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Go bananas!
— In-Game Description

Peely is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that could be unlocked by reaching Tier 47 of the Season 8 Battle Pass. Peely is part of the Banana Bunch Set.

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Peely Variants - Promo - Fortnite.png How do you like your Bananas? October 27th 2020


  • Peely's ID is CID_349_Athena_Commando_M_Banana.
  • In the Chapter 2: Season 4 trailer, it is revealed that Peely has claws made out of bananas that he can pull out any time like Wolverine.
    • Currently in the files, there's a blacklisted harvesting tool codenamed Pickaxe_ID_TBD_PeelyClawsMale.
  • In Chapter 2: Season 5, Peely could be found stuck in Carbonite in the Mandalorian's apartment in Hunter's Haven.
  • He was blown up by Ryu in the Chapter 2: Season 6 trailer.
  • He had a low voice by the disguise of "John Doe" to not reveal his identity in the Chapter 2: Season 7 trailer, saying "Then... the rest of them showed up." John Doe is a name given to someone who is generic and unidentifiable, and so was used to hide Peely's identity. It's unknown why Peely is able to talk.
    • According to dialogue said by Rick Sanchez, Peely also knows how to create slurp.
  • In the files another version of Peely exists, although being an exact replica it is only made for the Impostors LTM.
  • Peely's icon, like most other Outfits, was changed in the Update v10.10.
  • In Chapter 3: Season 2 Peely drunk a smoothie and went crazy. Then he decided to learn how to drive
  • He is one of the members of The Resistance.
  • Bushranger warns not to eat a banana in front of him.
  • It is possible that Peely knows The Imagined's plans, considering his special dialogue as an NPC when talking to The Imagined.
  • It is known that he most likely doesn't know how to drive a vehicle (he crashed an ice cream truck and a bus)
  • Peely has a recorded 1,274 driving infractions and currently owes 503,245 bars in fines.


Promotional Images

Former Icons



Something came over Peely when war broke out across the Island. A potassium-rich passion to learn an ap-peeling new skill. The time is ripe for Peely... to learn how to drive.
Character Collection Book

Peely is a Character in Chapter 3: Season 2. Peely spawns at an excavator near Sleepy Sound light house.


Peely (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

(Peely looks over to the truck, beaming with confidence.)

Exotic Buy Boom Sniper Rifle
Boom Sniper Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

(Peely winks.)

Epic Buy Remote Explosives
Remote Explosive - Item - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

(Peely mimes an explosion.)

Uncommon Buy Med Mist
Med Mist - Item - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

(Peely sprays a bit in his mouth.)

First encounter
Peely (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

(Peely eyes the nearby Imagined Order forces nervously.)

Outfit Reaction
Peely (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

*Wearing Gunnar
Gunnar - Outfit - Fortnite.png
(Peely starts to sweat banana juice.)

Outfit Reaction
Peely (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

*Wearing Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange - Outfit - Fortnite.png
(Peely looks enviously at your cape.)

Outfit Reaction
Peely (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

*Wearing The Origin
The Origin - Outfit - Fortnite.png
(Peely gleefully mimes honking a car horn.)

Outfit Reaction
Peely (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

*Wearing The Imagined
The Imagined - Outfit - Fortnite.png
(Peely eyes you suspiciously.)

Week 1: Daily Bugle

Peely: (Peely eyes the nearby Imagined Order forces nervously.)

Week 5: Crashed Ice Cream Truck

Peely: (Peely looks sadly at the melted ice cream pooling on the ground.)
Player: You crashed that truck?! Talk about a banana split.
Peely: (Peely gives you a withering look.)
Player: It's okay. You'll figure it out.
Peely: (Peely smiles at you, reassured.)

Week 6: New Car

Peely: (Peely thoughtfully kicks the tires of the bus.)
Player: Please. I'm begging you. Drive a smaller car.
Peely: (Peely turns to the bus. His eyes light up with fiery determination.)
Player: Driving again? Are you sure you can handle that thing?
Peely: (Peely gives you a confident thumbs up.)

Week 7: Crashed Bus

Peely: (An embarrassed Peely tries to block the wrecked bus from your view.)
Player: It's sightly less ruined than your last truck! You're improving!
Peely: (Peely pounders the scorch marks thoughtfully. They do look smaller...)
Player: Have you considered switching to roller blades?
Peely: (Peely signs. He can't roller blade again. Not after The Incident...)

Week 9: New Truck

Peely: (Peely looks over to the truck, beaming with confidence.)
Player: You want the drive the--? Oh, no...
Peely: (Peely strikes a hero pose and mimes honking a truck horn.)
Player: You can do it. I believe in you.
Peely: (Banana juice wells in Peely's eyes. Your support means a lot to him,)

Spawn Locations



You know my buddy, Peely? Yeah. He's about... one banana tall? Kinda quiet? Bruises easily?
— Agent Jones

Peely is a well known banana on the island.


Season 8

Loot Lava (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

A banana from the Ripening Ritual became Jonesy The First's adventure buddy.

Season 9

Bunker Jonesy turns him into a smoothie.

Season X

The Zero Point reality waves revert his smoothie form back to full banana.

Chapter 2: Season 2

He became Agent Peely.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Peely pulls out claws made out of bananas in an attempt to fight marvel characters.

Chapter 2: Season 5

The Mandalorian carbon-freeze him and keep him in Hunter's Haven.

Chapter 2: Season 6

He was killed by Ryu's Hadouken in front of Agent Jones in The Loop.

Chapter 2: Season 7

He was interviewed by news reporter on Abduction events.

Chapter 3: Season 1

The Scientist had suspicions of "Banana Loopers" vandalizing The Foundation's statue, who are possibly related to Peely or may be snapshots of him.

Chapter 3: Season 2

Peely joins The Seven resistance against the IO. He asks The Origin to get Jones to teach him how to drive so he can help the resistance. After the reclaiming of The Daily Bugle, he drove an ice cream truck and failed to steer, crashing the truck near the shore in Sleepy Sound. The Origin mentioned that he is not fit to be a covert operative, leading Peely to be reassigned to his previous mission, learning to drive again. In the Collision live event. Peely helps Jones and The Seven by delivering a Slurp Truck to heal the critically damaged mech.