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The Minigun is a weapon used in Fortnite: Battle Royale.


The Minigun is a unique type of gun that spits out small ammunition at an outrageous fire rate. However, its main difference from other sub-machine guns is its chaotic and unpredictable spray, unlike the much more specific targeting on other guns. Being introduced in Season 2, the Minigun used to fire non-stop, but was later received a nerf in Season 7 by applying an overheat effect, which meant it couldn't be used for a period of time during cooldown. This effect is the also on the Mounted Turret. After the, "The End" event; when Chapter 2: Season 1 was introduced, it, along with many other weapons were vaulted.

The Minigun was brought back in patch v12.00 by killing Henchmen.

There is a new mythic variant, Brutus' Minigun. You can get it by killing Brutus.


  • Drops were in Epic and Legendary
  • Has "Husk La Vista" engraved into the side of it. This is a reference to Terminator 2, where the Terminator would come to say, "Hasta La Vista" when using a minigun.
  • It has a Vindertech logo on it.




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