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Monsters are the primary antagonists in Fortnite: Save the World. They have a variety of different behavior patterns, but their main actions are damaging players, buildings, and mission objectives. They spawn from The Storm or can be found sleeping around the map during missions. When sleeping, they will be awoken if the player approaches them, attempts to loot nearby materials, or attacks them or other nearby monsters. When going into harder power Level missions (late Plankerton), monsters can become elemental. Elemental monsters have their strengths and weaknesses. Such as durability to weapon elements or weaknesses to traps.

Siege Monsters

There are two primary types of monsters that spawn during siege/defense missions: Husk Monsters and Mist Monsters.

Husk Monsters
  • Husks make up the majority of the enemies encountered in Save the World. They deal low to moderate damage and have low to moderate amounts of health. They come in ten different varieties with different appearances and attack patterns: Husk, Husky, Pitcher, 'Sploder, Beehive, Lobber, Huskling, Riot Shielder, Zapper and The Healer.
Mist Monsters
  • Mist Monsters are rarer than Husks and tend to have higher health and deal higher damage. They have more varied appearances and attack patterns than regular Husks. Mist Monsters don't attack the objective directly, but instead focus on allowing other Enemies to do so. They come in four varieties: Smashers, Takers, Blasters, and Flingers.

Other Monsters

There are a few other monsters that do not follow the typical siege behavior and spawn mechanics of Husks and Mist Monsters.

  • Small, harmless Mist Monsters that appear during the Whack-a-Troll minigame. They do not damage the player directly, but occasionally they will spawn a Troll-colored bomb during the minigame, which will damage the player. They also occasionally appear in buildings as if they were ghosts. These cannot be interacted with but are mostly there for appearance.
  • A Monster with the body shape of a Lobber that take on the appearance of blue level 3 chest. They are dangerous, having High Speed, Health and dealing High Damage, but killing them grants rewards for the whole team.
  • Small purple ghost-like monsters that tag along above some Husks and Mist Monsters to partially shield them from damage. Shielded monsters take significantly reduced damage, but the shield can be removed by killing the Shielder attached to them.
Super Shielders
  • Larger versions of regular Shielders that act similar to them, floating above some Husks and Mist Monsters to shield them from damage. The biggest difference however, is that the Super Shielder creates a big ball-shaped shield allowing anything inside of the circle to be shielded from damage, along with the Super Shielder itself. The shield can be shot down, or a player can enter the shield to kill anything inside it without penalty.

Special/Event Monsters


  • This Husk appears at the end of Canny Valley Act 1 in the mission "Gravestone". He's Similar to the Zapper husks, but looks darker and has Red eyes.

Vampiric Taker

  • This husk is a Vampire version of the normal Taker enemy. Each attack heals him and damages you. Can only be found in Hexsylvania ventures and in Dungeons.

Chrome Husky

  • This Husk is a Chrome version of the normal Husky enemy. If not taken out with a Fire or Water Weapon, it will get back up after being killed once. This husk was found in all missions with mini-bosses during the Blockbuster Event (Patch 4.0)


Epic Mini-Boss
  • Epic Mini-Bosses are stronger than average Husks that come with a random set of Buffs and Modifiers appear in Mutant Storm Missions, Storm Shield Endurance, Wargames, Ventures, Dungeons, and Limited Time Modes. They are distinguished by their bright purple glow and indicated on the Mini-map by a White skull icon. Defeating one will always make them drop various Crafting Materials and a Supply Cache that may vary in type and rarity. Listed below are all of the possible variants of Epic Mini-Bosses
    • The Epic Husk is the weakest variant and appears in Mutant Storm Missions.
    • The Epic Husky is the middle variant and appears in Mutant Storm Missions.
    • The Epic Smasher is the strongest variant and appears in Twine Peaks Mutant Storm Missions, Storm Shield Endurance, Ventures, Events and more.
    • The Epic Zapper is only fought in Wargames, and Hit The Road (Event)

Storm King

  • The Storm King is a boss which Inhabits a Corruption Cube inside it, The boss Was released in Update v7.00 and was in production for more than a year, its attacks are summoning husks, Firing a devastating laser, And picking up giant rocks and throwing them. Fortnite has confirmed that if you beat the boss by January 1st, 2019, you get a Storm king pin Sent to you.
    • The Storm King made its appearance in the questline of Canny Valley. The Mythic Storm King can be found in Twine Peaks' power level 140.


  • Hyde resides inside The Lab on the lowest level. Wielding a Husk Grinder and Fire and Ice flasks to battle the players who came to stop his inhumane scheme. He was introduced into Save the World in Update v18.20.

Monster Effects

Monsters can be affected by weapons in many ways, causing them to have certain effects. These are the various effects you can inflict on a monster.

Effect Description
Afflicted Afflicted Monsters are monsters that take damage over time, until the effect wears off. Affliction Damage can be increased through the Perk Recombobulator.
Slowed When a monster is slowed, their movement speed decreases, allowing the player to kill them more quickly.
Stunned When an enemy is stunned, they are not able to react for some time, decreasing their threat level for some time.