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"Your mission is a go. Look sharp.
— In-Game Description

Operation: Sky Fire was a Live Event in Fortnite: Battle Royale it was the concluding Live Event for Chapter 2: Season 7, which was the Imagined Order's counterattack on The Last Reality.


In Week 8, a Mole in the Imagined Order began spreading classified information to the public. Doctor Slone directed The Looper to uncover more about “The Mole”. This led to the findings that The Last Reality was able to impersonate anyone whatsoever.

In Week 12, Slone wants The Looper to finish setting up the Countermeasure Devices in Corny Complex to take down The Mothership when Corny Complex is abducted. In the next Week, Marigold instructs The Looper to rat out “The Mole”. In Week 14, it is finally revealed that Maven was “The Mole” who was spreading the information. In the meantime, Countermeasure Devices are being setup in chunks of the land of Corny Complex as The Mothership slowly moves towards Corny Complex.

The Mothership is currently abducting Corny Complex and players should see the full abduction begin once the Live Event begins.

Event Summary

Spoilers Present!
Thirty minutes before the operation begins, the Mothership begins to beam up several small fragments of the Battle Royale island. Dr. Slone has secretly planted bombs on each of these islands in hopes that they would be enough to destroy the Mothership once they are beamed in. When the operation begins, the Mothership begins to beam the operation participants on the islands aboard.

In a moment's notice, players suddenly come to wearing special backpacks from Dr. Slone and imprisoned in holding cells aboard the ship. Dr. Slone boots up the backpacks and uses them to hack the cell doors open, expressing surprise that she did not anticipate the need to arm the participants. She assures the players that she will help them escape captivity. The freed players then race through the halls of the Mothership, taking care not to draw the attention of patrolling alien troops. However, while crossing a bridge, they are suddenly spotted. The players rush to another room and are pinned down defenselessly by enemy fire from the troopers, before Dr. Slone hacks the door ahead to seal them off. She then works on hacking another door that opens to a transport tube to continue their escape route. Though she notes that it is unsafe for organics, players take it anyway to stay one step ahead of the aliens.

Dr. Slone continues to lead the players through the mothership and into the main abduction chamber, going through another transport tube in the process. They finally enter a room with a shallow pool of purple liquid and large glass windows providing a clear view of the bomb-laden island chunks that have just been abducted by the mothership. With the bombs in place, Dr. Slone begins the arming process, but the arming signal is cut off when the windows are suddenly shuttered. After a moment of brief darkness, the Cube suddenly emerges from the pool on the floor, shocking Doctor Slone, who states that she thought the Cube was destroyed for good during Season 6. The Cube unleashes powerful blasts of energy to knock out some participants before weaponizing their backpacks, using them to unleash powerful energy waves that disable the cube, rendering it black. Dr. Slone is able to reopen the windows and resume the arming sequence.

With the arming sequence successful, the bombs are now set to blow in a few minutes. Dr. Slone praises the Loopers for doing their part, but then proceeds to betray them, suddenly declaring that she will not allow them to leave the ship, leaving them to die along with the Cube and the aliens. As the countdown sequence resumes, players discover that they can reboot the Cube, turning it blue. Doing so causes the platform they're standing to function as an elevator ascending further into the mothership as the countdown continues. The platform emerges in a giant chamber storing thousands of dormant Corruption Cubes and a Golden Cube. The countdown ends with the entire mothership exploding, causing players to tumble back out into the sky, plummeting back to the island. The protagonist watches as debris and cubes rain down onto the map, causing devastation, before they are hit by a falling Abductor.


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Inner Chamber (The Cube)
Finale (Blue Cube)