Don't try me. I'm unstoppable.
— In-game description

Luxe is a Legendary-rarity skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale from the Season 8 Battle Pass at Tier 100. She is part of the "24K set". Luxe is the first ever female tier 100 skin added to the game.

Challenges and Cosmetics

Alongside unlocking the Luxe skin at Tier 100, the player will receive a set of challenges to unlock extra cosmetics for the Luxe's "24K" set. These include 3 colour styles (White/Black/Gold), the "Flawless" Pickaxe, the "High Caliber" Back Bling and "Fierce" Emote. Once all 6 challenges are complete, a Luxe themed Banner Icon will be unlocked.

Challenge Reward
Outlast Opponents [0/500]
Flawless - Pickaxe - Fortnite

Flawless (Pickaxe)
Outlast Opponents [0/1,000]

Luxe (White Clothing)
Outlast Opponents [0/2,500]
High Caliber - Back Bling - Fortnite

High Caliber (Back Bling)
Outlast Opponents [0/7,500]

Luxe (Black Clothing)
Outlast Opponents [0/15,000]
Fierce - Emote - Fortnite

Fierce (Emote)
Outlast Opponents [0/25,000]

Luxe (Gold Clothing)

Luxe - Spray - Fortnite

Also included in the "24K" set: Luxe's Spray. This is claimed by unlocking Tier 90 in the Season 8 Battle Pass.



  • Luxe is located in the Season 8 loading screen.
  • She is called, by many, as the worst Tier 100 skin EVER.


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