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Loot Lake, previously Leaky Lake, was a location close to the middle of the Battle Royale Map. Loot Lake was a giant body of water, with some industrial buildings on the western shore; a house used to be on an island in the middle. Due to poor loot spawns in the area, it was not a popular drop spot, and was rarely contested by more than two people.

There were around 40 chests at Loot Lake during an average game, but the distance one would have to travel to loot all of these means that Loot Lake was not a popular place for players who are trying to get kills and loot so that they could be ready for end game.

Season 5

When The Cube first appeared, it began travelling across the map by rolling from one side to another. The end of this journey was at Loot Lake in which the cube melted into the lake, turning it purple, and making it bouncy. If a player were to jump on the purple lake, they would bounce, similar To the properties given by Hop Rocks.

Because the lake turned purple, many people named the lake ‘Thanos Lake’ after Marvel‘s Thanos, due to it being purple. This is also likely because of the the Infinity War crossover event that happened back in 2018.

Season 6

With Season 6, The Cube rose from the waters of Loot Lake, rising into the air and taking the central island, with its cabin, to become the Floating Island, leaving a giant hole in the ground and a mysterious whirlpool. The lake was renamed to Leaky Lake.

Following The Butterfly Event, Loot Lake was changed to a beautiful paradise with green landscapes, blooming flowers, and peaceful waterfalls. Seven shards of The Cube were arranged in a Stonehenge formation

Season 7

With Season 7, the name was reverted back to loot lake.

Season 8

With Season 8 patch 8.40, the middle part of Loot Lake was dug out, and The Vault door was revealed. Over time, several research facilities were constructed around the area.

Season 9

WithSeason 9, the research buildings were upgraded futuristically and improved, this to operate the (probable) energy extraction from The Zero Point underneath The Vault, with a large power cable sending the energy to Neo Tilted.

With Season 9 patch 9.30, the laboratories on the West side of the lake were completely destroyed and the power cord severely damaged. This attack was from the Polar Peak monster evidenced by the enormous footprint left in the middle of the laboratory remains.

Season X

With Season X, The Zero Point exploded. However, the explosion was somehow frozen in time, with a giant time bubble created around the lake. Within the bubble, debris hung still in the air.

During the The End Live Event, the meteor broke through the Zero Point's bubble, which caused all the players to be sent out of the island and sucked into the black hole, creating the new Battle Royale Island, Apollo.

Map Changes

  • September 19th, 2018: The Cube sunk into the lake, transforming it into a purple bounce pad.
  • December 25, 2018: Loot Lake is covered in snow.
  • April 19th, 2019: A flying metal piece with a rune similar to the Cube on top appeared near Lucky Landing.