Meteor Event

The meteor event was an event that happened in Season 3 and started off Season 4. The event was responsible for destroying Dusty Depot and eventually caused most of the live events in the game.


The event started when players began seeing a small comet in the sky that kept getting larger by the day. The community speculated that the meteor was going to hit the map and destroy Tilted Towers. Epic Games even played along with the community by placing watch stations on top of a building and around Tilted. One day, the meteor started descending towards the map and it hit Dusty Depot, turning it into Dusty Divot.

Rocket Event

The rocket event was an event started by The Visitor who arrived on the map inside the meteor. He found the rocket and somehow programmed it to travel through multiple dimensions. After he launched the rocket, he zoomed around the map shooting through what would later be called rifts. The rocket finally was about to hit Tilted Towers, until it was consumed by a rift. Before that, the rocket shot at Moisty Mire, turning it into Paradise Palms. Soon after, the Crack formed.

Cube Event

The Cube - Fortnite Battle Royale
The Cube event started in the middle of Season 5 when lightning shot down from the Crack, which was created by the rocket event. It created a giant, purple cube on top of a hill near Paradise Palms. The Cube or Kevin as it was nicknamed started to move across the map and would bounce back any player who touched it. It eventually rolled over to Loot Lake and sunk into it. Once the cube had sunk, the surface of loot lake became purple and bouncy just like the Cube.

At the beginning of Season 6, the island in the middle of the lake with the house in the middle was lifted up into the air and started moving around creating corrupted areas.

Butterfly Event

Butterfly Event - Cutscene - Fortnite
Butterfly Event - Dimension - Fortnite
After Kevin returned to Loot Lake since visiting the corrupted areas, a beam above Kevin and the Floating Island appeared. The Cube was starting to leak and was dripping on the whirlpool in Loot Lake. Due to this, Loot Lake had been renamed Leaky Lake for Season 6. After a day of leaking, the cube was finally empty. The Cube then started to spin, and emit white light. Then while turning gray, the cube exploded, and a blinding white light covered all the players' screens. Everyone was teleported to an unknown dimension. After floating around for a while, a giant rift started to form. It took the shape of a giant butterfly, multiplied, and started to shrink while moving over to the player. The players stuck out their fingers, and the butterflies landed on it. Then another flash of light appeared, and the players were back on the island, and coming down through a rift, with Leaky Lake now being covered by parts of the floating island.

Ice Storm Event  

The Ice Storm event was a live event that happened in Season 7 and was caused by The Ice King getting a fragment of the cube. The Ice King broke out of a large ice ball floating above Polar Peak. After he did this, he proceeded to create a large hologram of himself which could be seen across the map. He waved his hand back a few times before casting it forward. After he cast his hand forward, the entire map was blanketed in snow.