For The Current Version, see Retail Row

Mega Mall was a Neo futuristic location that was on the East of the Battle Royale Map. It was introduced in the beginning of Season 9. Mega Mall replaced Retail Row that was previously destroyed by volcanic rocks. In Season X, a rift beacon was placed in Mega Mall and reverted Mega Mall to Retail Row, but Fortnitemares husks roam the area.

Some of the shops inside of the Mega Mall included:

  1. 'Big Shots' cafe
  2. 'Shoulder Padz' sport shop
  3. 'Junk 4 Cash Pawn'
  4. 'Flush Factory Outlet' toilet shop
  5. 'oink!' restaurant*
  6. 'Scoops Ahoy' ice cream shop
  7. 'Sew What' cloth shop
  8. 'Arcade'
  9. 'Toys' toy shop
  10. 'Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit', supported and anchored by a giant holographic Tomatohead


  • In Season X, we went "back to the past" in a rift zone of Retail Row. This addition was flooded with hoards of zombies.
  • Mega Malls prefab could be found in Creative, in the Retail Row category.
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