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Disambig gray.svg This article is about the Save the World shop used to purchase Llamas, Schematics, Heroes, and more. For the Battle Royale shop, see Item Shop.

The Llama Shop is the Item Shop of Save the World. The shop has three different sections: X-Ray, Loot, and Items.


The X-Ray section is where you can buy Llama Pinatas. You can buy the llamas only by using X-Ray Tickets to purchase them. They also previously showcase the Llama's contents, allowing the player to know what they will get before buying the Llama.


An example of the Loot section.

The Loot section is where you can claim Mini Reward Llamas or purchase event llamas.


The Items section is where you can purchase multiple items with Gold. There are two subsections to this: Event Items and Weekly Items.

Weekly Items

An example of the Items section.

Weekly items change every 7 days. They include:

Event Items

Event items change when an Event is over. They include: