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Locations, also known as Points of Interest (POI), are areas, settlements and land features that can be found around the map in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

There are plenty of locations to be found so a player can have access to loot and materials without struggle. Better Weapons and Items are found as you visit larger locations - usually considered the better ones - because a player will find many more Chests there.

For the evolution of the Battle Royale map, see the Map Gallery.

There are 3 types of locations in Battle Royale, these being: Named Locations, Landmarks, and Unamed Locations.


There have been 3 different Battle Royale islands. Each of these has lasted for a chapter of Fortnite. These islands are named after Greek gods stating with 'A'.

Named Locations

Main article: Named Locations (Battle Royale)

Named Locations are the largest types of locations, and usually considered the best due to their plentiful loot. As stated in their name, these locations have names - that are often alliterative (two words in which the starting letter in each word is the same, such as Retail Row) - which are also seen labelled on the map.
They are quite large in size - often resembling towns and cities, and because of this, many Chests can be found in these locations to give good loot.


Main article: Landmarks

Landmarks are smaller versions of named locations that still have names, but are not labelled on the map. Their names are only seen on the screen when entering the area. Like named locations, most Landmarks have alliterative names.
They still have moderately good perks, and are the most common type of location.

Unnamed Locations

Main article: Unnamed Locations (Battle Royale)

Unnamed Locations are locations, similar to Landmarks but without official names. Due to this, the community often grant these locations names - like Yonder Yard and Factories. In addition, their name could be as simple as Volcano.
As Landmarks were only added in Chapter 2, they are considered as the replacement for Unnamed Locations. However, some notable locations without names have still existed in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.