Go bananas!
— In-Game Description

Peely is a Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could be obtained at Tier 47 of the Season 8 Battle Pass. It is also one of the most iconic outfits ever, aside from Fishstick.

Cosmetic Review

The outfit is most likely based on the banana from the "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!" trend. It's reactive feature is similar to a real-life banana which he starts out green, and ripens overtime to change to yellow. He was so popular that in Season 9, he owned his own Banana Store in Neo Tilted. Peely was an instant hit with Fortnite players, gaining many other skin variants like P-1000, Agent Peely, and Unpeely.

Peely is more of a group of characters like a bunch of bananas rather than a singular character proven after Season 8. Towards the end of Season X, P-1000, a robot variant from the Bunker Days set was introduced. In Chapter 2: Season 1, Peely Bone was introduced, with a built in emote, named Xylo-Bone. In Chapter 2: Season 2, Agent Peely, a secret agent variant from the Banana Royale Set was introduced. In Chapter 2: Season 3, he went to gear up for the summer along with Drift, Brite Bomber, Wild Card, Jonesy, Zoey, Fable as a new Outfit: Unpeely.



  • Peely and Jonesy were best friends until he was drank by Jonesy before Season 9 due to a shortage of food in the bunker.
  • Peely and his variations tend to be exclusive, usually being exclusive to a certain event, battle pass, or bundle.
  • In Chapter 2: Season 5 Peely can be found stuck in Carbonite in the Mandalorian's apartment in Hunter's Haven. This is proven in the Mando's Bounty trailer.
    • This is proven in the Mando's Bounty trailer, where he catches up to Peely and freezes him and keeps him as a trophy.
  • Additionally, in the The Hunt Loading Screen, the Predator is seen hunting Peely.
  • It is the first Outfit to be reactive.
  • In the Chapter 2: Season 4 trailer, it is revealed that Peely has claws made out of bananas that he can pull out any time like Wolverine.
  • It is leaked that a Gladiator like outfit will come later this season, using the exact same model as Peely, as of Chapter 2: Season 5.
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