Limited Time Modes or LTMs are a type of game mode available in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They often add a unique twist to the default game mode.

List of Limited Time Modes

Air Royale

First introduced in Season 8, Air Royale is a duos-only LTM where each duo has to ride a plane. The goal is to destroy others planes 3 times by using weapons and boosts. Upgrade your weapons by collecting sky chests that fall from the sky. Heal your plane by collecting med kits. Limited to 3 respawns per plane. There are rings off different colors in the sky, that heal your plane or give you weapons.


First introduced in 14 Days of Summer, Arsenal is Fortnite’s version of gun game. You cycle between 30 guns that become less powerful as you eliminate opponents, making it harder to progress. The 30 guns that cycle will stay the same in all matches. To get a Victory Royale, you must eliminate an opponent using the 30th gun.Later a updated mythic version was added, during chapter 2 season 3.


Barebones is an LTM in which most of the HUD is removed. Even your own teammates' location is hidden. Respawning is OFF.


Blitz is a faster-paced version of Battle Royale. The storm shrinks faster and materials are harvested faster. Respawning is OFF.

Blitz Showdown

It would later get a competitive version called Blitz Showdown, where the highest ranking players in their region that played the mode received 20,000 V-Bucks.


Bounty - Eliminate players in order to obtain gold tokens. You must reach the token goal to win. Limited to 3 lives per player. This mode is also known as Wick’s Bounty for promotional purposes.

Close Encounters

Close Encounters is a LTM in which only Shotguns, Jetpacks, Grapplers, Shockwaves, and Balloons spawn in the game. Respawning is OFF.

The Floor is Lava

First introduced in Season 8, The Floor is Lava is based on the trend of the same name. Lava gradually rises from the lowest parts of the map. The lava can deal 20 damage by touching it. You get materials gradually in your inventory because when near the endgame, the lava will cover the map in its entirety. Respawning is OFF.

Team Rumble Lava

This game-mode is a combination of Team Rumble and The Floor is Lava Gamemodes.

Fog Of War

In Fog Of War, the only weapons that can appear are suppressed weapons. Respawning is OFF. This LTM was previously known as Sneaky Silencers


In Getaway, squads must open safes to find a jewel and one of its members must bring to four vans in the center of the storm (three from the get-go, one near the end), giving the squads four chances to win.

Ground Game

In Ground Game, the material cap and ammo capacity are both lower. The lower material capacity is to prevent build fights and to use the maps natural cover. Respawning is OFF.

High Explosives

In High Explosives, the only weapons that can appear are explosives. Respawning is OFF.

Horde Rush

Horde Rush is a cooperative LTM where a squad of four (including yourself) has to fight against continuous waves of Cube Fiends. These Cube Fiends come in different variants and are stronger than the normal fiends.

Infinity Gauntlet

A promotional LTM for Avengers: Infinity War, Infinity Gauntlet is where one player can become Thanos, the main antagonist from the Avengers, and must use many abilities to snap other players out of existence

One Shot

In One Shot, the only weapons that can appear are Sniper Rifles. The health cap is 50 and there are no shields. Thus, the name implies because one shot is enough. Respawning is OFF.


Playground, which started as an LTM and is now a permanent mode. Playground gives the player approximately four hours to battle, build, and loot along with 15 others maximum. Playground has now become a standard part of the base game modes. It has now been replaced with battle lab.

Score Royale

In Score Royale, last man standing is no longer important! Instead, you have to score to win. Respawning is OFF.


In Slide, your feet are covered with ice and you cannot get rid of it. Unlimited Grapplers are available here. Respawning is OFF.

Soaring Solos

In Soaring Solos, glider re-deploy is enabled. Respawning is OFF.

Solid Gold

In Solid Gold, every weapon you get is Legendary! Respawning is OFF.

Solo Showdown

Solo Showdown is a special in-game competition. Where the best players can get free V-Bucks by playing matches. Respawning is OFF.

Sniper Shootout

In Sniper Shootout, the only weapons that can appear are Sniper Rifles and Scoped Assault Rifles. Respawning is OFF.

Steady Storm

In Steady Storm, there is no time in between phases. The storm continuously shrinks. Respawning is OFF.

Strategic Structures

In this LTM, the metal and stone structure healths, resource farming have been increased, with their material caps lowered. The player must think before it builds. Respawning is OFF.

Sword Fight

In Sword Fight, the Infinity Blade is included in the roster. Respawning is OFF.

Tank Battle

In Tank Battle, players launch from the Battle Bus with more health than usual. Respawning is OFF.

The Combine

The Combine is a single-player LTM. The Combine is an aiming course on 5 different areas: medium-range, close-range, long-range, zip line, and building.


In this LTM, there are 33 teams of 3 players. It's like Squads but with 3 players per team.

Wild West

In Wild West, there is a limited roster of weapons all based on the Wild West. There is also no shields in this LTM. Respawning is OFF.

List of Large Team Modes

Large Team Modes are a special category of LTMs, where there can be more than 5 players in a group.

Team Rumble

In Team Rumble, there are 2 teams with 20 players each, each coming from different Battle Buses in different sides. The goal is to help your team reach 125 eliminations before the other team does. Only weapons of Rare rarity and higher are available. Respawning is ON


50v50 is the first LTM in Fortnite: Battle Royale. There are 2 teams with 50 players each, each coming from different Battle Buses in different sides. Respawning is OFF. Reboot cards instantly expire.

Soaring 50s

It’s a glider re-deploy version of 50v50. Respawning is OFF. Reboot cards instantly expire.

Solid Gold: 50v50

Every weapon that appears is Legendary! Respawning is OFF. Reboot cards instantly expire.

Teams of 33

In Teams of 33, there are 3 teams with 33 players each, each coming from different Battle Buses with their routes forming a triangle. Respawning is OFF. Reboot cards instantly expire.

Teams of 20

In Teams of 20, there are 5 teams with 20 players each, each coming from different Battle Buses with their routes forming a pentagon. Respawning is OFF. Reboot cards instantly expire.

Teams of 12

In Teams of 12, there are 8 teams with 12 players each, each coming from different Battle Buses with their routes forming an octagon. Respawning is OFF. Reboot cards instantly expire.

Disco Domination

In Disco Domination, there are 2 teams. Capture a dance floor by using emotes in them to earn points. There are 4 different dance floors, the more you capture, the more points you get. It also has respawn, so you don’t have to worry about being eliminated. The first team to get 100 points wins.


A promotional LTM for Avengers: Endgame, Endgame is a LTM where there are two teams of 20 players: the Avengers and the Chitauri with Thanos. The goal is for the Chitauri to collect all six Infinity Stones and for the heroes to eliminate the chitauri.

Food Fight

First introduced in Season 6 for Thanksgiving 2018, Food Fight is where 2 teams represent two different restaurants: Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit. Harvest and loot in your isolated side of the map until the wall drops. Then, use your weapons to destroy your competition away!

Food Fight: Deep Fried

It’s a version of Food Fight. Defeat each other’s mascots while lava is rising from above. Your materials increase every now and then. This variation was introduced in Season 8.

Both variations of Food Fight never returned for Thanksgiving 2019, due to Chapter 2: Season 1, with the simple LTMs being added.

Team Terror

In Team Terror, 2 teams of 20 players each fight against each other alongside the Cube Monsters.

List of Creative-based LTMs

Beach Assault

Beach Assault is the first Creative-based LTM, and won first place in a contest. There are two teams: Attackers and Defenders. Complete various objectives and destroy the core in the fort in the fastest time to win.

Gun Fright

Gun Fright is a 2v2 minigame made by Bludrive. All players get the same random two-weapon load-out, that is required to eliminate the opponents through 5 rounds.

Search and Destroy

Introduced for the Love and War event, Search and Destroy is a 6v6 Creative-based LTM. There are 2 teams: Attackers and Defenders.

Attackers must plant a bomb on either the A or B sides and must not be defused by the Defenders for 45 seconds for it to explode and to win. If the Defenders defuse the bomb in 45 seconds, they win. If the bomb isn't planted and one team is completely wiped out. The other team wins.

The game lasts for 7 rounds, with a team swap after the 3rd and 6th rounds. First team to 4 victories, wins.

There are 3 maps, Cove, Factory, and Streets.

Zone Wars

Zone Wars is a Creative phenomenon. Each player is given a random load-out to use in an endgame simulation. There are four different Zone Wars maps including: Desert, Colosseum, Downhill River, and Vortex, which are made by the following respectively: jotapegame, jesgran, Enigma, and zeroyahero.

Spy Games

Spy Games is an event of Spy-Themed Limited Time Modes that was released in Patch 12.20. In Each Mode, you choose Tech instead of looting as this is disabled.

Operation: Dropzone

Operation: Dropzone is a gamemode similar to Team Rumble but with a higher kill count and Supply Drops give a bonus 10 kills along with 1 intel.

Operation: Knockout

Operation: Knockout is a Squads Tournament of 4 rounds, if you lose, you are eliminated and if you win, you go to the next round.

Operation: Payload

In Operation: Payload, you either escort or stop a payload getting to a destination.

Operation: Infiltration

In Operation: Infiltration, you either escort an Intel Case to a certain place or protect the case and keep it where it is.

Marvel LTM Ch. 2 Season 4

Marvel Takeover

In Marvel Takeover  , two teams of 8 have to capture Repulsor Points while the storm moves. The storm will move to new locations getting rid of old capture points and making new ones. First team to 100 points wins the match. There are Launch Pads at every Repulsor Point

Marvel Standoff

In Marvel Standoff  , two large teams grab powers that fall from the sky and fight to be the last team standing! Respawn when eliminated until you run out of extra lives. You will get 2 extra lives so make them count! The first team to run out loses.

Marvel Knockout

Marvel Knockout is a LTM introduced in Patch 14.1 . This LTM works similarly to other Knockout LTMs, in that 16 teams of 2 (in duos), or 3 (in trios) are put up against each other in a knockout tournament. A Victory Royale is earned by winning every bracket of the Tournament.

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