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There have also been... Events. I'd call them natural disasters, but... At least some were definitely not natural.
Renegade Raider in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic

Fortnite: Battle Royale has Lore which was first introduced in Season 3. Since then, the story has continued throughout the Seasons.



Main article: Factions
  • Imagined Order: An ancient organization nicknamed IO, in control of the Loop and the Zero Point.
  • The Seven: A faction trying to stop the IO, liberate the Zero Point and destroy the Loop.
    • The Resistance: Sub-faction of The Seven composed of Loopers who participated in the war against IO.
  • The Last Reality: Evil faction that ends realities who appeared from space.
  • SHADOW: A faction created by Midas that is led by Chaos Agent to fight GHOST. They fought in the Spy Wars.
  • GHOST: A faction that is led by Midas against SHADOW. They fought in the Spy Wars.
  • Peace Syndicate: A criminal faction that keeps the peace through force, they fought alongside The Seven against the IO.


Before Chapter 1

Main article: Timeline

The Big Bang

Big Bang - Comic - Fortnite.png

In the beginning there was nothing. Then, in a burst of pure creation, The Zero Point sprang into being. Countless realities originated from the Zero Point, each its own universe, with its own multiverse. In real life this event is known as the 'Big Bang'. The location of The Zero Point was Reality Zero, the origin reality containing The Zero Point.

The IO Rises

Agent Jones Box - The Bridge - Fortnite.png

Over 1000+ years ago the Imagined Order discovered The Zero Point, and enslave it in order to use it in their will. They send Agent Jones to jump into The Zero Point and see what happens, and after Jones travels to different Realities and survives, he ends up on the Island creating the first Snapshot known as Jonesy The First. The IO used The Zero Point to travel to different Realities, causing unnatural events, even disastrously affecting their evolution. The Seven fear them and the potential catastrophic damage they could cause to the Omniverse as a whole.

The Loop

The Order - Comic - Fortnite.png

They create The Loop, a 22 minute time loop that is used to trap anyone who arrives on the Island. The Loop uses The Storm to push combatants together over the 22 minute period, eventually closing all the way in and eliminating anyone trapped in it. If someone is to be the last standing in the loop, at the exact closing point of the storm, they will escape the loop, and wake up in the same spot they left, with all of the Loop's effects gone, yet still trapped on the Island. Eventually, The Imagined Order began experimenting with The Loop, kidnapping people from different realities and trapping them on the island, where they fought again and again in a Battle Royale. The IO also creates Bunker Hatches to The Bridge.

The Cube King's End

Cube's Cradle (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Cube King is captured by the Imagined Order. They abuse him for knowledge. The Cube Queen becomes the ruler of The Last Reality.

The Seven's Formation

Scientist & Visitor Arrive - The End - Fortnite.png

Unknown when or how, The Foundation collects 5 other people with the aim of destroying the IO, and liberating The Zero Point. The Cube King also joins in as The Origin. Geno, theorized to be the IO's leader, quickly becomes The Foundation's greatest fear, knowing that they are in control of the Zero Point. The Seven develop sealed environment suits as a way to enter and leave The Loop anytime they want without being affected by the Loop's effects.

The Paradigm's Betrayal

The Paradigm left the Seven and joined the IO as Singularity for an unknown reason.

Chapter 1


New Characters: The Looper

The Looper

The main character that the player controls, only dubbed "The Looper" by The Foundation, gets trapped in the Loop and joins the battle royale against other combatants.

Season 3

Meteor - Event - Fortnite.png

A comet appears in the sky above the island. It gradually gets closer over time. During the final weeks of the season, Small meteorites begin to land on the island as a precursor to the large meteor. Players theorized that The Comet would destroy Tilted Towers, as the inhabitants of the island who had previously escaped The Loop began observing the mysterious object with telescopes dotted around the island.

Season 4

New Characters: The Visitor, Omega, Carbide

The Impact

Dusty Divot - Location - Fortnite.png

The Comet finally slams into the island, crashing into the factories near Salty Springs and mostly destroying Dusty Depot, creating a gigantic crater in the ground, scattered with hop rocks. Other, smaller comet fragments land around the island, damaging Tilted Towers, The Prison, and Risky Reels. At the center of the main crater, now called Dusty Divot, The Government sets up a research station to monitor a mysterious rock at the center of the crater. The mysterious organization takes over for the island, and begins to patch up the smaller craters around the island and rebuild.

The Visitor

The Visitor (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Visitor, a member of The Seven, dedicated to wiping out IO, is revealed to be in stasis in a pod within the Dusty Divot rock. Eventually, he awakens and breaks out, trashing the facility and making his way to Villain Lair, located in the mountains near Snobby Shores as a prop for the upcoming movie being filmed, but which actually contained a fully-functioning rocket disguised as a prop.

Lights, Camera, Action

Thats A Wrap! (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

A film production is started about a supervillain; Omega escaping from a prison that was hit by a meteor, forming a robot army of Chromiums and Diecasts, and destroying the heroes using the rocket. Carbide and his team of superheroes fight against Omega in the final showdown of the film.

The Blast Off

Retrofit (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

While the movie was being filmed, the Government collects and moves all of the Hop Rocks to the Villain Lair from each of the craters in a convoy of trucks. The Visitor takes over the base, and modifies the Rocket to be able to traverse realities using the hop rocks. The Visitor launches the rocket, opening temporary rifts to teleport around the island. Eventually, the rocket boosts into the sky, creating a gigantic Sideways Rift leading to an unknown destination. This event destabilized Reality Zero, and left it vulnerable to future invaders.

Situation Worsens

As Reality Zero continues to destabilize, Rifts around the island begin opening to other Realities around the island, bringing and taking props or even people, to and from Reality Zero. The Sideways Rift grows larger, as it brings and takes more items from Realities. Several Supply Llamas are rifted to various places on Earth, including Paris, Cologne, Cannes, Warsaw, and London. The Durrr Burger Mascot was rifted into the California desert, and was the start of the Season 5 ARG. Several objects were brought to the island instead, including an ancient wagon, dinosaur bones, and a ship anchor.

The Sideways Rift created by the Visitor

Season 5

New Characters: Drift, Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader, Rex, Enforcers, Kevin the Cube

Worlds Collide

Road Trip! (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Sideways Rift pools massive amounts of matter to Reality Zero from other realities, bringing in Paradise Palms, The Desert, Lazy Links, and Viking Village to the island, but destroying Moisty Mires and Anarchy Acres in the process. Smaller rifts are clustered around the changed areas, as space-time in those areas are recovering from the shifts. Drift is rifted to Reality Zero after painting graffiti on the Durr Burger, and is caught in the transition when the burger is sent back to the island.

Road Trip

Opening Night (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Drift and his new friends Cuddle Team Leader, Brite Bomber and Rex travel around the Island, meeting more people participating in activities. They visit the Durrr Burger Head, then Lazy Links, then the Race Track, then the Dinosaur statues, then finally Risky Reels.

Fox Clan's Target

Poolside Paradise (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

During the road trip, Drift gets a mask from a stranger, making him a member of the Fox Clan, but also a target for a mysterious group or people. Drift progresses throughout his stages as the weeks go on.

Balance and Order

Signing Back In (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

As Reality Zero starts to heal, and The Sideways Rift starts to close, The Imagined Order send a a mysterious group of people named the Enforcers, who aim to restore balance and order, arrive through Rifts. They return objects that previously vanished through interdimensional travel back to the island.

The Cube Emerges

Sideways Rift Closing (S5) - Event - Fortnite.jpg

The Last Reality exploit the instability of Reality Zero, corrupting The Sideways Rift before it closes, and use it to transport The Cube to the island through lightning bolts. This process seemed to have exhausted the rift completely and forces it to close. The Cube begins to roll, printing mysterous alien symbols in the ground known as Runes, with each surrounded by an anti-gravity dome. After rolling through Tilted Towers and destroying the brand new building that was just constructed, it reached Loot Lake, entering it and dissolving. Upon being fully dissolved, the lake turned purple and bouncy, with properties similar to the Cube itself.

Cube Spawn - Event - Fortnite.gif

Season 6

New Characters: Calamity, Deadfire, A.I.M.

Darkness Rises

Cube Cracking - Event - Fortnite.gif

The Cube's matter turns solid and reforms underneath the central Loot Lake island. It breaks free, ripping the island out of the Lake and forming the floating island, suspended by a vortex. The Cube and the island start moving and visit each of The Runes, leeching energy off of them (The Runes were theorized to be methods that the cube used to collect energy for later reabsorption, corrupting their surroundings in the process). After collecting all of the energy from each rune, The Cube grows throughout the house, and once full of energy, directs The Floating Island to return to its beginning spot, now known as Leaky Lake.

Leet cube fiend.jpg

It shoots a beam of energy into the sky and starts constructing a portal, presumably to The Last Reality to allow an invasion. The floating island then shatters into three pieces, revealing the cube in full and starting Fortnitemares 2018. This event fractured the cube material that grew through the floating island, and blasted it around Athena, forming Monster Spawners. These spawn Cube Monsters, soldiers of The Last Reality to distract The Loopers while the invasion is prepared.

The In-Between

Turning Of The Tide (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Calamity leads an army of Loopers against The Cube at Leaky Lake, causing it to weaken and its outer shell melt into a nectar-like substances which drops into the vortex in Leaky Lake. Eventually, the cube explodes, momentarily damaging The Zero Point enough to send every Looper into The In-Between.


They are allowed to look around for a minute, before being brought back through a Rift Butterfly. The Cube also destroys the Floating Island and the Cube Monsters, and wipes away the fog and darkness. Loot Lake's center is reformed into a peaceful paradise with waterfalls and grassy areas. At the center is a small crater with grass and flowers, containing the cube fragments arranged into a stonehenge formation.

A Mysterious Tracker

On Target (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

A.I.M., sent by Sgt. Winter, lands on Flush Factory, plants a flag, and observes the loopers in preparation for an invasion. An Iceberg, a fragment of the The Ice Moon rapidly approaches the Island, with Expedition and The Ice King on it.

Season 7

New Characters: The Ice King, The Prisoner, Sgt. Winter, Lynx

Within the Snow

Unexpected Awakening (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Sgt. Winter and his army arrive with the Iceberg onto Athena, with Frosty Flights as their headquarters. They bring X-4 Stormwings and set up more bases around Athena. A giant iceberg; Polar Peak appears with a castle on the top, holding The Ice King dormant inside, frozen inside ice.

Weather Warning

Summon the Storm (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The ice begins to melt due to winter coming to an end, and it wakes up The Ice King, but also reveals a mysterious figure trapped inside ice in the castle. Ice King acquires a shard of a Cube, and uses it to cover the entire Island with snow. The snowstorm also caused the invasion of Ice Monsters, due to the combination of the cube's and the Ice King's powers.

The Prisoner

True Form (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The snow slowly melts again, releasing The Prisoner who was trapped in the castle. He begins breaking free from his chains and regaining his true form, with his final step being a ritual at Wailing Woods. This would also be the beginning of the Earthquakes, as foreshadowing for the Volcano. The earthquakes created fissures in the ground, one of them destroying the Cursed Building in Tilted Towers.

Season 8

New Characters: Hybrids, Blackheart, Master Key

The King of Fire

Children Of The Brood (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Prisoner creates a Volcano inside a jungle, and hatch the eggs he stole from Polar Peak that eventually grow up to be Hybrids. They go after Master Key for unknown reasons. The group of Peelys would then hold a Ripening Ritual.

"They" Return

Breakthrough (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Government set up excavation sites around the island searching for The Vault, being unsuccessful in their first few excavations. A mysterious metal plate is discovered near Loot Lake. All the excavators move there, setting up a considerably larger site which eventually reveals the Vault in the middle.

The Unvaulting

Drum Gun Shattering - The Unvaulting - Fortnite.png

Five Runes appear around the map, with each needing a specific task for the Loopers to do in order for them to move. After all of the runes were placed, The Vault's hatch opened, allowing Loopers to go inside. Inside the Vault, numerous Vaulted Items were stored inside crystal pillars. A desk with Singularity's helmet was also inside the Vault, along with a radio and a few books. The Loopers start to crack the items' cases with their Harvesting Tools, with the Drum Gun's case breaking first. It was then released from the Vault, along with all the Loopers inside.

Volcanic Eruption

Volcano - The Unvaulting - Fortnite.png

While The Unvaulting was happening, The Prisoner erupts the Volcano, sending balls of magma to Retail Row and Tilted Towers which completely destroys them. Polar Peak was also shot, creating a huge crack in the side of the iceberg.

Polar Peak (Cracked).png

Season 9

New Characters: Singularity, Bunker Jonesy, The Devourer, Mecha Team Leader

Bunker Days

High Score (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

During the Eruption, Jonesy and Peely escape into a Bunker in Tilted Towers, enjoying the various activities inside. Once they went to go eat, it is revealed they have no food. Jonesy turns Peely into a Smoothie, and drank his juice to survive. After an unknown amount of time, Sentinel opens up the Bunker, and welcomes Jonesy and Peely into Neo Tilted.

Welcome The Future

Neo Tilted - Location - Fortnite.png

After Tilted Towers and Retail Row were destroyed, They are rebuilt as Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. The Vault has been overgrown, and turned into an energy source for Neo Tilted using The Zero Point, with Loot Lake becoming a Government base. The now-dormant Volcano has turned into Pressure Plant.

The Monster

The Monster - Events - Fortnite.png

Inside the hole in Polar Peak, the eye of The Devourer, which later breaks out and starts destroying nearby landscape and locations, and escaping to the ocean with Polar Peak on it's back. On the other side, at Pressure Plant, a giant elevator is built, and parts of a giant mech are put together piece by piece, with it eventually being finished and colored, becoming the Mecha Team Leader piloted by Singularity

The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown - Event - Fortnite.png

The Devourer rises from the ocean, destroying buildings with it's laser beam. It heads towards Loot Lake as The Mecha Team Leader activates, flying towards The Devourer. After a fight, The Devourer rips off Mecha's arm, tossing it into the ocean. It heads to The Vault to reach The Zero Point, but before it could, Mecha blows The Devourer away. It then took The Zero Point out of The Vault, cracking it to get power to use against The Devourer. It then pulls out the Statue Of Singularity from Neo Tilted, which turns out to be a giant sword. The Devourer dashed towards Mecha as Mecha lunges, stabbing the sword into The Devourer's head, killing it. Mecha celebrated with a Floss, before flying off to The Ice Moon. The Zero Point was left over The Vault, destabilizing more every day.

Zero Point Crack - Final Showdown - Fortnite.gif

Season X

New Characters: The Scientist, The Paradigm

What the Seven of us are attempting is very risky. I suspect They are not the only ones watching. But it must be done or we lose the Bridge forever.
The Scientist

Out of Time

Zero Point (7-30-2019) - Event - Fortnite.gif

After The Zero Point became unstable, it released a burst of energy along with a Reality Wave, converting Dusty Divot into Dusty Depot. The explosion is frozen by the arrival of The Scientist's meteor just above Dusty Depot. At the start of the season his pod was already open, meaning he was already on the Island.

The Scientist

The Scientist - Promotional Image - Fortnite.jpg

The Scientist takes over the grey warehouse in Dusty Depot, and turns it into his workspace. He starts building Rift Beacons, used to create a Sideways Rift over a Location to replace it with it's version from an alternate universe.

Secret Manipulations

Behind the scenes, the IO manipulate The Seven into stabilizing The Zero Point, so they don't lose The Bridge and the control they have over it. Despite being enemies, The Scientist still helps the IO, but unknown if willingly. Neither the Seven nor the IO wanted to lose the bridge, but IO left the Seven to do all the work.

Rift Zones

The Return (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Scientist's Rift Beacons create Rift Zones, which swaps locations with alternate reality counterparts, each with it's unique rules inside. The Scientist first turns Neo Tilted into Tilted Town, Mega Mall back into Retail Row, Paradise Palms into Moisty Palms, Frozen Greasy Grove back into Greasy Grove, and the former location of the destroyed Starry Suburbs into Starry Suburbs. He accidentally destroys the Soccer Stadium, and creates a crater with glitching objects. He also brings back the Floating Island, with more additions like the Motel sign and the Durrr Burger Head.

The End

Activate the beacon at precisely the moment this timer reaches nothing. The Zero Point must be contained once more. If They are correct, it will be the end.
The Scientist
The End - Playlist Image - Fortnite.png

The Scientist builds a Rocket at Dusty Depot, and launches it, with 6 more Rockets originating from the Rift Zones. All of them create a Rift in front of the frozen Meteor, which pushes it into the rift. A rift appears over Loot Lake which a Rocket emerges from, with the Meteor following behind it. All the Loopers are launched into the sky, after the initial rocket hits The Zero Point's bubble. The Meteor then hits the bubble, throwing players further away. It struggles to break through, eventually crashing into The Zero Point, creating the Black Hole, which destroys the island and sucks all of its matter into it.

The Blackout - Event - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2

The First Shadows - Lore - Fortnite.jpg

The First Shadows

Midas set his sights on building an empire of espionage, intrigue, and conquest. He founded SHADOW.

Cuddle Cruisers (The Device) - Landmark - Fortnite.png

The Leader of GHOST

Midas becomes the leader of GHOST, having tattoos of his agents and planning to build an unknown device against the Storm.

Chapter 2: Season 1

New Characters: Turk and Riptide, Journey and Hazard, Rippley and Sludges, Remedy and Toxin, 8-Ball and Scratch, Chaos Agent

[Redacted: D4]

The Lowdown (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Black Hole explodes into The Zero Point once again and releases Apollo, a brand new island created from the matter of the old island within the black hole. The Imagined Order sends in the E.G.O. [Redacted: D4] team to scout the area after they arrive at Apollo through the Crash Site. They travel the whole Island, with IO expecting "similar embedded agents" as a threat against them.

A New World

Chapter 2 Season 1 - Keyart - Fortnite.jpg

After the Blackout, Athena reorganized into Apollo and Artemis, with Artemis being on the other side of Apollo. Apollo includes locations from Chapter 1, such as Retail Row and Salty Springs. The Bridge is still intact, and the Seven take control of Artemis leaving the IO alone on Apollo. The reforming of the Island also attracts the attention of Galactus, who would not arrive until Chapter 2: Season 4.

E.G.O. Vs. A.L.T.E.R.

Dive! (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

A.L.T.E.R. reveal themselves, and go on a hunt for Rippley in an operation led by Toxin and an army of Sludges. Cameo saves Rippley in Frenzy Farm. The rest of the [Redacted: D4] team locate Scratch and send 8-Ball after him. Toxin and Sludges follow the [Redacted: D4] team to the dam near Hydro 16, but they escape using a Motorboat. After the incident, Midas arrives on Eye Land.

Chapter 2: Season 2

New Characters: Midas, Brutus, TNTina, Skye, Meowscles, GHOST Henchmen, SHADOW Henchmen, Agent Peely, Agent Jones

Masters of Espionage

Chapter 2, Season 2 (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Midas, the leader of E.G.O, now known as GHOST. forms a group of neutral agents, with unique locations that belong to them. Skye is stationed at The Shark, Brutus and The Grotto, TNTina at The Rig and Meowscles at The Yacht. A.L.T.E.R. also know as SHADOW and are also secretly lead by Midas himself. As time passes, all the agents choose a faction, and their locations change with them.


Deadpool's Yacht (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

After Meowscles betrays GHOST and joins SHADOW, Contract Giller infiltrate The Yacht, and allows Deadpool to takeover as a GHOST agent. Members of the X-Force would then arrive at Apollo.

Storm The Agency

Storm the Agency (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Close to the end of the season, Renegade Shadow disguises as a GHOST spy and attempts to raid The Agency by eliminating GHOST Henchmen and taking over The Agency for SHADOW. His attempt was unsuccessful, and his fate is unknown.

The Device

Wait, wait, wait. hold on... "It's not just a storm?" What does that mean?
Must be connected to the loop, but there's no way we could have predicted that it would react THIS way.
Agent Jones
The Device - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

Midas builds a Doomsday Device under The Agency, and before fully activating it, turns into SHADOW and shows his true allegiance. After The Device is activated, it pushes back The Storm, in an attempt to destroy The Loop. The Looper gets sent to The Bridge several times due to the use of the Device, although they are quickly sent back after each time. The Storm fights back against Midas' device, eventually being completely pushed back.

Jones - The Device - Fortnite.png

The Loopers are sent to the Bridge once again, where the panicking agents of the Imagined Order can be heard, before being sent back. Upon returning, the Storm has created a massive wall of water. They are sent to the Bridge one final time where they meet Agent Jones. Returning once more, all Loopers arrive in the Battle Bus above the Wall of Water.

Final Push - The Device - Fortnite.gif

Chapter 2: Season 3

New Characters: Jules, Ocean, Kit, Marauders

The Flood

The Fortilla (Trailer) - Location - Fortnite.jpeg

After The Device, Apollo gets flooded, leaving certain locations floating over water, and some submerged. GHOST builds their main base at The Fortilla, and Jules, the daughter of Midas, takes over The Agency and turns it into The Authority. Mysterious people called Marauders appear through Rifts in the sky, and land in Marauder Capsules. Kit, the son of Meowscles, turns Box Factory into Catty Corner, and becomes a neutral agent.

Rift Traveler

Ancient Voyager - Set - Fortnite.jpeg

A Spaceship crash lands near the island. Loopers help its pilot to repair the spaceship and send it back through a Rift.

Nexus War: Thor

Chapter 2 Season 4 (Galactus) - Cinematic - Fortnite.png

In Marvel Universe Reality: 616, Thor and Galactus were on a mission to stop The Black Winter from consuming their reality, allowing Galactus to consume the "5 special planets" to gain the power to defeat it. After consuming the first planet, Thor and Galactus came across a Sideways Rift that led to Reality Zero. Galactus could sense The Zero Point's energy inside, and dove after it. Thor instructed him not to, but could not stop Galactus. He dove in before Galactus to warn the inhabitants, only to be met by a group of hostile Loopers. Before he could completely succumb to the effects of the Loop, he called out to Sif, the current guardian of the Bifrost, for help.

Chapter 2: Season 4

New Characters: Thor, Tony Stark, Galactus, Wolverine, Jennifer Walters, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Groot, Storm, Shadow Midas

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Stark Industries - Location - Fortnite.jpg

Lady Sif brought Tony Stark, Wolverine, Jennifer Walters, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Groot, and Storm to the Island through the Bifrost to help defeat Galactus. She also brought Helicarrier 64, which is used as a base of operations, along with S.H.I.E.L.D Quinjets. Tony Stark sets up a makeshift base in a barn and builds the Rift Beacons to bring the entire Stark Industries facility to Apollo, along with the surrounding Upstate New York, so he would have the tools to work on a plan to defeat Galactus. Doctor Doom takes over Pleasant Park and turns it into Doom's Domain, and a group Sentinels decommissioned by Wolverine appear on two mountains. Galactus also deploys his Gorgers to fight against Loopers and scout the island ahead of his arrival, who presently appears as a pulsating, purple star in the night sky.

Midas' Revenge

Fortnitemares 2020 Midas' Revenge - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

During Fortnitemares 2020, An unknown henchman performs a ritual on Midas's golden chair and summons Shadow Midas. He turns the abandoned The Authority to The Ruins. He brings Ghostly Ghost Henchmen and break the respawn drones, turning eliminated players into Shadows.

The Plan

Upgraded Battle Buses - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

Tony Stark creates a plan by modifying several battle buses with stark equipment, and then filling them with gamma bombs, then uses The Loop to make a billion modified battle bus clones. Over the course of the season, Galactus grows larger and larger, eventually being distincly visible in the night sky. After fading from view, Galactus arrives on the island through Artemis and rises from the ocean into Apollo.

The Devourer of Worlds

We need to get Galactus to eat as many buses as possible before he's done with the Zero Point.
Tony Stark
Zero Point Crack C2S4.png

Galactus finally commences into action, and fully rises from the ocean. He repeatedly taunts The Loopers before destroying Helicarrier 64, plunging the gigantic aircraft into the ocean. He then rips out the Zero Point from The Bridge using energy beams emitted from his hands, and attempts to absorb it. The Zero Point seemingly sensed its power being leeched on by something surrounding it, and cracked itself, condensing into a black hole and sucking Galactus and all of the loopers into The In-Between where countless battle buses are waiting for the battle.

The fight commences, and as The Zero Point is nearly totally exhausted by Galactus, he is tricked into consuming all of the battle buses, which detonate with the gamma cells and injure Galactus, sending him and a Zero Shard through a rift and back to Reality: 616.

Eating In-Between - Galactus - Fortnite.gif

Chapter 2: Season 5

New Characters: IO Guards, Mandalorian, Reese, Mancake, Mave, Menace, Lexa, Predator

I just need to stabilize the Zero Point and reseal the Bridge, but not let anyone escape. Easy, right?
Agent Jones

Jones' Mission

Agent Jones - C2S5 Cinematic - Fortnite.jpg

During The Devourer of Worlds at Apollo, The Bridge gets heavily affected due to The Zero Point being absent from containment. Agent Jones wakes up in his Office with a call from Doctor Slone. She orders him to stop anyone escaping the loop, and to not attract the attention of The Seven. He would not hear the latter instruction, as foreshadowing for Chapter 2: Season 6. He packs his Field Pack, and uses the Bridge Terminal to locate the best hunters across all realities.

A Warped World

The Zero Point - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

The Zero Point had stabilized back from a black hole before a catastrophic event could have destroyed the island once again, and presently levitated above the center of the island. However, despite averting disaster, the area surrounding The Zero Point was warped and turned into a desert, with scattered, solid pieces of The Zero Point in the desert. Elsewhere, around the island, locations and objects from past seasons are brought to the island, including Flush Factory, and Tilted Towers (although the latter was merged with Salty Springs to become Salty Towers). Oddly enough, these brought-back locations were in approximately the same coordinates as they were on the Chapter 1 island.

The IO Arrives

Hunter's Haven - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

The Imagined Order quickly settles themselves throughout the island, still having access to The Bridge through their Surface Hubs. They build structures for the first 5 Hunters Jones brought at Hunter's Haven and Colossal Coliseum. The Predator follows Jones to Reality Zero and moves to Hunter's Haven, but makes Stealthy Stronghold his hunting ground.

Zero Point in Danger

Zero Point Pulse - Event - Fortnite.gif

During his mission, Jones visits 18 Realities to bring 30 Hunters to Apollo. His aim is to cause chaos within the Loop while the IO tries to fix The Zero Point. Using Jones' Portal Device to visit Realities causes the Zero Point to create Pure Portals, making it use it's energy and turning it more unstable.

Chapter 2: Season 6

New Characters: The Foundation, Raz, Tarana, Jonesy The First, Spire Assassin, Batman Zero, Catwoman Zero, Deathstroke Zero, Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bonehead, Bandolette, Eternal Voyager, Lex Luthor, The Batman Who Laughs

Foundation Entrance - Zero Crisis Finale - Fortnite.gif

Zero Crisis Finale

The Spire Forming - Zero Crisis Finale - Fortnite.gif

With The Zero Point reaching it's final destabilization stage, Jones realized that the Order isn't doing anything about it, and takes matters into his own hands. He flies to Apollo, ignoring Doctor Slone's orders. He makes his way through the chaos of the Loop, eventually getting close enough to toss his Portal Device into it. A few moments later, a meteor appears out of a rift in the sky, crashing into the sand near Dusted Depot. The meteor cracks, revealing another pod like The Visitor's and The Scientist's. The Foundation steps out of it, immediately attacking Jones. Jones stops his onslaught by offering to get him Geno and The Sisters in exchange for the Foundation's help in stabilizing the Zero Point. The Foundation agrees, attempting to untangle the Zero Point tendrils while Jones and The Looper close the new Pure Portals it creates. The Foundation is unable to untangle it, and creates The Spire to contain the Zero Point's blast. Jones throws his Portal Device inside, forcing him to become trapped in The Loop.

The Glyph Master

The Spire Quests (Glyph Master Raz) - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

Raz, a man from Colossal Crops wants to discover the secrets of The Spire, so he teams up with The Looper to steal an Artifact from it. The Looper also talks to Jonesy The First and Tarana, learning about the corruption of The Spire. Raz betrays The Looper and uses the Artifact, corrupting him and turning him into Glyph Master Raz. A snapshot of him, prior to his corruption, is left at Colossal Crops. Glyph Master Raz takes over The Spire; formerly guarded by the Spire Assassin. The snapshot version of Raz is confused, not knowing what happened to him, but sensing that something went wrong with his plan. The Looper eliminates Glyph Master Raz and takes The Spire Artifact away from him. But it was too late, the Cube's power in the Spire Artifact has already alerted The Last Reality.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point

Zero Point Reveal - Zero Point - Fortnite.jpg

In Reality: NF-1935, The IO teamed up with Lex Luthor to manipulate Batman into helping them regain control of the Zero Point after it had been sealed off by The Spire. They open a Sideways Rift in Gotham City and kick Batman into The Loop. After countless loop of battle royale, Batman finally escape the Loop and is able to explore the island, He teams up with a group of escaped Loopers, and then breaks into the IO Hatch. Inside The Bridge he finds the root of the Spire containing The Zero Point. Eternal Voyager jumps into the uncalibrated Zero Point, and is torn to shreds. Batman sees this, and understands they need to calibrate the Zero Point before entering it. Using everyone's individual "dimensional energy," they send everyone home one by one. Deathstroke sabotaged Batman and Catwoman's escape attempt, trapping them on the bridge. With just the two of them, and the equipment destroyed, they did not have enough dimensional energy to return to their reality.

Metropolis Rift - Zero Point - Fortnite.jpg

They are forced to travel back into the Loop using the Portal Device they stole from deathstroke to find Harley Quinn, so they can use her added dimensional energy to return. They are successful, and return to their world. While this is happening, Doctor Slone holds a meeting with Lex Luthor, revealing that Slone struck a deal with him to have Batman enter and escape the loop, in exchange for opening a Sideways Rift at the Daily Planet, although this may not be the full extent of their deal.

Hot Saucers

Abduction 4 - Screenshot - Fortnite.png

During the final weeks of the season, UFOs began to abduct people. The IO send their agents to silence rumors of aliens spreading by people like Mari and her radio show. One of IO Helicopters is also attacked, crashing near Hydro 16. Mari broadcasts a radio channel about aliens, and talks to Island-dwellers such as Zorgoton and Turk about it to get their opinions. The location she is in later gets raided by the IO, and Mari does her final broadcast before Chapter 2: Season 7.

Chapter 2: Season 7

New Characters: Doctor Slone, Joey, Kymera, Sunny, Maven

Invasion Begins

The Mothership (Promo) - Object - Fortnite.png

The Last Reality arrives with their Mothership and destroy The Spire, deploying Abductors and Saucers in a full-out invasion against Reality Zero. The IO reveal themselves to the public, with Doctor Slone coming out as their leader. Moles begin to appear in the IO, relaying information to The Last Reality. Slone recruits the help of The Looper for various tasks, ultimately requiring their help during Operation: Sky Fire.

Cosmic Summer Celebration

Believer Beach (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The people of Believer Beach celebrate the arrival of the aliens, including Sunny and Mari who spread pro-alien messages, while simultaneously spreading anti-IO propaganda.


Kymera - Promo - Fortnite.png

The IO sets up Satellite Stations across the Island, as the Last Reality sends Saucers to Invade Locations. The Last Reality also take over Holly Hedges and turns it into a Hatchery for Alien Parasites. Both IO and The Last Reality come with new weapons and technology, like the Grab-itron and Pulse Rifle. The Last Reality begins terraforming the island to their environment, attempting to rewrite the DNA of everything to a habitat that suits them.

Rift Tour

Rift Tour (Featuring Ariana Grande) - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

In an attempt to gain information on the Island, The Last Reality creates the Rift Tour, a concert featuring Ariana Grande. They send a Party UFO to The Aftermath to begin the concert. The Loopers go through a memory tunell as The Aliens scan their brains before getting sent to the concert area. After all the songs are played, The Loopers are sent back to Apollo, unaware of the information given to The Last Reality.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation

Villains vs Justice League - Foundation - Fortnite.png

The Foundation wakes up at Reality: NF-1935, at the Gotham City harbor. He is greeted by Batman, and tries to move past him but is stopped by his grappling hook. They fight for a brief moment, as Batman thought the Foundation was a member of the Imagined Order, but is stopped when Foundation is surprised by Batman's knowledge of the Zero Point, allowing Batman to conclude Foundation was not part of the organization that trapped him in the Loop.

Batman Meets Foundation - Foundation - Fortnite.png

The Foundation explains the Seven's goal, and agrees to help Batman close the Sideways Rift. The Foundation is tricked by The Batman Who Laughs who dives after the rift. The Foundation follows him into the Loop, resulting in a quick skirmish between them. During the fight The Batman Who Laughs damaged the Foundation's visor, making him susceptible to the Loop's effects. He kills The Batman Who Laughs, but he begins to panic as his visor won't be repaired before the Loop resets. The Storm closes around him, but vanishes in an instant. He had escaped the Loop once more by being the last organic sentient entity in the center of the Storm as it closed.

Looped Batman Who Laughs - Foundation - Fortnite.png

The Batman Who Laughs is brought back by the Loop, now trapped inside of it. His visor, being crafted from the World Forge, protects him from the Loop's speech impeding effect. It does not however protect him from Snapshots, which are created soon after.

Abduction Protocol

Corny Complex (Lobby Abduction) - Background - Fortnite.jpg

The Mothership moves towards Slurpy Swamp and opens it's hatch, pulling buildings from the ground and taking them into the abduction chamber. IO sets up camps to investigate the abduction site. After fully abducting the buildings, The Mothership moves on to Coral Castle, leaving what was now called Sludgy Swamp. After Coral Castle is abducted too, The Looper and Slone bait The Last Reality into Corny Complex using cat food and finish their counter attack plan.

Operation: Sky Fire

This... is impossible. We thought it was gone for good! Last time it nearly destroy the island!
Doctor Slone
Operation Sky Fire - Live Event - Fortnite.png

On the last day of Corny Complex's Abduction, Slone prepares a group of Loopers to infiltrate The Mothership to activate the bombs placed attached to the chunks of land being abducted. The Mothership starts the abduction, and all the Loopers are placed inside experiment holding cells. Slone hacks the Alien Jetpack to gain remote access into the Motherships systems, and opens the holding cells. They go through a number of rooms and tunnels, until they are spotted and cornered in the Abduction Chamber Window. During the first attempt to arm the bombs, some sort of countermeasure is activated and the activation fails. The windows close and a Corruption Cube rises from the floor, zapping Loopers to eliminate them. Slone weaponizes the Jetpacks and deactivates the Cube with the few remaining Loopers. The windows open again, and Slone attempts to activate them for a second time. It works, and Slone reveals that she cannot bring the Loopers back to the Island, as to not risk the cube returning as well.

Rebooting Cube - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.gif

The Loopers Reboot the Cube by placing their hands on it together, and The Cube activates an elevator. The Loopers are taken to a massive chamber full of Cubes and Abductors, with the Golden Cube being present at the very back of the room. The Mothership blows up, sending Loopers and everyone inside The Mothership flying down to Apollo. Multiple Abductors crash down to the Island, alongside a group of Corruption Cubes, the Golden Cube and the Rebooted Cube. The Looper gets hit by an Abductor, passing out.

Mothership Blowing Up - Operation- Sky Fire - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2: Season 8

New Characters: The Cube Queen, Cube Assassin, Golden Cube, Rebooted Cube, Corruption Cubes, J.B. Chimpanski, Dark Jonesy

Island, Corrupted

The Aftermath (10-18-2021) - Landmark - Fortnite.png

After the Cubes landed on the Island, they corrupted the landscape around, except the Golden Cube that landed near Holly Hedges. Slone and a group of IO Guards form a Convoy near Destroyed Dish, and collect remaining Alien technology. The Golden Cube quickly awakes, and begins rolling around the Island, visiting the each Corruption Cube and activating them one by one. All of the Cubes, once activated, create smaller Cubes (with the exception of the one that broke free from Steamy Stacks). All cubes begin to move towards The Aftermath, leaving a trail of corrupted land in their wake.

Wrath of the Cube Queen

Fortnitemares 2021 Wrath of the Cube Queen - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

All The Cubes conjoin to form a caste-like structure called The Convergence. The Cube Queen leaves her Golden Cube and begins to hover over the structure. The Convergence grows larger every day, eventually becoming The Pyramid. With the formation of The Pyramid, the Cube Queen releases her strongest Cube Monster: Caretakers.

Hope Not Lost

Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

J.B. Chimpanski founds the War Effort to collect funds for Weapons to use against The Cube Queen. He starts with the funding of Turret Stations, before moving on to armmaments such as the Shockwave Launcher and Combat Assault Rifle. Later on he uses the funds to unvault the Combat Shotgun and Flint-Knock Pistol. In a final funding campaign, he brings two Salvaged B.R.U.T.E.s to the fight. One at Corny Crops, and the other at Pleasant Park. As a base, the Guava Fort is constructed to protect them and prepare an attack. Slone and her Convoy reach **REDACTED**, opening it and finally revealing the IO Staging Facility.

The End - Chapter 2 Finale

Cube Queen Full Power - The End - Fortnite.jpg

The Rebooted Cube teleports to the Guava fort to assist The Loopers against the The Cube Queen, as her onslaught was about to begin. She gathers her power to open a Rift to The Last Reality, with the Cube's Cradle in view. The Golden Motherships send out Saucers that attack The Loopers, but The Rebooted Cube protects them with it's shield. Golden Abductors start destroying Locations across the Island, with one targeting the Rebooted Cube, leaving The Loopers defenseless. Meanwhile in The Bridge, Slone and Gunnar being interrogating Jones, until The Foundation breaks in to save him. They run to the Zero Point chamber, and the Foundation tears down one of the panels as cover. The Foundation tells Jones to disable the Gyro System, and the Island begins to flip.

Foundation Unmasked - The End - Fortnite.png

The Visitor and The Scientist arrive at Guava Fort, rescuing The Loopers. The Scientist takes them inside The Bridge through a Hatch. They run through the bridge as the Island rotates more and more, eventually reaching the Zero Point chamber to meet up with Jones and The Foundation. A Caretaker slams down on the glass ceiling, cracking it. The Caretaker slams down two more times, breaking it and flooding the room. The Looper floats up into the ocean, witnessing Apollo flipping over to Artemis. The Cube Queen comes in contact with water, and is defeated before rifting away. The portal closes, stopping the invasion of The Last Reality. The Island fully flips, causing a massive tidal wave that knocks the Looper out, beginning the Float To Artemis.

The Flip - The End - Fortnite.gif

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Season 1

New Characters: Gunnar, IO Patrol

I need your help to destroy the Imagined Order.
The Foundation

The Flipside

Flipside - Promotional Image - Fortnite.jpg

The Looper wakes up at Looper Landing, finding the Foundation and a few other Loopers gathered around a campfire. The Foundation explains that with the IO exploiting the Zero Point, they will never be safe from threats such as The Last Reality, and the whole Omniverse is in danger as long as they are in control. He asks for the Loopers' help, explaining that if they succeed, they can all go home.

Seismic Activities

IO Patrol Car (Spying) - AI.png

The IO quickly start drilling onto Artemis, and reach the surface through 5 Mole Teams. They take a cavern inside a mountain and convert it into Covert Cavern a stronghold for the IO. The Big Drill begins drilling in the direction of Sanctuary, the home of the seven, leaving sinkholes in it's wake. IO Patrol cars also drive around the Island, attacking anyone they come across.

Rocket Missions

The Seven launch various rockets for recon missions, with some being sabotaged by the Imagined Order. The Scientist employs the help of the Looper for assistance in stopping the sabotages.

Without You

Hey, uh, Paradigm. Uh, it will not surprise you to learn that you remain public enemy number one for The Seven.
The Scientist
Audio Log - Lore - Fortnite.png

The Looper secretly listens to the Seven Secure Broadcast Channel, learning that The Scientist is attempting to get the help of The Paradigm by having her return to the Island. The Scientist learns of the Looper listening in, and welcomes it. He warns them that war is coming, and to be ready for when it arrives.

Chapter 3: Season 2

New Characters: The Origin, The Imagined, Doctor Strange, Huntmaster Saber

The War

The Imagined Order has blocked building. And we're gonna get it back together.
The Imagined
Chapter 3 Season 2 (Blank) - Keyart - Fortnite.png

The Imagined Order finally unleash their attack on The Seven and Artemis, as a giant drill emerges from underneath Artemis, proven to be the cause of the previous earthquakes plaguing the island. Titan Tanks and Airships are deployed against The Loopers and The Seven, who clash with the invaders. The IO proceed to disable the building features, and overrun the defenders, who are subsequently saved by Doctor Strange, who opens a portal and reveals Iron Man, The Visitor, The Scientist, as well as Black Widow and two never-before seen members of the seven called The Origin and The Imagined, with the latter being one of the sisters.

Foiled Plans (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png


The Imagined recruits The Looper to help her bring Building back by destroying IO's build jammers. The Origin, Jones and The Imagined task the Looper to help them make a counterattack against the IO, and gain advantage in war.

The Seven Reclaim

Chapter 3 Season 2 (All Phases) - Map - Fortnite.gif

The Seven's Resistance fight back against the Imagined Order to reclaim The Daily Bugle, Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, Rocky Reels and Tilted Towers from IO's control. The IO send Airship, Huntmaster Saber and IO Hunters to fight back but all of their effort soon turned out futile. All IO Outposts are destroyed and the IO forces soon retreat back to the center of the island.

Kenobi, Surrounded - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

Galactic Empire

The Imagined Order has recruited the Galactic Empire's soldiers like Imperial Stormtroopers to help them fight back against the resistance.

The Collider

We have very credible intel that one of the IO's doomsday devices is now in production.
The Collider Pulse - Event - Fortnite.gif

Agent Jones receives intel that the IO is producing a doomsday device. IO's latest movement were spotted near Dispatch Depot. weeks later. The Paradigm detected golden energy fluctuations in multiple spots around Loot Lake. Soon the Imagined Order built The Collider, a device capable of detonating The Zero Point and destroy everything in The Loop.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1

The Ice Moon - Zero War - Fortnite.jpg

The Visitor comes up with a plan to stop The Collider by using The Paradigm's Mecha Team Leader that was left on The Ice Moon. The Scientist suggests that going to The Ice Moon would be risky, but Spider-Man has the idea to call heroes from his reality to help them, specifically Thor and Storm with their abilities to manipulate the weather. The Origin tasks the group heading to Reality: 616 to retrieve The Zero Shard. Everyone one agrees and splits up.

Full Preview 1 - Zero War - Fortnite.jpg

The Foundation, Jones, The Imagined and Spider-Man stealthily infiltrate a secret entrance to The Bridge, knocking out two IO Guards dumping toxic waste into the ocean. Jones guides everyone through The Bridge, until he is distracted when he finds his office, and takes a picture from it. When they reach The Zero Point, they are stopped by Doctor Slone and Gunnar. Jones informs The Foundation that they found Geno, however is told that after doing his job for centuries, he's never even seen Geno and mistook Gunnar as him. Jones opens a Zero Point portal to Reality: 616, and he, Spider-Man, and The Imagined enter. On Slone's command, Gunnar strikes The Foundation through the ceiling. With her enemies out of the picture, Slone ignores the others with the little time they have left.

Spider-Man, Jones, and The Imagined arrive in Reality: 616, and they quickly call a superhero meeting with the help of Captain Marvel. With some of the superheroes preparing to travel to Artemis, they head to The Princess Bar to convince Wolverine to help track the location of The Zero Shard. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom is chosen by the inner cirlce of the Imagined Order to join them as a valued addition and Geno is able to recruit him.


Today, we're gonna put an end to the Imagined Order. For good.
The Paradigm
The Paradigm - Collision - Fortnite.jpg

On The Ice Moon, The Origin gave the Loopers a mission briefing. The Paradigm then enters, and initiates Mecha launch sequence, with the Loopers entering the battle stations. The Mecha heads for the Island. It lands at Synapse Station, only to be greeted by battalions of the Imagined Order's tanks. The Mecha slowly walk head towards The Collider while fighting off the IO. The Mecha is hit by a barrage of missiles coming from IO Airships, heavily damaging it. Peely arrives in a Slurp truck and heal Mecha with it.

Mecha Light Blade - Collision - Fortnite.gif

The Mecha pulls out its Light Blade, slashing through the remaining IO Airships. After the final IO vehicles have been destroyed, The Paradigm diverts all power to the Light Blade, and prepares to destroy the Collider. Before this can happen, an underground explosion occurs, and the Mecha falls into the ground below. The Paradigm and the Loopers are ejected from the Mecha.

Below Collider - Collision - Fortnite.png

The Zero Point has been exposed and the Collider is forcing it to explode. Jones comes to assist the Mecha crew. Doctor Slone arrives in a tank, and Jones begins leading the Loopers towards Slone, while the Paradigm attempts to get the Mecha back online. The Foundation arrives and eliminates several IO Guards. The Collider pulls The Zero Point towards the bottom of the Collider, shifting realities along the way. The Paradigm manages to get the Mecha back online, and as Jones is distracting Slone with a speech, she crushes Slone and her tank with the Mecha's fist, destroying part of the bridge.

The Paradigm then begins to lift the Loopers, Jones, and The Foundation upwards towards the top of the Collider, with the latter two jumping into the Zero Point when it focuses on Geno. The Loopers then destroy the crystal detonators, and the Zero Point falls back below. The Paradigm protects the Loopers as the Collider collapses.

Meanwhile, Jones and the Foundation fist bump as they enter Geno's reality.

Enter Geno - Collision - Fortnite.gif

Chapter 3: Season 3

I'm beginning to think that maybe freeing the Zero Point was a mistake.
The Scientist


Reality Tree - Cinematic - Fortnite.png

The Seven won against the Imagined Order and the Collider was destroyed, the island then went into full summer vibe after winning the war. The Zero Point is now exposed and spread it powers throughout the island once again. Creating Reality Tree, and Reality Falls biome on the island. Klombo can be found dead near Loot Lake.

Side Stories

In Chapter 2: Season 2, in the meeting room of The Agency, Midas had a chair that stood out. It was made of gold, which made it desirable to some.

Eventually, a thief, or a group of thieves, (possibly siding with SHADOW) broke into The Agency and stole the golden chair. It appeared that there was a full plan set up to steal the chair. Interestingly enough, no other chairs had appeared golden in the agency after the only golden chair was stolen. Over the course of weeks, once it was stolen from the meeting room, it was taken to a boat the thieves had likely rowed to the island with. The thieves then rowed west where a truck would be waiting, housing stolen rope from The Yacht. Once the chair made it to the truck, it reappeared later in Salty Springs and was hidden inside the blue building, with the rope being placed near the top of the staircase, and Midas' chair replacing an old desk chair with it. The thieves also appeared to have removed a GHOST recruitment poster off the wall in the process, and threw it into the trash. Unexpectedly, the golden chair must have been so heavy, as it crashed through the ground and onto the bottom floor, creating a large mess. In the end, the blue house was repaired, but the golden chair was put away into a storage boat that would soon float around the island.

However, the gold chair was eventually found again in Chapter 2: Season 3. It could have been found inside No Sweat Storage, but was later in the custody SHADOW after the storage boat went away from the island.

Soon, it became a key part in the return of Midas in Chapter 2: Season 4, as a ritual occurred on the top floor of The Authority. A shrine was made to honor Midas, and appeared to have been used in a resurrection or summoning of sorts. This shrine had originally meant to honor Brutus by having his helmet as well of images of him set up, but was now also honors Midas using his chair. The shrine exploded and in the aftermatch, a dark form of Midas appeared, called Shadow Midas.

After Fortnitemares 2020: Midas' Revenge, Midas' golden chair suddenly went missing, nowhere to be found. It was unknown who or what may have taken it. The valuable golden chair was secretly taken by The Imagined Order beneath the island. There intentions with the chair are unknown. Occasionally, the chair could have be seen in an IO Elevator during Chapter 2: Season 5, which rose from under the ground and had a chance of housing Midas' Chair. The Golden Chair reappeared in Cuddle Cruisers, alongside the plans used for the Doomsday Device built by Midas.

Midas' Stolen Chair Details

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