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This Page/Section is about an item / mechanic that has been put in The Vault.
This item has been made unavailable in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

The Nitro Drifter is a futuristic, modified version of the Islander Prevalent in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Chapter 4: Season 2 alongside the Victory Crown Rogue.


The Nitro Drifter is a 4 wheeled, high speed car with 4 seats. It spawns with 40-100 fuel in, and cannot be found booted. The Nitro Drifter is best suited for on road driving as it goes as fast as a Victory Motors Whiplash on asphalt, but it does not have the worst off road capabilities compared to the Whiplash and the standard Prevalent. Furthermore, it has a built-in boost drift system which is also hinted at by the extra mechanical parts just above the engine, on the car's hood. Pulling the handbrake for roughly a second will allow the car to not only drift extremely sharply but unlock a boost visually depleted by the two muffles on the rear bottom of the vehicle.

The boost doesn't cause the car to breach its speed limit of 72km/h, rather, it brings the car to max speed or a close value depending on how it's handled. This can be performed on any terrain, so it is recommended to continuously drift and boost off road as it will make travel much faster. The boost is dependent on the ordinary movement of the car and can only bring the Nitro Drifter to max speed if the accelerator is kept fully pressed during the whole process, otherwise the boost will achieve a speed depending on how much the accelerator is being pulled as the boost is being generated. As a matter of fact, one can activate the Nitro Drifter's boost by keeping the accelerator pressed after drifting but stop right afterwards, causing the car to completely stop despite the boost.

The boost also causes the two rear tires (both standard and Off-Road ones) to visibly glow just like the rear muffles. The energy color depends on the paint job of the car and is purely a visual difference. Despite this, if any of the tires is destroyed (including the front ones), the boost will be disabled. The tires and windows have separate health bars and act as weak spots. Destroying tires will not only deprive the Nitro Drifter of its boost function but also force it to take damage over time and become progressively harder to handle as more tires are popped up.

Like all cars it can be upgraded with Off-Road Tires and Cow Catchers, and has access to Radio Stations and a honk. It consumes fuel, however the drift boost doesn't consume any extra fuel whatsoever. The Nitro Drifter has an armor worth 800HP, and when it's emptied, the vehicle will enter a death state before exploding, starting a fire and turning into a wreckage.



Chapter 4: Season 2[]

Chapter 4: Season 4[]

Chapter 5: Season 1[]

  • Update v28.00: A visual issue caused the Nitro Drifter's tire glow to float at the height of the windows.


  • The Nitro Drifter's drifting mechanic could be a reference to Shuichi Shigeno's Initial D, similar to how the Victory Crown Rogue references Akira with its superslide.
  • The Nitro Drifter features stickers and drawn stars on its model.
  • The Nitro Fang functions practically the same as the Nitro Drifter, as apart from a very slightly different handling, they have the exact same HP, seats, spawns, drift mechanic and top speed. Their top speed is shared with the Whiplash, tough the latter can activate the fuel boost to go much faster.
  • While the radio of the Nitro Drifter is online, a shadow of light is released from the bottom of the car. It disappears if the music is turned off.
  • The interior of the Nitro Drifter shows a Synthwave video on a screen.