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Go bananas!
— In-Game Description

Peely is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that could be unlocked by reaching Tier 47 of the Season 8 Battle Pass. Peely is part of the Banana Bunch Set.


  • Peely's CID is CID_349_Athena_Commando_M_Banana.
  • In the Chapter 2: Season 4 trailer, it is revealed that Peely has claws made out of bananas that he can pull out any time like Wolverine.
    • Currently in the files, there's a blacklisted harvesting tool codenamed Pickaxe_ID_TBD_PeelyClawsMale.
  • In Chapter 2: Season 5, Peely could be found stuck in Carbonite in the Mandalorian's apartment in Hunter's Haven.
  • He was blown up by Ryu in the Chapter 2: Season 6 trailer.
  • He had a low voice by the disguise of "John Doe" to not reveal his identity in the Chapter 2: Season 7 trailer, saying "Then... the rest of them showed up." John Doe is a name given to someone who is generic and unidentifiable, and so was used to hide Peely's identity.
    • According to dialogue said by Rick Sanchez, Peely also knows how to create slurp.
  • In the files another version of Peely exists, although being an exact replica it is made for the Impostors LTM.
  • Peely's icon was changed in the Update v10.10.