Who needs nine lives when one is enough?
— In-game description

Lynx is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale. She can be unlocked in Fortnite's Season 7 Battle Pass at Tier 1 along with the Zenith skin. She has 4 stages and 3 colors.

Cosmetic Review

Lynx has 4 stages and styles, Default, Black, Blue, and Red. Lynx’s Stage 3 and 4 suit are influenced by the blueprints of Omega but with greater agility and flexibility making it a possible reason she is recruited to be a GHOST Operative in Chapter 2: Season 2.

She also has a possible remixed version called Vix.


  • Lynx is a part of the Lynx set which includes the Scratchmark Harvesting Tool, the Cat Flip Emote, the Lynx Spray, and the Lynx Loading Screen.
  • In the 2019 World Cup, Jordan Fisher used this Outfit (stage 4, black color).
  • A statue of Lynx in her stage 4 outfit can be found in Midas' room. She is completely turned to gold. It is unsure if this implies she is dead, as her mask can also be found on Midas' wall, even though she is wearing it in her frozen gold form. However this could possibly just be her old armor that she gave to Midas.
  • Lynx is the only skin from before Chapter 2: Season 2 to join Ghost vs Shadow (not counting Agent Peely since that is separate from Peely), and the only Outfit from before that Season to be killed by Midas though this is only speculation
  • During The Device event, a folder with her picture on it was seen on a desk.
  • Could be the possible mother of Kit
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