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I'm not a Nug-kill, Dennis.
— Penny

Disambig-iconFor the article on the the character in Fortnite: Battle Royale of the same name, please see Penny (Outfit)

Penny is a Character in Fortnite: Save the World that is first introduced in the Stonewood's questline. Penny is a Constructor - Icon - Fortnite Constructor as a hero in-game. She was introduced in Online Test 6.5.


Penny is a female with pink/blond hair with a British Accent.


Penny is a skilled constructor at Homebase who happens to have a friendly rivalry with Kyle in terms of Building Skill. She also has a sister named Lianne.

Hero Variants[]

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Name Image Perk Abilities
Birthday Brigade Penny
Birthday Brigade Penny - Hero - Fortnite
One Hot Minute - Perk - Fortnite One Hot Minute Plasma Pulse - Ability - Fortnite Plasma Pulse
Bull Rush - Ability - Fortnite Bull Rush
D.E.C.O.Y. - Ability - Fortnite D.E.C.O.Y.