Despite what many may think, Fortnite actually has an ongoing story mainly shown through Save the World, Cutscenes, Events, & Loading Screens.


Season 0

Week Event
N/A The Storm emerges and consumes 98% of the world's population, turning them into Husks.
N/A Ray and a group of survivors begin to fight back against the storm.
N/A The Islanders are dropped onto Fortnite Island for the first time.

Season 2

Week Event
N/A More locations get built around the map (Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts, Snobby Shores, etc).

Season 3

Week Event
Week 6 The Meteorite (actually the Visitor’s pod) is spotted overhead the island.
Week 7-Week 10 Small meteorites start crashing down on the island.

Season 4

Week Event Image
Prior to Week 1 The Meteorite hits Dusty Depot and spreads Hop Rocks across the island. The research center at Dusty Divot is built.

Risky Reels is built and promptly damaged by the meteorites.

Week 1-Week 5 A group of actors begin filming a superhero movie in which the villain Omega escapes prison after it is hit by a fragment of the Meteorite.
Quiet On The Set! actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 6 Filming is completed.
Thats A Wrap! actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 7 The Visitor emerges from the Meteorite that struck Dusty Depot.
The Visitor actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 8 The Visitor breaks into Omega’s lair and modifies the rocket via Hop Rocks, making it viable for space travel.
Retrofit actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 9 The Rocket is launched. It is intended to hit Tilted Towers, but it is teleported away at the last second. The rocket travels around the map via rifts, and creates a mega rift in the sky.
Week 9-10 Rifts start to bring real-life items into Fortnite and vice-versa.

Season 5

Week Event
Prior to Week 1 Drift discovers the Durr Burger in the real world and is unexpectedly transported to the island via a rift.
Week 1- Week 10 Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader & Rex befriend Drift and convince him to go on a road trip with them.

They visit several places on the island and meet new people, as Drift's outfit upgrades.

Risky Reels is repaired.

Week 7 The Enforcers bring back the damaged Motel sign via rifts.

Tomato Town is replaced with Tomato Temple.

Week 8 The giant rift in the sky shrinks and starts blasting purple lightning bolts onto a patch of cacti in Paradise Palms.

The Cube is created by a massive strike of lightning and the sky-rift disappears.

Week 10 The Cube sinks into Loot Lake, making its surface bouncy.

Season 6

Week Event
Prior to Week 1 The Cube re-emerges from beneath a chunk of land beneath the island house, and creates a whirlwind around the now-floating island.

A chunk of loot lake is ripped out, and leaves a whirlpool where the island used to be.

A bunker is built under Wailing Woods.

Week 1-3 The floating island moves around the map, collecting energy from corrupted areas. It then simultaneously collects energy from all of the corrupted area's runes, and they fall to the ground.
Week 3 The Floating Island returns to Leaky Lake.
Week 4 The Cube destroys the floating island due to all of its energy. It starts creating cube shards which summon cube monsters.
Week 6 The cube is out of energy, and starts to drop its last bit of energy into Leaky Lake's whirlpool.

The cube explodes and takes any witnessing players to the In-Between, a dimension made completely out of light.

Leaky Lake is reformed into a hallowed version, and the cube and its fragments are officially destroyed.

A.I.M. arrives at Flush Factory.

Week 7-10 A.I.M spies on the activities of the island's residents.
Week 10 The Iceberg is spotted off the coast, and it gets closer day by day.

The Spawn Island is covered in snow.

The ocean's edges by the southwest part of the map start freezing.

Season 7

Week Event Image
Prior to Week 1 The Iceberg crashes into the southwest corner of the island.

This is witnessed by several characters watching a movie in a log cabin.

Sgt. Winter appears at the top of the iceberg with his Slushy Soldiers and declares war.

Week 1 Durrr Burger sets up shop in Retail Row after Greasy Grove was frozen.

The Block appears and crushes Risky Reels.

Week 3 As Polar Peak starts to thaw, the Infinity Blade briefly appears on the island. It gets vaulted shortly after due to player complaints.
Week 7 The Ice King and The Ice Queen unthaw from their thrones.
Unexpected Awakening actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 8 In a last-resort effort to keep The Prisoner frozen, the Ice King uses magic to send a snowstorm to cover the map.

Ice Shards appear around the map, which creates Ice Legion soldiers, which are essentially identical to Cube Monsters. The Ice Legion is under control by the Ice King and the Ice Queen.

Despite the Ice King’s best efforts, the Prisoner unthaws & escapes. He steals a key from the tower to unlock some of his chains. He then thaws and regains his power.

Summon The Storm actual - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Week 9 Well-known rap artist Marshmello preforms a concert in Pleasant Park.

Multiple fissures start forming around the map. The only damage caused by these is the destruction of a building in Tilted Towers.

Week 10 The grass around Wailing Woods starts dying.

Season 8

Week Event
Prior to Week 1 Blackheart and his pirates arrive on the island in search of treasure. They set up a dwelling at Lazy Lagoon and invade several places around the map, turning them into Pirate Outposts.

A volcano forms and is used as the dwelling for The Prisoner and his Hybrid soldiers, destroying Wailing Woods.

A jungle suddenly forms on the northeast part of the map, overgrowing Tomato Temple and forces The Block to move, causing it to destroy the Motel.

Sunny Steps is built.

Week 3-8 The vikings start invading houses in Snobby Shores one-by-one. The owner of the final house transforms their house into a fortress and successfully defends against the vikings.

A helicopter flies around the map, serving seemingly no purpose.

The government starts digging on the map. The first time, they dig up a lava vent near the desert, the second time they dig up a pool of lava in the middle of Dusty Divot, and the third time they find a bunker near Loot Lake.

Week 8 The government digs up the middle of loot lake, and discover the vault. They set up multiple outposts nearby, and vaulted items start appearing one-by-one on several monitors in an outpost.

Physical embodiments of runes start appearing around the map. Players had to interact with each in a certain way so they can reach their respective spot in loot lake. As each rune got inserted, the volcano started to smoke more, and house owners in Pleasant Park start building bunkers under their houses.

Week 9 Shortly after all of the runes are inserted, the vault opens. Players are taken to a different part of the In-Between; this time, there is a floor, and there are several pillars which display removed items. The Drum Gun pillar is destroyed, and players are transported back to the island as the drum gun is added back.

A thick fog covers the sky and the volcano erupts right after the unvaulting, it destroys the middle of Retail Row (including its Reboot Van), the entirety of Tilted Towers, and damages the bottom of Polar Peak.

A Peely and Jonesy escape the volcano eruption by entering a bunker inside a mountain. They have fun, but soon realize that there is no food.

Season 9

Week Event
Prior to Week 1 An unknown amount of time passes, and Neo Tilted is built on top of the ruins of Tilted Towers, Mega Mall is built on the ruins of Retail Row, and most of the volcano is destroyed, having Pressure Plant constructed over it. Neo Tilted is powered by energy from the vault.

Jonesy (now Bunker Jonesy) has grown a beard, turned peely into a smoothie, and dons his skin as a cape, as the latter was the only source of food.

Sentinel opens the bunker which Jonesy was trapped inside of, and he steps out to witness Neo Tilted.