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First Look - Map - Fortnite Chapter 2

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, there are currently 18 different locations that can be traversed that appear on the Battle Royale map. Each is listed below, sorted by what area of the map they fall into, brief notes will soon be added.


Named Location Chests Common Material Status
Anarchy Acres
Anarchy Acres - Location - Fortnite
15 Wood Removed
Craggy Cliffs
Craggy Cliffs - Location - Fortnite
19 Wood In-Game
Dirty Docks
Dirty Docks - Location - Fortnite
31 Metal In-Game
Dusty Depot
Dusty Depot - Location - Fortnite
3 Metal Removed
Dusty Divot
Dusty Divot - Location - Fortnite
20 Wood Removed
Fatal Fields
Fatal Fields - Location - Fortnite
17 Wood Removed
Flush Factory 220px 10 Metal Removed
Frenzy Farm
Frenzy Farm - Location - Fortnite
21 Wood In-Game
Frosty Flights 220px 24 Metal Removed
Dark Tilted
Gotham City - Location - Fortnite
38 Stone Removed
Greasy Grove 20 Wood Removed
Happy Hamlet 220px 26 Stone Removed
Haunted Hills 220px 21 Stone Removed
Holly Hedges 18 Wood In-Game
Junk Junction 220px 10 Metal Removed
Lazy Lagoon 28 Wood Removed
Lazy Lake 28 Stone In-Game
Lazy Links 220px 14 Stone Removed
Lonely Lodge 220px 14 Wood Removed
Loot Lake 40 Metal Removed
Lucky Landing 220px 17 Wood Removed
Mega Mall Mega Mall - Location - Fortnite 35 Metal Removed
Misty Meadows 220px 25 Stone In-Game
Moisty Mire 220px 16 Wood Removed
Moisty Palms 220px 25 Wood Removed
Neo Tilted 220px 37 Metal Removed
Paradise Palms 220px 25 Wood Removed
Pleasant Park Pleasant Park - Location - Fortnite 21 Wood In-Game
Polar Peak 220px 17 Stone Removed
Pressure Plant 220px 16 Metal Removed
Retail Row 220px 20 Stone In-Game
Risky Reels Risky Reels - Location - Fortnite 14 Wood In-Game
Salty Springs 220px 12 Wood In-Game
Shifty Shafts 220px 11 Wood Removed
Slurpy Swamp 220px 18 Metal In-Game
Snobby Shores 220px 17 Wood Removed
Starry Suburbs Starry Suburbs - Location - Fortnite 10 Wood Removed
Steamy Stacks Steamy Stacks - Location - Fortnite 23 Metal In-Game
Sunny Steps 220px 15 Stone Removed
Sweaty Sands Sweaty Sands - Location - Fortnite 34 Stone In-Game
The Agency The Agency (Real) - Location - Fortnite 22 Stone Removed
The Block The Block - Location - Fortnite Random Random Removed
The Grotto 220px 14 Stone In-Game
The Rig The Rig - Location - Fortnite 24 Metal Replaced by Rickety Rig
The Shark The Shark - Location - Fortnite 16 Stone In-Game
The Yacht 220px 11 Metal Removed
Tilted Towers 220px 35 Stone Removed
Tilted Town Tilted Town - Location - Fortnite 26 Wood Removed
Tomato Temple Tomato Temple - Location - Fortnite 14 Stone Removed
Tomato Town 220px 4 Stone Removed
Wailing Woods Wailing Woods - Location - Fortnite 19 Wood Removed
Weeping Woods 220px 11 Wood In-Game
The Authority The Authority - Location - Fortnite 29 Stone In-Game
The Fortilla 200px Metal In-Game
Rickety Rig 200px 14 Metal In-Game
Catty Corner 200px 17 Stone In-Game
Landmarks Max Chests Common


**REDACTED** - Landmark - Fortnite
2 Metal In-Game
Homely Hills 6 Wood In-Game
Camp Cod
Camp Cod - Landmark - Fortnite
16 Metal/Stone/Wood In-Game
Unnamed Location Max Chests Common


Astronomical Stage
Astronomical Stage - Fortnite
0 N/A Removed
Crashed Battle Bus 1 Metal Removed
Dino Park
Dino Park - Location - Fortnite
Metal Removed
Durrr Burger Head
Durrr Burger Head - Location - Fortnite
1 Metal Removed
Floating Island
Floating Island - Fortnite
Wood Removed
Frozen Lake Stone Removed
Meteor - Fortnite
1 N/A Removed
Monster Skelleton
Monster Skelleton
1 Stone Removed
Precarious Flatbed 1 Metal Removed
1 Metal Removed
Volcano - Location - Fortnite
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