Moisty mire
For the current version of this location, see Paradise Palms.

Moisty Mire was a named location in Battle Royale. It was located in the southeast corner of the Battle Royale Map. A total of four chests could spawn underneath the largest tree in the center of the mire. There could also be up to two chests in the tree house, southwest of the largest tree. Southwest of this a chest could spawn on one of the small islands in the mire.


Moisty Mire was a swampy area located in the southeast corner of the map. It was closest to Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields and had a prison located near the end of its area. In Season 4, there was a small crater at the prison where Hop Rocks could be found. Alluding to the title, Moisty Mire was a gigantic mire, with dark green swamp water covering almost the entire area, causing the player's movement to slow. There were many overgrown trees and small huts located all over, giving players opportunities to gather wood. Since of the release of Season 4, most of Moisty Mire was transformed into a movie set to specialize in the season's theme.

In Season 5, Moisty Mire was replaced with a desert along with the city Paradise Palms.


  • If you planned on maxing out your wood it was best to go to this location. Due to the large region and many overgrown trees, breaking most of these trees could help you max out fast.
  • Due to the area it resides in, Moisty was almost always out of the barrier.
  • If you were still unhappy and you wanted bricks as well, near the end of Moisty there was a prison that was made out of bricks; many players liked to go here due to the many chest areas there were.
  • If you were looking for a peaceful beginning for your matches, Moisty Mire was a suggested area, since many people skipped this area.