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Freakin' Sweet!
— In-Game Description

Peter Griffin is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite, that could have been obtained by purchasing all of the cosmetics on Page 11, and spending Battle Star (Chapter 2) - Icon - Fortnite 9 Battle Stars in the Chapter 5: Season 1 Battle Pass. Peter Griffin is part of the Family Guy Set.

Selectable Styles[]

Peter Griffin Gold Plated Peter Griffin Fancy Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - Outfit - Fortnite
Peter Griffin (Gold Plated Peter Griffin) - Outfit - Fortnite
Peter Griffin (Fancy Peter Griffin) - Outfit - Fortnite
Fancy Peter Griffin (No Hat)
Peter Griffin (Fancy Peter Griffin - No Hat) - Outfit - Fortnite

How To Unlock?[]

  • Gold Plated Peter Griffin - Page 2 of the Bonus Rewards (Battle Star (Chapter 2) - Icon - Fortnite 25 Battle Stars)
  • Fancy Peter Griffin - Page 2 of the Bonus Rewards (Battle Star (Chapter 2) - Icon - Fortnite 25 Battle Stars)
  • Fancy Peter Griffin (No Hat) - Page 2 of the Bonus Rewards (Battle Star (Chapter 2) - Icon - Fortnite 25 Battle Stars)

News Tab[]

Image Description Date
This is Freakin' Sweet! December 3rd 2023

Image Description Date
Peter Griffin (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite Peter Griffin
As a Big Bang Battle Pass holder, you have enough Battle Stars to unlock a new Battle Pass Page featuring the Peter Griffin Outfit.
December 3rd 2023


  • Peter Griffin's description is one of his former catchphrases during the early seasons of Family Guy.
  • Peter Griffin's render depicts him dancing to Surfin' Bird, based on the famous "Bird is the Word" gag from the Family Guy episode, I Dream of Jesus.
  • Peter Griffin's body build could be a reference to his appearance in the episode, He's Too Sexy for His Fat where he gets plastic surgery to become more muscular.
    • In an IGN interview with Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, he explains that the reason for Peter's muscular build was that Epic Games didn't have the budget to create his actual body in the game.
    • However, this may have been a joke since the water fountain at Snooty Steppes features a Peter Griffin statue in his original body.
  • Early concept art shows that Peter Griffin was going to have a body build much closer to his original appearance and a possible Edit Style featuring tactical gear.
  • Peter Griffin's Solid Gold Tux style is a reference to the episode Lottery Fever where Peter buys a golden tuxedo after winning the lottery.
  • Peter Griffin's Fancy style is a reference to the episode And Then There Were Fewer, where the Griffins are invited to a fancy dinner party that turns into a murder mystery.
    • It's also a reference a 10 second gag to the episode Seahorse Seashell Party, where Meg complains how the family acts better than her and cuts to the Griffins in fancy outfits.
  • In the Update v29.00, Peter Griffin's default facial expression was updated to appear stern.
  • Peter Griffin was intended to release during Chapter 2: Season 5[1] as one of the Hunters.
  • Peter Griffin and The Giant Chicken were supposed to have LEGO® Styles [2].


Concept Art[]

Loading Screens[]




Peter Griffin was a hostile Boss introduced during Chapter 5: Season 1. He could have been found in Snooty Steppes.

Boss Loot[]

Peter Griffin dropped the following items when eliminated. He also dropped a Healing Item and Bars.

Hammer Pump Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite
Peter Griffin's Medallion (v28.01.01) - Item - Fortnite
Peter Griffin's Hammer Pump Shotgun Peter Griffin's Medallion

Peter Griffin also had a chance of dropping both or either Shockwave Grenades or Cluster Clingers.

Shockwave Grenade - Item - Fortnite
Cluster Clinger - Item - Fortnite
Shockwave Grenade Cluster Clinger

Special Abilities[]


Peter Griffin will do the following Emotes if not disturbed during his patrol:

Bully - Emote - Fortnite
Blowing Bubbles - Emote - Fortnite
Jumbo Popcorn - Emote - Fortnite
Bully Blowing Bubbles Jumbo Popcorn
Surfin' Bird - Emote - Fortnite
Swagger Strut - Emote - Fortnite
Snackin' - Emote - Fortnite
Surfin' Bird Swagger Strut Snackin'

Peter Griffin will also do the following Emote slightly faster upon activating Enragement:

Shake It Up - Emote - Fortnite
Shake It Up


Image Accolade XP
Accolade Boss Henchman - Icon - Fortnite
Who's the Boss?
Defeated a Boss



Peter Griffin: I have an idea so smart that my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about.
Peter Griffin: Great. My shoes are on the wrong feet. C’mon, Peter….
Peter Griffin: If it makes you feel any better, I don’t care.
Peter Griffin: Where the heck is that pizza I ordered?
Peter Griffin: I got an idea. How about you all sit there quietly while I make Dad noises? ...Schumai. Myahhh!

Suspicious to Idle/Lost Target[]

Peter Griffin: I've never been one to hold grudges.
Peter Griffin: Monsters aren’t real, Peter… Monsters aren’t real...
Peter Griffin: For every five seconds I do not have flapjacks, I shall break one window.
Peter Griffin: I was thinkin’ about gettin’ a fancy cane. Maybe gettin’ more attention from strangers.
Peter Griffin: Alright, now where was that cool bug I saw?

Full Alert[]

Peter Griffin: Hey, you’re not the pizza guy!
Peter Griffin: You know I'm carrying three shotguns and the metal detectors picked up nothing?
Peter Griffin: Aw, sweet! Lets do this!
Peter Griffin: Aha! There’s me wench!

Attacked by Player[]

Peter Griffin: Lois, they’re being mean to me!
Peter Griffin: Aaa! I need an adult!
Peter Griffin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing, man?!
Peter Griffin: Look, if this is about those droppings in your yard, it was, uh, uh, Brian. Yeah, Brian.

Attacking Player[]

Peter Griffin: Sorry, I get cranky if I don’t have a nap.
Peter Griffin: Thought you were Meg, sorry.
Peter Griffin: Put that in your office and frame it.

Eliminating Player[]

Peter Griffin: This is everything I’ve dreamed of. Well this and becoming a half man half horse.
Peter Griffin: Okay. Very tired. Need… couch.
Peter Griffin: You shouldn't have Grinded My Gears

Throwing Throwables[]

Peter Griffin: Throwing a throwable!
Peter Griffin: I still have an ace up my sleeve

Shield Broken First Time[]

Peter Griffin: You haven't even seen my final form!
Peter Griffin: My shield is broken

Enragement Emote[]

Peter Griffin: I need healing
Peter Griffin: Be right back!

Enragement Regen[]

Peter Griffin: No more fooling around
Peter Griffin: I need more units

Attacked after Enragement[]

Peter Griffin: It's no use!
Peter Griffin: Haha it tickles


Update v28.00[]

Update v29.00[]

  • Removed Peter Griffin.


  • Peter Griffin's Boss Outfit ID is Character_ZebraScramble_NPC.
  • After being eliminated, Peter Griffin will grab his knee while sitting and begin wincing in pain before breaking away, which is a reference to an iconic gag from the episode Wasted Talent.
    • This makes Peter Griffin the second Boss to have a unique defeat animation, with the first being Darth Vader.
    • Peter Griffin is also the second Boss to use a Vindertech Drone.
  • The emote that Peter Griffin uses during his Enragement Ability may be a reference to a cutaway gag of the episode JOLO, where he's happily playing some maracas while wondering what's inside of them, thinking that there may be bones of babies inside and having some other dreadful thoughts.
  • Many of the lines of dialogue Peter Griffin will say when you fight him are references to various lines Peter Griffin has said in various episodes of Family Guy.
  • Peter Griffin's voicelines when in combat are sourced straight from actual Family Guy episodes; Wasted Talent for his wincing, and Nanny Goats for his laughs.
  • When breaking obstacles, Peter Griffin wields The Scratcher as his Pickaxe.
  • Peter Griffin's Combat Music is the only one out of all of The Society Bosses to not play only the drums layer whenever Peter Griffin loses sight of his current target.
    • He is also the only Society Boss without an Idle Drums layer or a unique Lose Sight Stinger. Reusing Montague's instead.
  • Peter Griffin is the first Boss to have overhead Dialogue Bubbles when hes patrolling or in combat.



Assassin Unknown - Emoticon - Fortnite
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Some information on this page may therefore be partially incorrect or factually incorrect.
Hey, you’re not the pizza guy!
— Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is one of the leading members of The Society and the wealthy owner of Snooty Steppes.

Peter Griffin's arrival to the Island was shown in the official Fortnite short "Peter Griffin Seeks Fitness Advice from Meowscles". In the video, Peter is shown to be on the hospital for what seems to be a fitness check to enter the island, which Meowscles declines due to Peter's poor physical condition. Peter rejects various exercise books on how to get swole from 30 days to 1 hour, leading Meowscles to give him an expired jar of Slurp Juice, which Peter happily drinks, gaining a fit and muscular physique in mere seconds. A rift opens next to Meowscles and Peter rushes into it, where he is teleported to the island. His Petercopter and his Piñata Brian backbling appear, and he is shown to be gliding over Snooty Steppes.

After that, he became a member of The Society, gaining his own medallion and taking control over Snooty Steppes, currently residing on a mansion guarded by Legion Guards with a fountain resembling his magnificent figure.

He is a supporting antagonist of Fortnite: Battle Royale, serving as one of the main antagonists of Chapter 5: Season 1.

Powers and Abilities[]

Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - Outfit - Fortnite
Peak Human Strength
An effect caused by the consumption of the Expired Slurp Juice.


  • Peter Griffin is the only member of The Society to not be featured on The Underground's Bounty Board.
    • Early concept art showed Peter Griffin was originally intended to be part of The Underground's Hitlist, hinting that he would have had a bigger presence in the season's plot. But it was cut as they didn't want to make him out to be a bad guy players would want to shoot.
      • Though this reason is questionable as Peter Griffin himself has done many horrible deeds in Family Guy that could justify his antagonistic role.
  • The Slurp Juice that Meowscles gave to Peter expired in 2021, which could be a nod to the French Fry leaks from February 2021, featuring the earliest clues to a Family Guy Collaboration.



Boss Voice[]

All Combat Situations 1
Eliminated 1

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