching a certain token limit, you will win the game. Eliminating all other players also allows you to win. Similar to Plunder, in Call of Duty Warzone.

List of Team Rumble Based Modes

These modes are based on the existing Team Rumble formula, with two teams, and respawns enabled, fighting for a goal aside from eliminating every enemy squad.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
Disco Domination Emote on randomly spawned objectives to fill them to full. The more objectives filled, the more each teams' bar will fill, and quicker. Fill the bar to win. Works very similar to Marvel Takeover
Endgame Works similar to Team Rumble with alternative loot pools, until all six infinity stones are gathered, and then respawns are disabled. Includes Thanos, similar to the Infinity Gauntlet mode.
Food Fight 2 Teams fight to attack each other's restaurant based location.
Marvel Standoff 2 Teams. Each player gets 2 respawns. Eliminate enemy players with Superpowers to win.
Marvel Takeover 2 Teams capture randomly spawned objectives. The more objectives filled, the more each teams' bar will fill, and quicker. Fill the bar to win. Works very similar to Disco Domination.
Team Rumble Lava Works similar to Team Rumble with the Lava rules of the Floor is Lava mode.
Team Terror 32 v 32 version of Team Rumble but with Cube Monsters enabled.

List of Modes with Multiple Rounds

These modes are have multiple rounds and / or use a Tournament style system.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
Knockout: Shuffle Tournament rules. Each squad gets the same random loot. Eliminate the enemy squad to win the round and progress until the final. Eliminate the enemy squad there to win.
Marvel Knockout Functions identically to the standard knockout but with Superpowers, but each squad member has different starting items, although they match the enemy squad's still.
Shockwave Every weapon deals knockback and no damage. The more a player is hit, the more knockback they receive. Knock players into an instant kill storm to eliminate them. First to 5 to win. Similar in concept to the Super Smash Bros. series of games.

List of Cooperative Modes

These modes are unique in that they encourage cooperative play amongst players.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
Storm King Players work to fight the Storm King Similar to the Fight in Save the World
Horde Rush Squad of four fight against continuous waves of Cube Fiends.
Impossible Escape! A squad starts separated and must fight against Animals/Players towards a Choppa whilst collecting parts for it. You can get an Umbrella for winning the PvP version and a Loading Screen for winning the PvE version

List Creative Based Modes

These modes are Creative modes, officially included in the playlists for Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:
Beach Assault Attackers and Defenders. Complete various objectives and destroy the core in the fort or defend successfully to win.
The Combine Single-player LT. Aiming course on 5 different areas: medium-range, close-range, long-range, zip line, and building.
Gun Fright First to 5 no respawn, elimination. All players get the same random loadout which changes every 2 rounds. Almost identical to Gunfight, in the Call of Duty franchise.
Search and Destroy Attackers and Defenders. Attackers work to plant a bomb at site A or B, defenders work to defuse said bombs. Both teams can win rounds by eliminating all the of the enemies. Almost identical to the mode of the same name, in the Call of Duty franchise.
The Spy Within 2 of 10 players are chosen as spies, who must work to kill the other 8 players. The other 8 players must work to do tasks, and vote out suspected spies. Almost identical to core mode in the game Among Us.
Zone Wars Each player is given a random load-out to use in an endgame simulation. Respawn enabled.

List of Spy Games Modes

These Modes function similar to other Modes, but are all related to the Spy Games concept.

Name of the Playlist Brief Explanation Notes:

Operation: Dropzone

Team Rumble but with a higher kill count and Supply Drops give a bonus 10 kills along with 1 intel.
Operation: Knockout Squads Tournament of 4 rounds, if you lose, you are eliminated and if you win, you go to the next round.
Operation: Payload Escort or stop a payload getting to a destination. Almost identical to the mode of the same name, in Overwatch.
Operation: Infiltration Escort an Intel Case to a certain place or protect the case and keep it where it is. Almost identical to Capture the Flag in Team Fortress 2.

Other Modes


Playground was the predecessor to Battle Lab. It functioned much the same, although did not contain many of the customization features that Battle Lab does. It also had a shorter duration to play in.