Melee Weapons are a type of weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The purpose of these weapons is for very close range range combat or destroying structures. They do not use ammo.


Melee Weapons are great for close up combat. However, Melee Weapons don’t shoot bullets, but rather they are swung at opponents to deal damage. In Battle Royale, Melee Weapons not only deal damage, but can be used to harvest materials as well.

Melee Weapons

This list does not include Superpowers or other collaboration items.

Name Image Vault Status Notes
Harvesting Tool
Pickaxe (Chapter 2) - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png
Available The Harvesting Tool is given to every player in every standard playlist. It has a rarity, but this is only relating to its cosmetic rarity.
Kingsman - Item - Fortnite.png
Vaulted The Kingsman has the function to block damage.
Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade - Battle Royale - Fortnite.png
Vaulted The Infinity Blade also boosts the player's health.

Strategy Guide

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This section outlines a strategy. Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

  • It is ill advised to ever use the harvesting tool as a weapon, unless your opponent also has no other weapons.
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