Save the World planet

At the moment, there are four zone difficulties/map locations to choose from for Save The World, the PvE aspect of Fortnite. Each location has an Outpost that players can expand, with each expansion unlocking a new group of missions. Completing all quests for an outpost unlocks the next location.

Missions themselves may be viewed on the map interface, ranging in color from grey to red. Grey-shaded missions offer no Commander XP, but players can still acquire the rewards. Red-shaded missions are the hardest.

  • Stonewood - Recommended Power level of 1 - 19; the beginning zone, which also has tutorial missions to complete
  • Plankerton - Recommended Power level of 15 - 46
  • Canny Valley - Recommended Power level of 40 - 70
  • Twine Peaks - Recommended Power level of 70 - 100
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