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Named Locations are the largest types of locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale. These locations have names - often alliterative - that are also labelled on the Map.

They are usually considered the best locations due to their plentiful loot.
They are quite large in size - often resembling towns and cities, and because of this, many Chests can be found in these locations to give good loot.

Current Named Locations

Currently, there are 17 named locations on the map in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Named Location Chests Common Material
Catty Corner
13 Stone
Colossal Coliseum
Colossal Coliseum - Location - Fortnite.jpg
18 Stone
Coral Castle
Coral Castle - Location - Fortnite.jpg
29 Stone
Craggy Cliffs
Craggy Cliffs - Location - Fortnite.png
19 Wood
Dirty Docks
Dirty Docks - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
31 Metal
Holly Hedges
Holly Hedges - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
14 Wood
Hunter's Haven
Hunter's Haven - Location - Fortnite.jpg
20 Stone
Lazy Lake
Lazy Lake - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
34 Stone
Misty Meadows
Misty Meadows - Location - Fortnite.png
25 Stone
Pleasant Park
Pleasant Park - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
21 Wood
Retail Row
Retail Row (Chapter 2).jpeg
20 Stone
Salty Towers
Salty Towers - Location - Fortnite.jpg
12 Wood
Slurpy Swamp
Slurpy Swamps - Location - Fortnite.png
16 Metal
Stealthy Stronghold
Stealthy Stronghold - Location - Fortnite.jpg
17 Wood
Steamy Stacks
Steamy Stacks - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
23 Metal
Sweaty Sands
Sweaty Sands - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
30 Stone
Weeping Woods
Weeping Woods - Location - Fortnite.png
11 Wood

Former Named Locations

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