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The Phone is an Item that is exclusive to Fortnite: Creative. It was introduced in Season 7, at the same time as the release of Fortnite: Creative.


This item has two primary functions - To customize your flight, and to move and rotate tiles and props. When you have this item equipped, you have the option to choose whether you can phase through tiles, and you can customize your speed. You can also move, delete, duplicate and rotate individual props and tiles, as well as select a number of tiles and props.


This item can only be obtained by entering a Creative map, Only if you have the Edit & Copy permission. It is not possible to remove this item from your inventory.

It is not possible to obtain this item outside of Edit Mode in a Creative map


Season 7

Season 8

  • Update v8.30: Added the ability to select multiple items at a time.

Chapter 2: Season 1


  • Added the Option to display how much memory a piece is taking up by hovering over it using the Phone.

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00: Adjusted sounds for the Phone on some platforms.
    • It is unknown whether this was intentional or not due to it only changed on some platforms.
  • Unknown: Added Pull to Player Option


  • This is one of the 7 items that are Creative exclusive, The other 6 items are the Flag, the Flashlight, the Flashlight Pistol, the Prop-o-Matic, the Torch, and the signal remote items.
  • Similar to the Harvesting Tool, the phone does not use up an inventory slot.
  • The Phone resembles a Samsung mobile device, evident by the phone's sleek design, as well as replacing the words 'Samsung' (which was present on older models), with 'Fortnite'.
  • The Phone uses the same model as the phone in the Busy emote, released a month before Creative.
  • The Phone is Featured in the No Sweat Summer Promotional Image.