Mega Mall was located on the East of the Battle Royale Map and has been added to the game with the beginning of Season 9. It replaces Retail Row with neo futuristic building on the east side due to Retail Row's east being destroyed by the Volcano. Some of the shops and restaurants contained with stairways are marked with an asterisk (*). In Season X, it got replaced with Retail Row.

The mall is very big, containing shops and more:

  1. 'Big Shots' cafe
  2. 'Shoulder Padz' sport shop
  3. 'Junk 4 Cash Pawn'
  4. 'Flush Factory Outlet' toilet shop
  5. 'oink!' restaurant*
  6. 'Scoops Ahoy' ice cream shop*
  7. 'Sew What' cloth shop
  8. 'Arcade'
  9. 'Toys' toy shop
  10. 'Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit', supported and anchored by a giant holographic Tomatohead
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