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No Sweat Insurance is an insurance company in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The company has been located in the Neo Tilted, Gotham CityLazy Lake, and currently resides in Tilted Towers.


Season 8

The Tilted Towers Branch

  • Update v8.00
    • The Tilted Towers branch of No Sweat Insurance was constructed throughout the first half of the season, finished in Week 4.
  • Update v8.20
    • The No Sweat Insurance building is finished. It has cardboard models referencing all of the other events that caused the building to be destroyed.
  • The Unvaulting Event
    • It was the only building to survive the Volcano Explosion out of everything at Tilted Towers.

Season 9

The Neo Tilted Branch

  • Update v9.00
    • The exterior transformed into a futuristic counterpart to fit the theme of Neo Tilted, though the interior remained mostly the same.

Season X

The Gotham City Branch

Chapter 2: Season 2

The Lazy Lake Branch

Chapter 2: Season 3

  • Update v13.00
  • Following the flood, buildings insured by the company were raised above the new water level, while those that were not were submerged beneath the water.
  • Update v13.20
    • July 18th - No Sweat Storage has vanished.
  • Update v13.30
    • Prior to the introduction of drivable Cars, No Sweat Insurance recalled all of the existing cars on the island.
    • The company also seemed to team up with Spillexx to build Gas Stations in preparation for the arrival of the Cars.
    • August 1st - The No Sweat Insurance floaties have been entirely removed from the island due to the water level receding back to normal.

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00
    • The Lazy Lake version of the No Sweat Insurance building has been removed following The End.
      • Update v19.10
        • Along with Tilted, the original building has returned.



  • The Lazy Lake branches No Sweat Insurance is very similar to the one from Neo Tilted, the inside of the buildings are exactly the same except the Lazy Lake branch doesn’t have an underground parking lot and the Neo Tilted branch doesn’t have a balcony.
  • It is possible that the cities/locations with the No Sweat insurance signs were protected from the flood.
  • Throughout Chapter 2: Season 3, No Sweat Insurance would give tips and information regarding the status of the island and being in it.
  • The logo is an Emoticon that can be used or worn, as 'Brella Fire.
  • The Fortnite: Creative Prefab for the Tilted Towers location is the No Sweat Insurance Building