All that glitters is yours.
— In-Game Description

Midas is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could be obtained at Level 100 of Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. He was a Spy Boss at The Agency and had his own Mythic Drum Gun. The skin is based on a Greek myth about a man that makes anything he touches turn to gold. He was also the leader of E.G.O. and supposedly a team of agents going undercover for E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R.

After The Device event, it was revealed that Midas was possibly working undercover for A.L.T.E.R as he changed his appearance after the Event. This might not actually be of relevance, though.

In 2020 Fortnitmares, Midas is seen as a Shadow beast roaming the "Ruins". He is also announced as a cyborg in the "Last Laugh Bundle" released on November 17, 2020.


Model: Unique
Styles: GHOST, SHADOW, Golden Agent:
Midas wears a black tie with a silver tie clip and vest over a white shirt, with black slacks and leather shoes. He has very pale skin, and his hair is styled into a pompadour. A scar is visible across his right eye, and he is heavily tattooed. He has 2 golden revolvers hanging from his vest and 2 golden grenades on his belt. His arms have partly turned to gold as well. Midas also has a pouch on his right leg.

Reactive Feature

Midas’s gold touch mechanism can turn any weapon or vehicle gold, and will remain gold when dropped. It is not Reactive to the Chapter 2: Season 4's Superpowers or on any weapons in Save the World.

Edit Styles

Faction Styles

  • His GHOST edit style features him in a white suit, white shirt and black tie along with his skin being gold.
  • His SHADOW edit style features him in a black suit, black shirt and black tie along with his skin being gold.

Golden Agent

The Golden Agent style is unlocked instantly when you unlock Midas. The transformation goes like this:

  • His right hands' gold begins running down his arm.
  • Once it reaches his shoulder it starts spreading down the right side of his torso, down to his hip.
  • Around level 111 the gold continues to spread down his right leg, while spreading to the left.
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  • At Level 113, Midas’ body begins to be covered up in gold until level 125, where his legs are remaining.
  • At level 116 his jaw is gold.
  • By level 117 his entire head except for the area around his good (left) eye should be gold, and his left shoulder has started turning gold.
  • At level 120 his head should be 100% gold, and his right knee has been caught up in the viral spread of gold.
  • By 121 his right knee should be completely gold.
  • At level 126, the transformation of his left arm is complete.
  • Around level 128 his left knee is also completely gold, and all that's left is his shins and shoes.
  • At level 140 Midas is completely covered, head to shoes.

Boss Items

Midas dropped the following items when eliminated at The Agency:

Name Icon Type
Midas' Drum Gun
Assault Rifle
Agency Keycard
Ghost Keycard.png

Midas dropped the following items when eliminated at The Ruins:

Name Icon Type
Shadow Midas' Drum Gun
Schematic - Icon - Fortnite.png
Assault Rifle


  • According to Chapter 2: Season 2, he was the leader of GHOST, the team that Skye and Deadpool are also members of.
  • His Room in The Hideout contains helmets that have been turned gold.
  • This character is a reference to the classic Greek myth of King Midas and the Golden Touch.
  • Midas' Golden Agent variant is unlocked at Level 100 and gets more gold every level until level 140 when it is finished (see Golden Agent above for the gold cycle).
  • Midas used to live on the center island, Eye Land, where The Agency was located. This is proven by gold furniture everywhere in the house at the end of Chapter 2 Season 1.
  • In Save the World, Midas' golden touch does not function.
  • He was the last outfit that players were given to choose their side in the hideout.
  • On hid desk, is a picture of a woman we now know as Jules.
  • In-game, he is voiced by Matthew Mercer, who is also known for voicing Jesse McCree in Overwatch.
  • The Golden Agent style is unlocked instantly when you unlock Midas.
  • During The Device event, his picture can be seen on a folder on a desk.
  • After The Device event, Midas turned SHADOW briefly before handing The Agency over to Jules.
  • Midas was attacked (and was thought to be eaten) by a shark in the Chapter 2: Season 3 trailer. He survived and since then he wears golden armor with the crown symbol of Oro and is called Midas Rex, (part of the Last Laugh Bundle, which is not yet released.) white and gold cloth also hangs in front of him, this is the same as Oro's.
  • In Chapter 2: Season 3, close to Sweaty Sands was a small boat/raft called Pirate Radio which had a Ghost banner, flag, and a promotion poster. It was be believed that it could be proof that Midas could be alive, surviving the shark attack.
  • There were 3 golden trucks found in Risky Reels he could have touched.
  • He is presumably believed to be alive, as stated by Donald Mustard in Twitter where he said, “More and more characters are making their way towards Zero... And yes, Midas seems to be doing just fine."
  • Midas has a counterpart called Midas Rex.
  • Midas has a fish counterpart, known as the Midas Flopper.
  • Midas has a ghostly counterpart, Shadow Midas, for Chapter 2: Season 4's Fortnitemares, and came back as a Henchman boss.


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