Despite what many may think, Fortnite actually has an ongoing story mainly shown through Events & Loading Screens.


Before Season 1(OG Fortnite)

Event Image
The Ice King seals himself & The Prisoner inside an iceberg.
The Visitor escapes imprisonment & hijacks an escape pod. The Enforcer follows closely behind.

Season 1

Week Event Image
Week 1 The Islanders are dropped onto Fortnite Island for the first time.

Season 2

Season 3

Week Event Image
Week The Meteorite (actually the Visitor’s pod) is spotted overhead the island.
Week The Meteorite destroys Dusty Depot.

Season 4

Week Event Image
Week 1 The Meteorite spreads Hop Rocks across the island. The research centre at Dusty Divot is built.
Week 1 A group of actors begin filming a superhero movie in which the villain Omega escapes prison after it is hit by a fragment of the Meteorite.
Quiet On The Set! actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 6 Filming is completed
Thats A Wrap! actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 7 The Visitor escapes from the Meteorite.
The Visitor actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 8 The Visitor breaks into Omega’s lair & modifies the Nuke with Hop Rocks.
Retrofit actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week The Nuke is launched. It is intended to hit Tilted Towers, but it is teleported away at the last second. The Nuke instead crashes into Moisty Mire, turning it into A Desert.
Week Time distortions start to send landmarks into the real world.

Season 5

Week Event Image
Week 1 Drift discovers the Durr Burger in the real world & is transported to the island.
Week 1 Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader & Rex meet Drift & convince him to go on a road trip with them.
Week 7 The Motel sign returns.
Week 8 Tomato Town is replaced with Tomato Temple.
Week 9 The Cube appears in a flash of lightning.
Week The Cube sinks into Loot Lake, making its surface bouncy

Season 6

Week Event Image
Week 1 The Cube re-emerges, taking the island house with it.
Week The Cube creates Dark Bomber from the reflection of Brite Bomber.
Week The Floating Island returns to Leaky Lake.
Week The Cube explodes, sending players into a alternate dimension & creating a new version of Leaky.
Week A.I.M. arrives at Flush Factory.
Week The Iceberg is spotted off the coast.

Season 7

Week Event Image
Week 1 The Iceberg crashes into the south-west corner of the island. This is witnessed by several skins watching a movie in a log cabin.
Week 1 Sgt. Winter appears at the top of the iceberg with his Slushy Soldiers and declares war.
Week 1 A.I.M. descovers a girl named Lynx & invites her to live at Frosty Flights.
Week 1 Durrr Burger sets up shop in Retail Row after Greasy Grove was frozen.
Week 2 Lynx designs her suit.
Week 7 The Ice King unthaws from his throne.
Week 8 In a last-ditch effort to keep The Prisoner frozen, the Ice King summons his snowstorm across the map.
Week 9 Despite the Ice King’s best efforts, the Prisoner unthaws & escapes. He steals a key from the tower to unlock some of his chains.
Week 9 Well-known rap artist Marshmello preforms in Pleasant Park.