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Outfits (Informally referred to as 'Skins') are a type of Cosmetic Item players may equip and use for Fortnite: Battle Royale, Fortnite: Creative, and Fortnite: Save the World. They enable the player to change the model and aesthetic of the player character, with no competitive advantage.


Outfits are cosmetic only, changing the appearance of the player's character. Although they do not grant a statistical advantage, outfits may blend in the environment, or can be used to imitate AI. Outfits are based on the Character Models, with a majority of outfits using an existing set of them, with many using a Unique model.

Players cannot change their outfit in-game without a Blue Phone Booth, which is exclusive to Creative and Party Royale. Outfits can be freely changed in the lobby, or between matches.


Outfits are obtained in many ways, with it being impossible for the player to not have an outfit equipped. Not equipping an outfit will provide the player with a Recruit Outfit. Outfits have historically been obtained via the Item Shop, Battle Pass, Special Promotions, or even granted for free during special events.

In Save the World, Outfits are also used as hero class skins, enabling players to use specific outfits at no extra cost.

Recruit Outfits

Recruit 5 (Chapter 2)- Outfit - Fortnite.png

Recruit Outfits also known as Default Outfits are of the most basic and are given automatically to all new players. If you are using a stylized outfit and remove it, you will become a default.

Battle Pass Outfits
Battle Pass Tiers - Season Progression Fortnite.png

New Black Knight.png

Battle Pass Outfits are exclusive to users who purchased the Battle Pass.

Item Shop Outfits
Pile of V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png

Brite Bomber (Season X) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Item Shop Outfits can only be exclusively purchased using V-Bucks.

Item Shop Bundles
Pile of V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png

Ninja Bundle - Bundles - Fortnite.png

Item Shop Bundles can only be exclusively purchased using V-Bucks. Bundles may include different outfit styles, harvesting tools, back blings and more.

Limited Time Offers
Cash Grab - Spray - Fortnite.png

Yellowjacket Starter Pack - Bundle - Fortnite.png

Limited Time Offers can only be exclusively purchased using real currency.

Promotional Outfits

Galaxy (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Promotional Outfits are exclusive to the gaming platform that your account associates to. Platforms such as Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo and even Mobile devices such as Samsung have exclusive outfits if you buy their devices.

Free Outfits
Present - Item - Fortnite.png

LT. Evergreen - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Free Outfits can be obtained by completing specific tasks and challenges.

Unreleased Outfits
Black Hole - Back Bling - Fortnite.png

Unreleased - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Unreleased Outfits are Outfits that are currently not available to the public of Fortnite. However, it is believed that these are leaked or found in the Fortnite files.


  • Aerial Assault Trooper was the first Outfit that was purchasable being at Level 15 of the Season 1 Season Shop.
  • Players can obtain a limited time outfit inside of the match by doing the following;
  • Players who have the Mystique Outfit can use her built in emote to turn into any outfit after eliminating someone using it. This extends to AI, enabling the player to change into outfits not available to the player normally.