Misty Meadows is a location on the south part of the Fortnite map. It is close to Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swamp. It is a European town across the lake from the city of Lazy Lake.


Misty Meadows is found on the south part of the map. It is relatively close to Lazy Lake and Lazy Lake Island which is across and on the lake respectively. Northwest is Slurpy Swamp, which also borders the lake. You can go there through the lake and the Hydro 16 dam, or you could just walk there.


Misty Meadows is a European town containing a clock tower. The town is split into two unequal parts by a river that comes from Lazy Lake. Misty Meadows has a lot of stores. It is smaller than it seems due to the river that cuts Misty Meadows into two parts. It is a town in a large meadow. It is very close to the mountains in the southeast corner of the map.


  • Misty Meadows is the exact same place as Happy Hamlet from the old map, except it is arranged differently and is in a meadow instead of a snowy area.
  • Misty Meadows is also like Craggy Cliffs and Tilted Towers due to the old-style clock tower it has.
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