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Music is a cosmetic item introduced to Fortnite: Battle Royale since the release of Season 6. When it was first introduced, it could only be earned as part of purchasing and leveling the Battle Pass. Since Season 8, Music can also be purchased at the Item Shop. Music changes the lobby BGM as well as the Victory Royale music.

Battle Pass Music
Battle Pass Tiers - Season Progression Fortnite.png

Wild - Music - Fortnite.png

Battle Pass Music is exclusive to users who purchased the Battle Pass.

Item Shop Music
Pile of V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png

Best Buds - Music - Fortnite.png

Item Shop Music can only be exclusively purchased using V-Bucks.

Free Music
Present - Item - Fortnite.png

Chapter 3 Island Theme - Music - Fortnite.png

Free Music can be rewarded by just logging in or completing challenges.

Unreleased Music
Black Hole - Back Bling - Fortnite.png

Unreleased - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Unreleased Music is Music that is currently not available to the public of Fortnite. However, it is believed that these are leaked or found in the Fortnite files.


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