For the current version of this location, see Moisty Palms.

Paradise Palms is a city in the desert area in the Battle Royale Map. It was introduced with Battle Pass Season 5 and replaced the area known as Moisty Mire. It is located in the southeast corner of the Battle Royale Map. In the northeast part of desert is a racing track with 6 ATKs total. In southwest of the desert is a gas station with 2 ATKs total. But when Season 6 was released, all the ATKs in Paradise Palms were removed.

With Season X, The Paradise Palms sign became moisty showing one of Moisty Mire’s trees.

On August 27, The Bottom left of the desert became a third rift zone revealing “Pandora”, But Paradise Palms remains the same. Pandora will be leaving on September 10.

On September 6, one of the Rift Beacons in the pair (sixth and seventh) is placed in Paradise Palms, possibly leading to Moisty Palms.

On September 11, Paradise Palms became Moisty Palms. The twist is that when crouching, the players can turn into props.

This new location has the original Paradise Palms town with elements of Moisty Mire. The prison also returned next to the town in a hill behind the hotel.


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