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All that glitters is yours.
— In-Game Description

Midas is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite, that could have been unlocked by reaching Level 100 of the Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. Midas is part of the Golden Ghost Set.

Selectable Styles[]

Midas - Outfit - Fortnite
Midas (Ghost) - Outfit - Fortnite
Midas (Shadow) - Outfit - Fortnite
Golden Agent
Midas (Golden Agent) - Fortnite

How To Unlock?[]

LEGO Fortnite - Hashflag - Fortnite LEGO Fortnite

Within LEGO Fortnite and other LEGO experiences, Midas's appearance is changed to that of a LEGO® minifigure.

Midas - Outfit - LEGO Fortnite

News Tab[]

Image Description Date
Midas Challenges (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite
Midas's Room Unlocked
Enter if you dare. Midas's Room is now avaliable for Battle Pass owners.
April 16th 2020
Midas (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite
Midas Challenges
Battle Pass owners can now complete the Midas challenges. Everything looks good with a touch of gold!
April 23rd 2020

Character Reaction[]

Speech - Icon - Fortnite Character special dialogues for players wearing the Midas Outfit.

Chapter 4: Season 1

Scrapknight Jules: I don't want to get pulled into any schemes.
Wild Card: You should've taken me up on my offer.

Chapter 3: Season 3

Boardwalk Ruby: If anyone asks, you don't know me.
Meowscles: Whoa... Are we back online?.

Chapter 2: Season 7

Marigold: It's happening soon.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Jules: Oh good. Father-daughter time.


  • Midas is the male counterpart of Marigold.
  • On December 3rd 2021, Donald Mustard confirmed on Instagram that Midas was originally going to wear glasses in his design, but a last minute change happened one day before Chapter 2: Season 2's release, as he "didn't look cool enough" with them on. Interestingly, the glasses were kept on his golden statue at The Yacht and in the "heads" side for the Coin Flip Emote, possibly due to a overlook at Epic in their little time left to change promotional material and models featuring Midas.
    • His scar is also missing in these, suggesting that it to was a last minute addition after the glasses' removal.
  • Midas' in-game description, "All that glitters is yours." is a reference to "All that glitters is not gold", an aphorism meaning that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so.


Promotional Images[]


Quest Dialogue[]

Chapter 5: Season 2[]

Rise of Midas Quests[]

I left Brutus in charge of my crew. Hire some mercs and ask around about his loyalties. - Midas
Everyone's saying Brutus is loyal. Wonder if they're telling the truth. - Midas

Hire Specialists in different matches
Season XP (Purple) - Icon - Fortnite
0 / 3

I need to know if Brutus has been skimming while I was gone. - Midas
No sign my old friend has been cheating me. Good. - Midas

Purchase from Midas Vending Machines or Service Stations
Season XP (Purple) - Icon - Fortnite
0 / 3

Scan my yacht for bugs. I need to know if Brutus is listening in on me. - Midas
So, we found bugs. Let's have a conversation with my right hand man. - Midas

Scan the Marigold for recording devices
Season XP (Purple) - Icon - Fortnite
0 / 1

I need to know if trusting Brutus was a mistake. - Midas
It's time to confront Brutus, once and for all. - Midas

Complete a thorough investigation of Brutus before confronting him
0 / 3

I do not trust easily. If Brutus has betrayed me... I'll be displeased. - Midas
It seems my old friend was trustworthy after all. Hm. - Midas

Confront Brutus
Season XP (Purple) - Icon - Fortnite
0 / 1

Once upon a time, a golden king turned his rose garden to gold. - The Storyteller
The blooms were beautiful, but cold. The king looked upon them and felt nothing. - Midas

Consume a Banana of the Gods
Season XP (Purple) - Icon - Fortnite
0 / 1


Midas was a hostile Boss introduced during Chapter 2: Season 2. He could have been found in The Agency.

Boss Loot[]

Midas dropped the following items when eliminated:

Drum Gun - Weapon - Fortnite
Ghost Keycard - Item - Fortnite
Midas' Drum Gun Agency Keycard


Midas would attack the player if he noticed them undisguised. Doing small visual reactions for getting suspicious and spotting a target.

When knocked down, he can be shaken down to reveal nearby chests, his henchmen, Sentry Turrets and Sentry Cameras.


Image Accolade XP
Accolade Boss Henchman - Icon - Fortnite
Who's the Boss?
Defeated a Boss


Update v12.00[]

  • Added Midas as a Boss. He can be found at The Agency.

Update v12.61[]

  • June 15th 2020: Midas turned SHADOW.

Update v13.00[]

  • Removed Midas.


  • During Chapter 2 Season 2 his passive effect would cause Midas' Drum Gun to always appear golden in-game despite still using the original Drum Gun's icon. When it was later unvaulted, it’s icon was updated to match the effect.


Assassin Unknown - Emoticon - Fortnite
Due to lack of official information, this article/section may contain speculation and/or fan interpretations
Some information on this page may therefore be partially incorrect or factually incorrect.

In the myths they tell of me, they never quite get the details right.
— Midas

Midas is a former king from an ancient pantheon era, and the founder of SHADOW and GHOST. He had a major influence in the storyline of Chapter 2: Season 2; triggering the Device event to push the Storm in an attempt to escape The Loop. In revenge on Midas, the Storm created The Wall Of Water and flooded the island.

Midas is the main antagonist of the first half of Chapter 2, making him a major antagonist of Fortnite: Battle Royale, serving as the overarching antagonist of Chapter 2: Season 1 and the main antagonist of Chapter 2: Season 2 and Chapter 2: Season 3. He later "returns" as Shadow Midas and serves as the secondary antagonist of Chapter 2: Season 4.

Later on in Chapter 5: Season 2, Midas returns as Ascendant Midas after escaping The Underworld, and confirms he is the King Midas from Greek Mythology.


Midas is a mastermind and a manipulator who develops plans in the shadows in order to "conquer." He acts methodically and always hides his true intentions, not hesitating to lie, betray, or commit immoral and criminal acts through his organizations to get what he wants. He is very greedy and resentful, having a particular taste for revenge. He also displays a cruel and obsessive side, displaying paintings of his agents in his home and loving to transform people or their helmets into golden statues for his personal collection. Skye mentions that Midas is not the kind of guy who lets you quit once you join him, further highlighting his obsessive side.

He nevertheless seems to sincerely love his daughter Jules and respect his closest operatives like (Meowscles, The First Shadows) and associates like (Marigold). According to Meowscles, Midas is much sweeter than he appears.


As a spy boss, Midas takes the appearance of that 20th century man in a suit equipped with grenades and pistols. His tattoo features a blooming Rose, a rose stabbed with a knife, thorns, a stars symbol, a skull with flowers, a Shark, His daughter's pet Ohm, engineer's gears, The walls of The Authority, GHOST logo, a $ dollar sign, the word "MIDAS", the word "24k" and a crown.

As Ascendant Midas, he takes the appearance of a greek king in spartan armor equipped with knife and pistols. He wears a golden laurel crown, a belt with his face on it and a cape with his face on it. On his arm is a device to control his golden touch, an invention made by his daughter.

Ascendant Midas (Shade) - Outfit - Fortnite
Ascendant Midas - Outfit - Fortnite
Midas - Outfit - Fortnite
Shade[4] Ascendant[5] Spy[6]
Midas (Shadow) - Outfit - Fortnite
Midas (Ghost) - Outfit - Fortnite
Midas Rex - Outfit - Fortnite
SHADOW[7] GHOST[8] Armored
Shadow Midas - Outfit - Fortnite
Midsummer Midas - Outfit - Fortnite
Cyclo - Outfit - Fortnite
Vengeful Shadow[9] Summer[10] Cyclo[11]
Oro - Outfit - Fortnite
Midas - Character - Fortnite
Oro Batman: Zero Point[12]

Powers and Abilities[]

Current Powers
Curse of the Golden Touch
Midas' Golden Touch - Cutscene - Fortnite
The Golden Touch
Also known as Sol's Curse or Midas' Touch. Midas turns anything he touches into gold with no control. However, he later obtains gauntlets allowing him to seal and unseal his Golden Touch at will.
Midas (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite
Golden Agent
Although he doesn't master the Golden Touch on objects and other people, he masters it with regard to his own body. He can turn himself entirely or partially into gold, as well as drawing patterns on his arms. He is also capable of turning only his tattoos or his own body golden without affecting his clothing. All of this while retaining his ability to move.
Ascendant Midas - Promo - Fortnite
Superhuman Strength
During his time in The Underworld, Midas was able to destroy Hades' chains and break down an armored door through sheer physical strength. Note that the door ended up significantly warped.
Molten Gold - LTM Mechanic - Fortnite
Enchanting Abilities
Midas is able to enchant other objects and elements with his golden touch, causing them to turn other things into gold too at the slightest contact. Midas did it with lava during his revenge against the gods[13] as well as with his Kingmakers dual swords[14].
Bargain Bin Quests - Promo - Fortnite
Infinite net worth
Because of Midas' Touch ability, he has a huge net worth. This worth is so large that it is described as "All of it" in C2S2's trailer. This worth is likely used to fund supplies for GHOST and SHADOW.
Defy The Storm
Cyclo - Promo - Fortnite
With the help of The Device and Cyclo suit, Midas had control over parts of the weather that involved storms, allowing him to manipulate any types of storms, including The Loop's Storm.
Escaped from the Underworld
Ascendant Midas (Shade) - Promo - Fortnite
Undead Pulse
After being killed and sent to The Underworld, Midas became a spirit, a shade, but upon escaping he became half-alive/half-undead[15][16] making him exist in a paradox state of being simultaneously alive and undead by all definitions of both states. As a result, Midas is able to turn from his human form to his shade form at will and reciprocally to turn from his shade form to his human form.
Golden Ascension - Wrap - Fortnite
Undead Conversion: Shade
When Midas takes his Shade form, his Golden Touch is converted into Shade Touch similar to his Shadow Touch, transforming objects and people touched into shades.
Ghost - Banner Icon - Fortnite
Shade Physiology
By partially or completely taking his Shade form, Midas obtains the attributes of the Shades including intangibility and other unknown attributes specific to this type of spirits.
Shade Midas - NPC - Fortnite
Undetermined Existence
Being paradoxically both alive and dead because he espaced The Underworld, Midas is a paradoxical existence. He escapes the rules of life and death and conceptually can't be killed since he is already dead for example.
Former Powers
Curse of the Shadows
Shadow Midas' Drum Gun - Promo - Fortnite
Undead Conversion: Shadow
When Midas had his Shadow Midas form, his Golden Touch was converted into Shadow Touch, transforming objects and people touched into Shadows. He lost this power when the Shadow ritual was stopped.
Midas' Revenge (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Shadow Midas has the ability to reawaken the dead and turn them into either ghoulish entity or Shadows and control them. He lost this power when the Shadow ritual was stopped.
The Wandering Fallen King
Health - Icon - Fortnite
Undead Physiology
Midas is the Mythic King Midas of Greek Mythology himself [17]. However, because of his undead status he has retained his youthful appearance. It's not known whether he was a corporeal undead, or a materialized spirit.
Oro - Outfit - Fortnite
Cursed Spirit Form
Under little understood circumstances, possibly due to his cursed scepter, Midas could transform into a Cursed Spirit that can take a tangible or intangible form. However in his tangible form, he can be eliminated, as demonstrated by Kado Thorne.


Long ago, Midas was an ancient king known as the Golden King. However he was condemned by his own greed. He once received a gift of transforming everything he touched into gold. However he quickly realized that it was in truth a curse, as he could not eat nor drink, for all that he touched turned gold. Despite everything he still wandered in the world of the living as an undead disguised as an human. But one day, he transformed his young daughter into gold, but he managed to resurrect her, although the cost was great. However, his daughter's trust was still broken forever.

Before Chapter 2[]

The First Shadows - Lore - Fortnite

Before the days of SHADOW, Midas set his sights on building an empire of espionage, intrigue, and conquest. For this he recruited three people with great potential : The Burning Wolf, Chaos Origins and Sierra. Together they form The First Shadows. Midas' original three operatives are respectively nicknamed Midas' first enforcer, Midas' first redeemed, and Midas' first pardoned. This marked the beginning of Midas' Crew.[18]

Chapter 2: Season 1[]

Eye Land (Gold) - Landmark - Fortnite

After an unknown period of time, a new faction appeared in Midas' Crew, named GHOST, which became rivals with SHADOW. The Imagined Order recruited the services of GHOST to study and map Apollo, and at the same time the SHADOW faction had also begun operations on this Island. The E.G.O. from GHOST and A.L.T.E.R. from SHADOW, however, ended up entering into conflicts, which triggered an infighting among Midas' Crew.

Midas later selected Eye Land for his new base for GHOST, likely being aware of the Zero Point stationed underneath it. Before he takes over Eye Land and transforms into the Agency, he touched several items and furniture in the houses, turning them into gold and leaving behind a GHOST folder on the golden toilet. His golden hand also appears in several trailers for Chapter 2: Season 2.

Chapter 2: Season 2[]

After a while, The Agency, Midas' employment organization for spies, was created. The organization was managed by the GHOST faction of his crew, in the headquarters of the same name on Eye Land. He also owned his own personal Yacht, which contained a statue of himself. However the SHADOW faction established several Safe Houses. The members of Midas' Crew who had not yet chosen factions: Brutus, TNTina and Skye ended up joining one of the two, and the open war between the two continued.

The Device-Promo-Fortnite

Throughout the season, Midas slowly worked on a Device alongside his daughter Jules to destroy The Storm. This Device was located in his room directly underneath the Agency and possibly right above the Zero Point.

Midas' Items - The Hideout - Fortnite

In his room, a journal containing a drawing of Oro's scepter was there as well as a symbol representing the Storm. A suit similar to that of Tempest's was also spotted in the room, it's purpose being to defy the Storm. Countdowns for the activation of his Device also appeared in the Agency and in his own room.

When his device activated on June 15, 2020 during The Device event, his voice and several other Henchmen voices could have been heard. Midas successfully rose the Device up from his underground base. The Device's plan unfortunately failed, and the Storm turned into a giant Wall of Water in revenge. While trying to repel the storm, the loop destabilized several times.

Files - The Device - Fortnite

During the event, files of him, Jules, and Lynx were spotted on Agent Jones' office, meaning that IO had been investigating him and his associates for a while.

After the live event, SHADOW eventually defeated GHOST and took over The Agency, so Midas appeared as SHADOW as well although he is still the leader of GHOST. Later he hands control over the The Agency to Jules, who rebuilds it and to turn it into SHADOW's new HQ.

Chapter 2: Season 3[]

When Chapter 2 Season 3 began, the giant Wall of Water created by The Storm collapsed, flooding the entire Island. In Chapter 2: Season 3 trailer, Midas was attacked by a Loot Shark. GHOST continued to operate with Ocean at The Fortilla, and SHADOW continued with Jules at The Authority. The two factions were still in conflict, but much less so than back then. However, Midas decided to cease operations on the Island, causing both factions of his Crew to abandon their respective bases and leave.

Chapter 2: Season 4[]

Shadow Midas - Promo - Fortnite

Close to the end of Chapter 2: Season 4, a Midas seeking revenge performed a ritual with his own chair, seeking the power of shadows. Now called Shadow Midas, he attempted to take back control of the Island in the Midas' Revenge event. He appeared as a boss in the Ruins of the Authority with his own Shadowy Drum Gun. Shadow Midas reawakened deceased Ghost Henchmen and successfully managed to "hack" the Reboot system and Loop to get rid of Reboot Cards. He made it so that when Loopers were eliminated, they returned once more as a Shadow, creating his own army. His plan would eventually fail as Galactus destroyed The Ruins and the eye of the island by exposing the Zero Point. After that Shadow Midas returned to his previous form and built a battle armor.

Chapter 2: Season 5[]

Marigold, a member of Midas' Crew, arrived on the Island. Just like Midas, she is cursed with the Golden Touch. In her quests, she mentions that someone was spending Midas' gold and so she recruited the services of The Looper for revenge.

Chapter 2: Season 6[]

A Snapshot of Midas is seen in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 1 fighting Batman. In Issue 2, he can be seen with many others observing the fight between Batman and Snake Eyes. In Issue 4, Renegade Raider mentions The Agency and how it was built by "powerful beings with vast resources" and the Device event was also shown.

Marigold, along with several GHOST and SHADOW henchmen, went to collect something.

Chapter 2: Season 7[]

Ice Cream Social (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite

Marigold is in on a plan with Midas and Jules, as she asks for a getaway driver and tells them Jules to "stick to the plan" while saying to Midas "It's happening soon" stating that something is going to happen soon involving them.

For Cosmic Summer, Midas appears as Midsummer Midas with other agents of his crew including Jules and Brutus for an undercover mission, likely concerning the invasion of The Last Reality. His clothes and accessories showing that he acted as a member of GHOST. He also bonds with Jules at the beach.

However after this, Midas handed the control over his Crew to Brutus and went offline for an unknown reason, prompting Marigold to begin searching for him.

During Operation: Sky Fire his chair, a golden Peely statue, and gold bars from The Hideout can be seen in The Mothership.

Chapter 2: Season 8[]

Midas' original three operatives, The Burning Wolf, Chaos Origins and Sierra reappear after being hidden for a long time. Their mission or purpose was however unknown.

Chapter 3: Season 1[]

Cuddle Cruisers (M) - Landmark - Fortnite

Many traces of Midas whereabouts can be found on the island, including golden items, "M" napkins from The Yacht, Midas' Device Book from The Hideout in Syndicate Shoals restaurant, The golden pillows from Eye Land at The Joneses and the secret hideout inside the walls of Covert Cavern with the golden llama. Golden Look Board's description suggests that he is watching from the shadows.

Chapter 3: Season 3[]

Meowscles finds Midas and asks him if they're back online, the answer seems negative.

Chapter 4: Season 1[]

Midas refuses Wildcard's proposal for a heist, and Scrapknight Jules warns him that she no longer wants to be involved in his schemes.

Chapter 4: Season 3[]

Purradise Meowscles denies a covert ops mission with Midas, choosing naps instead. However later Stingray, an agent of SHADOW under the order of Chaos Agent forced Meowscles to come with him for their "work".

Chapter 4: Season 4[]

Eclipsed Estate (Midas' Hand) - Location - Fortnite

Kado Thorne arrives on the island and steals Midas' Drum Gun, keeping it in his vault deep within Eclipsed Estate. At some point, Thorne tracks down and battles Midas. During the battle, Thorne cuts off Midas' Left hand for display in his collection. This battle caused Midas' death and descent into The Underworld. Thorne also travels back in time to Steal Oro's head.

During Fortnitemares 2023, Thorne transforms into his revenant form and uses Midas' Drum Gun as his weapon.

The Big Bang[]

A snapshot of Midas can be seen in the LEGO reality as a minifigure.

LEGO Fortnite[]

Skye describes Midas as her "old boss" who is not the kind of guy who just lets you quit your job (as spy working for him) and that she could hear of him at any time. In other words, Midas' agents, whether from GHOST or SHADOW, are just sleeping agents, waiting to be activated again.

Chapter 5: Season 1[]

The Marigold - Landmark - Fortnite

Several things relating to Midas and his agents can be found around the Island. His Hideout Chair can be found at Cloistered Castle, a tiny island can be found to the northeast with several artifacts of Midas' Crew, and his yacht has returned, although it has been taken over by The Society.

Chapter 5: Season 2[]

It's revealed in the Rise of Midas Quests that since his death, Midas has been trapped in The Underworld, restrained by the Chains of Hades which suppress his Golden Touch. Because of several clues leading Marigold to think that Midas was in The Underworld, she called his old crew: Brutus, Skye, Meowscles, TNTina, and his daughter Jules back together and took back control of his Yacht from The Society.

Ascendant Midas - Promo - Fortnite

Marigold and Boardwalk Ruby team up to try and find Midas after his disappearance, likely unaware of Kado Thorne’s attack. She later sends The Looper to investigate Midas' Underworld cell, only to find that he already managed to escape. One of Midas' Cell Guards had briefly unchained his hand, allowing Midas to turn his chains and the Guards into gold. He then bashed down his cell door and escaped.

Midas, now free from the Underworld with a new Mythological Aesthetic and Shade powers, reunites with his agents. However, he has suspicions that Brutus, whom he left control of his crew to, has betrayed him. He sends the Looper to confirm Brutus' loyalty. The Looper finds that despite everything Brutus has remained loyal, and so he rejoins the other Agents and gives control of the crew back to Midas.

After reuniting, a "Mutual Contact" asks Jules to study the Chains of Hades to help her father to seal his Golden Touch. She discovers a mysterious "Essence" in the Underworld's gates, and uses it to create new "Gauntlets" which allow Midas to seal and unseal his Golden Touch at will. Despite her strained relationship with her father, Jules is happy that he has returned and the two eventually make up.

With the crew back together and tensions settled, Midas sets his sights on escaping the Island with The Marigold Yacht. To accomplish this, he has his agents cause distractions across Helios, allowing him to temporarily escape to Spawn Island. Brutus stays behind and prepares The Marigold for their departure.

Eventually, the crew escapes the Island with The Marigold, heading off into the unknown for Midas' Ambitions.


  • It was commonly theorised that Midas died during the Chapter 2: Season 3 reveal trailer due to him being attacked by a shark. This was debunked by Donald Mustard on December 2nd where he claims, "Midas is great, and not dead."in this Twitter post. This makes Oro and Shadow Midas' appearance quite confusing, spawning numerous theories.
    • However in Myths of Midas Quests, it's revealed that after being cursed by the Golden Touch, Midas never ate or drank again. However, rumors said that he "still wanders", implying Midas died during that time and became undead and tehrefore was already dead by the time of Chapter 2.
      • This could explain that the reason Hades later imprisoned him: he should have been sent to The Underworld at the time of his death, but continued to wander the world of the living and played with life and death rules, by resurrecting Jules.
      • This also explains the existence of Oro, a spirit incarnation of Midas who first appeared during Chapter 2: Season 2 during Awaken Oro event. During this event Midas's hand symbol was replaced by Oro's.
      • This resolve Shadow Midas. Who would then only be a Midas, already dead, having performed a ritual to gain the powers of shadows, but having returned to normal, just like Shade Midas is able to return to Ascendant Midas form.
  • The cause of Midas' second death that sent him to The Underworld is likely his battle against Kado Thorne, which he lost. Kado Thorne cut off his left hand for display in his collection.
    • Although he disappeared in Chapter 2: Season 7 or even before, Midas had still been active in secret until Chapter 4: Season 4.
    • Despite it being cut off, Midas still has his left hand when he reappears, it's because it's his soul, and not his body.
      • Despite this, he didn't recovered his right eye, this can be explained by Kado Thorne who would have cut Midas' hand after his death and not before.
  • Midas may have been a member of the Imagined Order at one point.
    • Marigold and Jules worked for the Imagined Order
    • A picture in Doctor Slone's office has a silhouette that strongly resembles him.
    • This could explain Midas' Mastermind capabilities and how he knows so much about the Loop.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, Midas didn't want to destroy the Storm to save the Loopers, but only for his own benefit.
    • Midas Rex is described as having "best intentions" by Epic's blogposts, but it's likely only an expression used to say that he didn't wanted to flood the Island.
  • Midas' control over the Golden Touch is rather inconsistent. In his Introduction Cutscene, he is able to hold Black Knight's helmet without turning it into gold until he wants to, but in the Ice Cream Social loading screen, he keeps accidentally turning all his Ice Cream golden.
    • The Rise of Midas quests also confirm that Midas can't control his Golden Touch and has never been able to, which is inconsistent with what has already been shown.


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Music Stingers[]

Sound Description
Suspicious Stinger
Suspicious Music Que 1
Suspicious Music Que 2
Suspicious 1
Suspicious 2
Alerted Stinger
Alerted Music Que 1
Alerted Music Que 2
Alerted 1
Alerted 2
Return to Idle Stinger


Patrol Layer 1
Patrol Layer 2
Patrol Layer 3
Threatened (In-game)
Threatened Base Layer
Threatened Boss Layer

Boss Voice[]

Knocked 1
Full Alert 1
Lost Target 1
Idle 1
Interrogation 1
Suspicious 1
Suspicious Ignore 1


Audio Description
The Device Countdown Audio