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There have also been... Events. I'd call them natural disasters, but... At least some were definitely not natural.
Renegade Raider in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic

Live Events are events that occur within the match that connects to the storyline of Fortnite. They usually occur in the middle or near the end of the season. Some events involve turning off shooting, so everyone can enjoy the event. Sometimes, build is still enabled, so players can build up and get a better view. Some events occur during a Battle Royale match.

Season 3

Meteor - Event - Fortnite.png

The Meteor

The Meteor Event was an event that happened in Season 3 and started off Season 4. The event was responsible for destroying Dusty Depot and it caused every single event succeeding it. It is also the very first major event.

The event started when players began seeing a small comet in the sky that kept getting larger by the day. The community speculated that the meteor was going to hit the map and destroy Tilted Towers. Epic Games even played along with the community by placing watch stations on top of a building and around Tilted. As well as this , smaller meteors began falling from the sky and had a chance to destroy player made buildings, In the Season 4 trailer. The meteor descended upon the map and hit Dusty Depot, turning it into Dusty Divot.

Season 4

Screenshot 1889.png

The Rocket Launch

The Blast Off Event (also known as The Rocket Launch) happened near the end of Season 4 as the season’s major event.

The event was started by The Visitor who arrived on the map inside the meteor. He found the rocket and somehow programmed it to travel through multiple dimensions. After he launched the rocket, he zoomed around the map shooting through what would later be called rifts.

Crack in the Sky - Event Object - Fortnite.png
The rocket finally was about to hit Tilted Towers, until it was consumed by a rift. The rocket then emerges nearby Loot Lake, blasts into the sky, and forms the Sideways Rift.

Season 5

The Cube

Cube Spawn - Event - Fortnite.gif
The Cube Event happened in the middle of Season 5 as the season’s major event.

The event started when lightning shot down from the Rift, which was created by the rocket event back in Season 4. It created a giant, purple cube on top of a hill near Paradise Palms.

Kevin’s Journey

Loot Lake (Season 5).png

The Cube, or Kevin as it was nicknamed, started to move across the map and would bounce back any player who touched it. It created 6 runes the make a before its drop to Loot Lake and sunk unto it. Once the cube had sunk, the surface of loot lake became purple and bouncy, just like the Cube.

Season 6

The Floating Island

Kevin somehow reached the Loot Lake House and and turned into The Floating Island, leaving a vortex at the center of Loot Lake, which was temporarily renamed to Leaky Lake. It also made all 6 runes turn into corrupted areas.

The Floating Island’s Journey

Floating Island (Destroyed) - Location - Fortnite.png
The Floating Island traveled to the 6 corrupted areas Kevin created in Season 5 in order to gain energy and the Loot Lake House got some mini Kevins on the way. When it made its way back to Leaky Lake, The Floating Island opened up a portal that caused the floating island to explode into pieces. This caused Cube Shards to appear around the island, which spawned Cube Fiends.
Cube Cracking - Event - Fortnite.gif

The Butterfly Event

The Butterfly Event happened in the middle of Season 6 as the season’s major event.

As the Cube constantly fought back it started draining its energy which was starting to leak, dripping a purple tear into a whirlpool in Loot Lake. After a day of leaking, the cube was finally empty of energy. The Cube then started to spin and emitted a petrifying white light. And as the white turned gray, the cube destroyed and exploded, and a blinding white light covered all the players' screens. Everyone was teleported to The In-Between.
Butterfly Event - Cutscene - Fortnite.jpg
After floating around for a while, a giant rift started to form. It took the shape of a giant butterfly, and started to shrink while moving over to the player. The player stuck out their finger and touched the butterfly that landed on it finger. Then another flash of light appeared, and the players were back on the island via a rift. Leaky Lake has been uncorrupted but it’s not the same as before.

Season 7

Ice Storm - Event - Fortnite.png

The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm Event happened in the middle of Season 7 as the season’s major event. The event was preceded by The Ice King casting a spell in an ice sphere over Polar Peak for 3 days. When the event started, The Ice King broke out of the ice ball. He proceeded to make a giant projection of himself which took form over the ocean. He waved his hand back and forwards a few times before casting it forward, with the large projection mimicking his movements. After he cast his hand forward, the entire map is full of snow now.

2019 New Year Live Event

Occurring every hour, a rift from the sky cracked to release a disco ball. The ball drops as the countdown begins, and fireworks are displayed around the island. It ends with one big firework that says 2019 that we celebrated a new year.

Showtime Live Event


In February 2019, there was a live Marshmello concert. This concert was roughly 10 minutes long and featured multiple of Marshmello's songs. As the songs cycled, the stadium got different special effects (anti-gravity, skydiving, etc). NOTE: If you record a marshmello live event video, that means a music is copyrighted on youtube.

Earthquake Events

Season 8

The Unvaulting

The Unvaulting Event (also known as The Nexus Event) was an event that took place on May 4, 2019, near the end of Season 8 as this season’s major event.

Vault Opening - Nexus Event - Fortnite.png

Following the events late-Season 8, the vault in Loot Lake opened, but not in every Battle Royale island out there. Players could jump into the vault. Players were then allowed to choose a weapon to unvault. There were 6 options: Bouncers, Drum Gun, Grappler, Infinity Blade, Planes and the Tactical SMG. Many Players chose the Drum Gun to return to the game because its balanced or good weapon in the game, and it promptly was. After the drum gun was unvaulted, players were brought back to the island.

Volcano Errupts - Event - Fortnite.png

After leaving the In-Between, players were launched into the air. The volcano promptly erupts, destroying half of Retail Row, cracking Polar Peak, and destroying Tilted Towers entirely, but some how the insurance building survived, because when season 9 begins, the Tilted Towers is building on future verision.

Season 9

The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown Event was a Fortnite event that took place on July 20, 2019, not near the end of Season 9 as the season’s major event.

Since releasing the 'Monster Team' banner and the 'Mech Team' banner in the item shop for gifting only, alongside a sign saying 'I 🖤' with a picture of Mecha's head on the sign, the event is assumed to be The Monster and Mecha (the giant robot at Pressure Plant) fighting.

The Monster appeared outside the Battle Royale map between The Block and Lazy Lagoon. It also had shown the Ice King's castle on top of him. The Monster first created a laser beam around the spot, but didn't do any damage to anything. The Monster then tried to open the vault to grab the Zero Point inside. Mecha then started to make it's appearance from Pressure Plant.

Zero Point Crack - Final Showdown - Fortnite.gif

It first started with Mecha throwing rockets towards the Monster, also completely destroying the Ice King's castle. The monster then shoots his laser beam towards Mecha, knocking it off its feet. Mecha got back up, then ran towards the Monster, and jumped him into the outside river west.

Mecha then made his appearance, thought that he was the winner, and the Monster jumps out and tries to take Mecha down, but Mecha throws him in the water, destroying Mecha's left arm in the process. Then Mecha went to the vault. Staggering, Mecha fell to the ground. Slowly he got back up.

At this point, the monster was already back on land. Mecha smashes the vault and grabbed the orb from inside the vault. Mecha then absorbed the power of the Zero Point, cracking it, then put down the orb. The Monster was about to attack Mecha but Mecha punches the monster, knocking him down.

Monster vs Mecha - Event - Fortnite.png

Mecha then goes to Neo Tilted and grabs the Statue of Singularity, which reveals it to be a sword. Then Mecha walked to the Monster, and with a slow-mo scene of the Monster who was about to beam Mecha but then Mecha stabs him mid-air, instantly killing him.

As a celebration, Mecha started flossing with his intact arm, creating an emote called No Sweat. Then he does the Salute emote to all the people watching and flies away into the depths of space, unknown where the robot is.

Zero Point Destabilziation Event

After The Final Showdown, the Zero Point is left exposed and cracked, and so it began to rapidly destabilize during the remaining days of Season 9 until it partially implodes.

Season X

The End - Event - Fortnite.png

The End (Chapter 1)

The End Event happened right at the end of Season X, as the season’s major event and the grand finale of Chapter 1. Hence, the name of the event.

Since Season X was all about celebrating Chapter 1 in its entirety, it only made sense that The Rocket made an appearance for the second time.

It started inDusty Depot with the rocket launching from the warehouse. It then created a rift in the sky, the other rifts brought by Rift Zones cracked some more. The rocket gets out of the rift, moving to all parts of the map.

Later on, more rockets, which were built by members of The Seven, joined in until one rocket formed a rift for the other rockets to go to.

The next rift appeared at the back of the meteor, the rockets moved to the front to create a rift for the rockets to loop through. As the rockets loop around the meteor and move faster, the rift enlarges, and the meteor sucked inside the rift.

The last rift appeared on top of Loot Lake, with a laser beam pointing at the sphere and destabilizes it even more. The meteor goes straight for the Zero Point as the rockets escape the island.

The meteor squishes the sphere-of-influence created by the Zero Point and ends up destroying the frozen area and unfreezing it's explosion. This caused a vortex to completely suck the entire island into an unknown interspacial area, and made a black hole in the process. Other island objects were seen being sucked in, such as the Tomatohead as well as the Battle Bus itself.

The Blackout - Event - Fortnite.png

The game was also sucked into the black hole. Entering the game at any point after the event caused a cutscene to depict the Zero Point's explosion, destroying the lobby and sucking it into a black hole. The black hole ended at 9 AM EST on Tuesday, October 15, and another cutscene (which later transitioned into the gameplay trailer for Chapter 2: Season 1) was played. This cutscene depicts 4 Battle Pass characters (Turk, Journey, 8-Ball and Rippley) exploring the new world the Zero Point created, and demonstrating the multiple new features (such as fishing). The gameplay trailer and a full depiction of what happened after the blackout can be found on the page for Chapter 2: Season 1.

Chapter 2: Season 1

Live at Risky Reels

The Live at Risky Reels Event is the first Chapter 2 event that happened in Risky Reels on December 14, 2019 at 2:00pm ET.

The event starts with an intergalactic space battle to be followed by a spaceship landing at the platform. From there, you can see familiar faces exit the spaceship like Star Wars director J.J. Abrams.

Before the event actually starts, the director asks everyone what the scene is about by stepping on the platforms near the stage. Afterwards, the scene is being premiered, it has a length of about 1 minute.

After the scene is done, they ask the players about their favorite lightsaber color, but is interrupted by another battle. Then, the game goes slow-mo and a message from Emperor Palpatine is played as the ships leave the Battle Royale Island and the event ends. However, left behind is a chest that contains a lightsaber, the color of which depends on your vote on the last question. The First Order took control of the Island, but was liberated by the Players after the event ended.

Servers are shut down in order to bring the new features into the game.

2020 New Year Live Event

Occurring every hour, it appears to be the same as the 2019 Live Event from Season 7, except the end where it shows 2020 and a better fireworks display.

Chapter 2: Season 2



On May 1st 2020, Diplo hosted a Major Lazer concert at the Main Stage in Party Royale.

Tenet Trailer

On May 21 2020, the trailer for the movie Tenet was shown, along with a short interview with John David Washington.

The Device

Final Push - The Device - Fortnite.gif

The event began with voices of Midas and his agents around the Agency, just before the countdown hit zero. Once it did, the five hatches around the Agency bubbling up, later being opened and releasing a column with an antenna at the top. After all five columns had been raised, The Agency blew up and The Doomsday Device rose. Afterward, The Device harvested energy from the column and started to push back the storm while radiating energy away. The Device then cooled down until the storm started going haywire. The player is then sent to an office that is the office of John Jones. Outside, people are talking especially a man we can't see very well because of the blinds. There were photos of people on the walls that are similar to ones found in Save The World. On a desk, there were 3 folders with "Top Secret" on them, one for Lynx, one for Midas, and one for Jules. They are then pulled back into reality before the Doomsday Device starts to push back the storm once more. The electricity surged against the storm, and it looked like it was working.

Jones - The Device - Fortnite.png

The storm subsided and for a brief moment, the event appeared over. The storm was gone, butterflies flapped around and The Device was pulled back down below The Agency. As it went under, players' screens began to glitch out before they took a visit to John Jones. When they returned to the island, The Wall Of Water circled The Agency replacing the Storm. Players were sucked into the mysterious office once more to see Jonesy make an appearance in an Agent suit. He presumably is the owner of the office, John Jones. Then, once again players were sucked back into the game, Players now respawned inside the battle bus concluding The Device Event & reopening a whole new storyline.

Chapter 2: Season 3

Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley

On June 26th, 2020, Diplo, along with Young Thug and Noah Cyrus hosted a 2nd concert in Party Royale.

We the People

In Party Royale, an event was held at The Big Screen on July 4th in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Diplo Presents: Higher Ground

Diplo hosted his final concert in Party Royale on July 31st, 2020.

Ancient Astronaut (Challenge Event)

A spaceship crashed near Craggy Cliffs before Stage 8 of the water receding. When you find all 3 parts and launch the ship, 4 rifts will greet you.

We The People X More Than a Vote

A 2nd Black Lives Matter movement show was held on July 28th 2020, this time about black voter suppression.

Kenshi Yonezu @ Main Stage

On August 7th, 2020, Kenshi Yonezu performed favourites and his new album (Stray Sheep) at the Main Stage.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Spotlight Series featuring Anderson .Paak

Light It Up Like Dynamite: BTS

On September 25th, 2020, the popular K-Pop band BTS performed their "Dynamite" music video at the Main Stage.

Spotlight Series featuring Slushii

The Devourer of Worlds

Towering over the Helicarrier - Galactus - Fortnite.jpg

The Devourer of Worlds was the major event for Chapter 2 Season 4.

The event started when Galactus rose from the water. He slowly approached until he towered over Helicarrier 64. He clenched his fists and showed players his wrath. Then, Galactus hit the Helicarrier with the back of his hand, ultimately destroying it and launching all players off it. Just when players thought they would fall off the island, Tony Stark saved them with a Jetpack.

Zero Point Pull - Galactus - Fortnite.png

Galactus then extracted the Zero Point from The Ruins, and absorbed its power. The Zero Point fought back, but it transported players to the In-Between. The players found themselves in an Upgraded Battle Bus, alongside thousands of other Upgraded Battle Buses outside. Tony Stark then asked players to activate their laser cannons.

After a while of obliterating Gorgers, Tony Stark opened a corridor in Galactus´ arm for the Battle Buses to fly through. The player's Battle Bus then came to a huge circle of Gorgers but Wolverine destroyed them all. After travelling through Galactus' arm towards his mouth, all players were evacuated from their Battle Bus as Galactus sucked them in. As that happened, the Gamma energy destabilized Galactus.
A rift then took Galactus away, causing the entire screen to black out.

Eating In-Between - Galactus - Fortnite.gif

A telephone ran and the scene cuts to The Office where alarms were going off, there was a lot of noise, and Agent Jones lay unconscious. Players were taken to the To Be Continued! after Agent Jones woke up.

Chapter 2: Season 5

2021 New Year Live Event

Occurring every hour, it appears to be the same as the 2020 Live Event from Chapter 2 Season 1, except the end where it shows 2021 and a better fireworks display. Because the rift relashes a disco ball and light on, with means it will count to 10 second and its 0, it celebrates new year that shoots many fireworks and forces players to do the Taco Time emote and shoots a big firework when players stopped dancing, the big firework explodes and shows 2021 with llama piñata firework style.

Zero Point Destabilziation Event

Zero Point Close (Pre-Season 6) - Landmark - Fortnite.png

About a week before Season 6, the Zero Point slowly turns purple and pulses every minutes, showing its clear destabilization. The Zero Point destabilizes more and begins sending Reality Waves.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Zero Crisis Finale

Zero Point Entanglement.png

Agent Jones recruits the Player to help him save reality. The Foundation flies up to and goes inside the unstable Zero Point. As he starts fixing the Zero Point, reality starts breaking apart and portals appear

Zero Point Bloom 2 - Fortnite.png
Jones starts to close the portals, and succeeds in closing one - This causes a flower blossom to appear in the sky. The Foundation warns them to watch out for Reality Waves. Jones states "Reality waves can change anything in a blink-" but is cut off as one occurs. This changes Jones into a Butterfly - a Rift - and the player turns into Glyph Master Raz.

The Looper is told to use Jones' rift device to close all the portals.

Zero Point Bloom - Fortnite.png

With the last portal closed, it looks to be completed as a giant flower blossom fills the sky once more. The colours surrounding it are intense. But suddenly, the blossom starts swelling and turning red and black.

The Spire Forming - Zero Crisis Finale - Fortnite.gif

The Foundation states it's not enough and he needs to contain the blast, so he decides to build a tower of stone leading up to the Zero Point.

Jones teleports the looper and himself to the bottom of this forming tower. They run up the side of it as crystals and rocks come out the ground. They then fly up to a staircase along the tower, and run towards the top.

As you reach the top, the butterfly Jones turns back to his normal self. The looper is blasted off the platform to fly and watch as a bystander. The Foundation says there'll be no other chance, and that Jones needs to overload the Rift Device to seal off the Zero Point.

Zero Point Trapping scene 1 - Fortnite.png

Jones objects saying "Overload the device?! I'll be trapped in the loop!" The Foundation states they'll both have to fight their way back, and that they should not give up. He also says that he will find Jones and that he should tell him everything. Jones says "You have my word!" and overloads the device.

This seals The Foundation in, and The Spire is complete.

Chapter 2: Season 7

Mothership (8-2-2021 - 2 PM ET) - Object - Fortnite.png

Abduction Warm Up

It was a short live event that took place above Slurpy Swamp, Coral Castle and Corny Complex.

The Mothership makes loud noises then its main hatch opens.

Rift Tour

Rift Tour is an Live Event in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was a concert featuring Ariana Grande. Shortly after the event, a Ariana Grande Bundle was released in the Item Shop. Celebrate Ariana’s run in the Rift Tour with her arrival in the Item Shop and Icon Series and a Concert.

Operation: Sky Fire

Loading Screen - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.png

Thirty minutes before the operation begins, the Mothership begins to beam up several small fragments of the Battle Royale island. Dr. Slone has secretly planted bombs on each of these islands in hopes that they would be enough to destroy the Mothership once they are beamed in. When the operation begins, the Mothership begins to beam the operation participants on the islands aboard.

In a moment's notice, players suddenly come to wearing special backpacks from Dr. Slone and imprisoned in holding cells aboard the ship. Dr. Slone boots up the backpacks and uses them to hack the cell doors open, expressing surprise that she did not anticipate the need to arm the participants. She assures the players that she will help them escape captivity.

Bombs Armed - Operation- Sky Fire - Fortnite.png

The freed players then race through the halls of the Mothership, taking care not to draw the attention of patrolling alien troops. Dr. Slone continues to lead the players through the mothership and into the main abduction chamber, going through another transport tube in the process. They finally enter a room with a shallow pool of purple liquid and large glass windows providing a clear view of the bomb-laden island chunks that have just been abducted by the mothership. With the bombs in place, Dr. Slone begins the arming process, but the arming signal is cut off when the windows are suddenly shuttered.

Kevin Rising - Operation- Sky Fire - Fortnite.png
After a moment of brief darkness, the Cube suddenly emerges from the pool on the floor, shocking Doctor Slone, who states that she thought the Cube was destroyed for good during Season 6. The Cube unleashes powerful blasts of energy to knock out some participants before weaponizing their backpacks, using them to unleash powerful energy waves that disable the cube, rendering it black. Dr. Slone is able to reopen the windows and resume the arming sequence.

With the arming sequence successful, the bombs are now set to blow in a few minutes. Dr. Slone praises the Loopers for doing their part, but then proceeds to betray them, suddenly declaring that she will not allow them to leave the ship, leaving them to die along with the Cube and the aliens.

Rebooting Cube - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.gif
As the countdown sequence resumes, players discover that they can reboot the Cube, turning it blue. Doing so causes the platform they're standing to function as an elevator ascending further into the mothership as the countdown continues. The platform emerges in a giant chamber storing thousands of dormant purple cubes.
Mothership Blowing Up - Operation- Sky Fire - Fortnite.png

The countdown ends with the entire mothership exploding, causing players to tumble back out into the sky, plummeting back to the island. The protagonist watches as debris and cubes rain down onto the map, causing devastation, before they are hit by a falling Saucer.

Chapter 2: Season 8

Golden Cube’s Journey

Believer Cube Awaken - Event - Fortnite.png

The Golden Cube rolls around the entire island, It visits the Cubes and commences the Awakening event, levitating into the air and charging the cube with an energy beam. This forces the Purple Cube to create six smaller purple cubes around itself. The process also seems to have stimulated the Cube to roll much more frequently, and towards The Aftermath. The smaller cubes also line up behind the main cube and follow it. All of the purple cubes also spread corruption as they roll.

The Aftermath (10-18-2021) - Landmark - Fortnite.png

On October 12-13, The Golden Cube arrives at The Aftermath, and levitates directly above the area in a similar fashion to The Awakening events. On October 19, all six purple cubes simultaneously reach The Aftermath, and break apart into smaller pieces to form The Convergence.

The End (Chapter 2)

Cube Queen Full Power - The End - Fortnite.jpg

The Chapter 2 Finale (also known as The End) event will happen right at the end of Chapter 2: Season 8, as the season’s major event and the grand finale of Chapter 2. Hence, the name of the event.

The Blue Cube (a.k.a Blevin) has teleported to Fort Guava, where the Loopers are preparing to fight the Cube Queen. It creates a shield around the fort. The Cube Queen then harnesses the energy from the Golden Cube to open a portal that contains Motherships and more UFOs. Caretakers emerge from portals summoned by The Cube Queen and attack the Loopers.

The Last Reality outnumbers the Loopers. On the bridge, below the map, all IO Personnel are told to escape the craft. Slone wakes Jonesy up and prepares to kill him, but The Foundation comes to his rescue and reminds Jonesy of his promise to being him to Geno.

The Island being flipped - The End Event - Fortnite.jpg

The Loopers are brought to the Bridge from a surface bunker entrance and the IO Offices is now tilting horizontally. The Scientist and The Visitor lead us to the center of the ship, where a Caretaker breaks the skylight and floods the bridge. The Loopers wash up far away from the Loop, where the island is tilting to reveal a new one on the Flipside. In the process, The Cube Queen is destroyed along with the portal to The Last Reality. After the island flips, a giant tidal wave crashes into the Loopers, and the game transitions to the Float To Artemis.

Chapter 3: Season 1

2022 New Year Live Event

Occurring every hour, it appears to be the same as the 2021 Live Event from Chapter 2 Season 5, except the end where it shows 2022. Because the rift relashes a disco ball and light on, with means it will count to 10 second and its 0, it celebrates new year that shoots many fireworks and performs players to do a Boogie Bomb emote and shoots the big firework when payers stopped dancing, big firework explodes and shows 2021 with llama piñata firework style.

IO Earthquake Events

Towards the end of Chapter 3: Season 1, At the forming of the first storm circle, earthquakes would appear at set locations and destroy surrounding buildings and props. Over weeks, the earthquakes would move and create sinkholes at set locations. It first sank a restaurant west of Tilted Towers, then it moved east and hit a house, finally moving and stopping at Seven Outpost VI.

Chapter 3: Season 2

The Collider Energy Pulses

Exactly 2 Weeks before the end of Chapter 3: Season 2: The Collider sent out its first energy pulse into the sky. After this first pulse the collider pulsed at random times with no pattern. After the third pulse a single notch lit up on the collider. These Energy Blasts continued until Collision began on June 4th.


90 seconds before the event began, The Origin gave the Loopers a mission briefing. The Paradigm then enters, and initiates the launch sequence, with the Loopers entering the battle stations. The Mecha heads for Reality Zero, with Loopers destroying incoming asteroids and Abductor debris along the way.

The Mecha lands at Synapse Station, only to be greeted by battalions of the Imagined Order's tanks. A laser strike from The Fortress is fired at the Mecha. In a quick time event, the Mecha fires a laser back at The Fortress, destroying the location. As the Mecha continues heading for The Collider, it is hit by a barrage of missiles coming from IO Airships, heavily damaging it. B.R.U.T.Es Begin attacking the Mecha. The Collider's shield is downed. The Mecha pulls out its Light Blade, slashing through the remaining IO Airships. After the final IO vehicles have been destroyed, The Paradigm diverts all power to the Light Blade, and prepares to destroy the Collider. Before this can happen, explosions occurs, and the Mecha falls into the ground below. The Paradigm and the Loopers are ejected from the Mecha. Agent Jones comes to assist the Mecha crew. The Paradigm manages to get the Mecha back online, and as Jones is distracting Slone with a speech, she crushes Slone and her tank with the Mecha's fist, destroying part of the bridge. The Paradigm then begins to lift the Loopers, Jones, and The Foundation upwards towards the top of the Collider, with the latter two jumping into the Zero Point.

Chapter 1 Events

Event Image Date & Location Type of event
Blast Off
Screenshot 1889.png
Season 4
Villain Lair Major
Blast Off Aftermath Rift Season 4
Motel, Lonely Lodge, Tomato Town, Greasy Grove. Minor
Crack Closure
Cube Spawn - Event - Fortnite.gif
Season 5
Near Paradise Palms Minor
The Cube Sinking
Cube Propagation - Event - Fortnite.gif
Season 5
Loot Lake Minor
Butterfly Event
Butterfly Event - Event - Fortnite.jpg
Season 6
Leaky Lake Major
Ice Storm
Ice Storm - Event - Fortnite.png
Season 7
Polar Peak Major
Showtime - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Season 7
Pleasant Park Concert
True Form (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Season 7
2/14/2019 - 2/27/2019
Tomato Temple, The Block, Dusty Diner, Salty Springs, Loot Lake, Lazy Links, Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, Wailing Woods Minor
Vault Runes
First Key Rune - Fortnite.jpg
Season 8
Loot Lake, Volcano, Lucky Landing, Dance Club Minor
The Unvaulting
The Unvaulting Event.jpg
Season 8
Loot Lake Major
The Final Showdown
The Final Showdown - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Season 9
Pressure Plant Major
Zero Point Destabilization
The Vault (7-31-2019) - Location - Fortnite.png
Season 9
7/20/2019 - 8/1/2019
Loot Lake Minor
The End (Chapter 1)
The End - Event - Fortnite.png
Season X
Dusty Depot Major

Chapter 2 Events

Event Image Date & Location Type of event
Live At Risky
Live At Risky Event.jpg
Chapter 2: Season 1
Risky Reels Collab Event
Travis Scott's Astronomical
Travis Scott's Astronomical Event.jpg
Chapter 2: Season 2
4/23/2020 - 4/25/2020
Sweaty Sands Concert
The Device
The Device - Promo - Fortnite.jpg
Chapter 2: Season 2
The Agency Major
The Devourer of Worlds
The Devourer of Worlds - Promo - Fortnite.jpg
Chapter 2: Season 4
Helicarrier 64 Major
Zero Point Destabilization
Zero Point Reality Waves C2S5.png
Chapter 2: Season 5
3/2/2021 - 3/16/2021
Zero Point Minor
Zero Crisis Finale
Zero Point Bloom 4 - Fortnite.png
Chapter 2: Season 6 Zero Point Major-Solo
Abduction Warm Up (Slurpy Swamp)
Mothership (8-2-2021 - 2 PM ET) - Object - Fortnite.png
Chapter 2: Season 7
The Mothership Above Slurpy Swamp Minor
Rift Tour
Rift Tour (Featuring Ariana Grande) - Promo - Fortnite.jpg
Chapter 2: Season 7
08/6/2021 - 08/8/2021
Above The Aftermath Concert
Abduction Warm Up (Coral Castle)
Mothership (8-16-2021 - 2 PM ET) - Object - Fortnite.png
Chapter 2: Season 7
The Mothership Above Coral Castle Minor
Abduction Warm Up (Corny Complex)
Mothership (9-5-2021 - 2 PM ET) - Object - Fortnite.png
Chapter 2: Season 7
The Mothership Above Corny Complex Minor
Operation: Sky Fire
Operation Sky Fire - Live Event - Fortnite.png
Chapter 2: Season 7
Corny Complex Major
Birth of Corruption Cubes
Cube Baby - Event - Fortnite.gif
Chapter 2: Season 8
Shattered Saucer
Smashed Stronghold
Destroyed Dish
Levelled Lake
Wasted Woods
The End (Chapter 2)
The End - Promo - Fortnite.jpg
Chapter 2: Season 8
Guava Fort Major

Chapter 3 Events

Event Image Date & Location Type of event
A New Day
C3S1 Opening (Go Home) - Cutscene - Fortnite.png
Chapter 3: Season 1 Looper Landing Minor-Solo
IO Earthquakes
Earthquake Covert Cavern - Event - Fortnite.gif
Chapter 3: Season 1
2/17/2022 - 3/20/2022
Covert Cavern, Tilted Towers, The Devoured, Seven Outpost VI, Sleepy Sound, Camp Cuddle, Mighty Monument Minor
Collider Energy Pulses
The Collider Pulse - Event - Fortnite.gif
Chapter 3: Season 2
5/20/2022 - 6/3/2022
The Collider Minor


Collision - Playlist Image - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 3: Season 2
The Collider Major

Party Royale Events

Name Image Date & Location Type of event
Diplo - Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 2
Main Stage Party Royale Event
Party Royale Premiere
Party a Royale Premiere Promo.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 2
Main Stage Party Royale Event
"Tenet" Trailer World Premiere
Tenet Trailer World Premiere.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 2
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
Movie Nite
Movie Nite - Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley
Diplo Presents- Thomas Wesley - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
Main Stage Party Royale Event
We The People
We The People .jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
We The People: More Than A Vote
We The People- More Than A Vote - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
Diplo Presents: Higher Ground
Diplo Presents- Higher Ground - Live Event (Party Royale) - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
Main Stage Party Royale Event
Stray Sheep
Kenzi Yonezu (Stray Sheep) - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
Main Stage Party Royale Event
ESPN 8: The Ocho
ESPN 8- The Ocho - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
Tiger Shark King Premiere
Tiger Shark King - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite
Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event
FNCS Championship Series Finals
FNCS Championship Series Finals - Live Event - Fortnite.jpeg
Chapter 2: Season 3
The Big Screen Party Royale Event