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Hello! I'm MT or Michael and welcome to my Message Wall! Please only send messages about this wiki or Fortnite. I'll try and answer as quick as possible however I do have to sleep (normally around 23:00 - 7:00 BST). During these times, ask Tess or Optic.

- Minimise Drama
- No hate or vandalism directed to me - You could get banned.
- No unecessary swearing

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  • I'm gonna get working on applying the new layout to other weapon pages (gonna start with the burst rifle), ill also prioritize the weapons currently in the game. I just wanna make sure that I don't accidentally start editing pages someone else is editing :p

    oh and i made this thread for it if that's fine with you.

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    • ThatIsAPirate wrote:

      Zakthepower4101 wrote:

      ThatIsAPirate wrote:
      Actually, Tess, a message pops up if you have an edit conflict, allowing you to copy your work

      Stop calling him Tess smh

      Ok Tess

      But you can’t argue with the fact that he sounds EXACTLY like Tess, especially since he became admin, he basically changed his personality (which brings up my point: if MT can change his personality, why don’t you guys want me to change mine?) Also, MT = MasterTeska

      Maybe MT changed his personality for the better.. I think he understands how to be a good role model for the community. Thats why he was promoted relatively quickly. In my opinion, I think MT is probably one of the best Admins in awhile.

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    • Thanks :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, saw the comment on the Brutus' Minigun page about people not using transparent photos, I'm new to editing here and wasn't aware, but now I am, so thanks for the information :)

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  • Pls delete the Nomad model outfits category as the Nomad model Skins category is bigger and already exists.

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  • BlueRaspberriez9482 made a blogpost with only the text being "Hi. I want this achievement for posting a blog. Thx!", before making an edit on his userpage where he added one character and then making small and unnecessary edits (e.g. changing "Pistol" to "Piistol" and then changing it back) on the same pages over and over again.

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  • I need help for the format of ninja article please.

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  • Hello!

    i really want to know if you could mak me an admin account. Because i heard if you go to a bureaucats page they can make you one. Please let me know if this is/isnt possible or if there are other critereas. I'd rather mention my fortnite username once this is confirmred.

    Thank you

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    • Sorry to burst your bubble but you can’t just be “given” an admin account: you have to work for it.

      Your statement is partially true: bureaucrats CAN give people admin rights. But your definitely not gonna get admin rights, at least not at this point. Maybe try actually helping out the wiki and check back here sometime later.

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    • Hey, thanks for your interest in becoming an Admin on the Fortnite Wikia! As said above, we do have some criteria's to follow in order to reach that staff rank. We require users to start at the below staff rankings being Rollback, then working your way up to Content Moderator just before becoming an Admin.

      To become a Rollback or Content Moderator we are looking for the following:

      • Minimum 2 months registry.
      • Minimum 500 content related edits.
      • Not involved in drama.
      • Never been banned.

      After becoming a Rollback or Content Moderator, overtime us Bureaucrats and sometimes even Admins will decide whether or not a promotion is deserved. We really look to see if a user has earned this privilege and can be trusted.

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    • A FANDOM user
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    keeps on adding "This is the best skin ever" to the Carbide Page.

    Ban Hammer Time.

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    • This reply has been removed
    • I gave them a warning 9 hours ago. They havent done anything since.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello!

    I want to ask if it is ok to use this wiki's CSS coding for the tables on my wiki and how you have done this? Would it be ok if you tell me the CSS code for this?


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    • Hi!

      So, we have 2 types of tables we use but we prefer a type called listing.

      I'll quickly get the code for you

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    • The page for the CSS is here: You may be able to find it on there.

      I think this is possibly correct but I'm not that experienced with Table CSS, sorry. If it's wrong, you can either ask the bureaucrats who appear Green or view it yourself.

      /*** custom table so just need to list the class and not change each one on site ***/
      table.listing {
          margin: auto !important;
          border-collapse: separate !important;
          border-spacing: 2px !important;
      /* cells */
      table.listing th, table.listing td {
          padding: 5px !important;
      /* header */
      table.listing th {
          background: #310d5b;
      /* alternating rows */
      table.listing tr:nth-child(odd) {
      table.listing tr:nth-child(even) {
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    • some of the text has become invisible...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The Fortnitemares Ice King got renamed just "Ice King" and the outfit became "Ice King (Outfit)" can you fix it ? VEAGANS is the one who moved the pages. I would've said about it sooner, except no admin was active at the same time as me before you became one.

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  • Ayyyy! Congrats on another promotion!

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