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Llamas, also known as Supply Llamas or Loot Llamas, are the main "lootboxes" in Fortnite. They are also Fortnite's primary mascot. These are specifically available through PvE gameplay and not Battle Royale. In Save the World, there are many types of llamas. These include mini llamas, upgrade llamas, llamas with people, weapon llamas, ranged weapon llamas, launch event llamas, daily special llamas and more.

Save the World

To open a llama in Save the World, players can open the Loot tab in the Homebase Menu. If the player has llamas available, they will immediately be able to open them. If not, then there are options to purchase them. Mini llamas can be earned in missions and will only appear if earned. Upgrade llamas can be purchased for 50 V-Bucks. Storm llamas can be purchased for 1,000 storm tickets, and there is typically one other llama in the shop that rotates in and out every few hours.

Llama type Price Available Rotating?
Mini llama
Mission reward Yes No
Icon Upgrade Llama.png
Upgrade llama
50 V-Bucks or a daily reward Yes No
Icon People Llama.png
People Llama
200 V-bucks Yes Yes
Icon Weapon Llama.png
Weapon Llama
200 V-Bucks Yes Yes
Icon Weapon Ranged Llama.png
Ranged Weapon Llama
200 V-Bucks Yes Yes

Battle Royale

Llamas are extremely rare in a game of Battle Royale, with only 5 of them appearing anywhere inside the Battle Royale map. They often have many resources and items inside them. A llama contains a varied assortment of loot, from resources to traps to ammo. Llamas contain no weapons except for grenades. They tend to spawn in uncommon places like hills and roads. The materials found in a llama contain 350 of each material type.

Emotes and Sprays

There have been numerous emotes and sprays to feature the llama:

The "Three Llamas" spray emote, which was in the Season 4 Battle Pass


The Llama is used for a Battle Pass Season 6 skin called Giddy-Up. It is also used in the Yee-Haw! outfit. In Season X, everyone who got the Ride The Pony emote got a free emote called Pony Up, which also used the Llama.

Real llamas provide more resources and items than Fortnite llamas. But, getting these resources requires getting your hands dirty...

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