Phone Booths (Also known as Disguise Booths) are an object found within Fortnite: Battle Royale, which can be interacted with in order to 'disguise' a player as an enemy AI (specifically Henchmen). This allows the player to remain undetected amongst other AIs, access scanners, and also open Henchmen Chests.

As of Chapter 2: Season 4, there are only two Phone Booths available on the map. They are located at Doom's Domain and allow the player to disguise as a Doom Henchman.


Phone Booths can be found in locations in which henchmen spawn, and are used to alter the player's skin to 'blend in' with the AI. Upon interacting with a Phone Booth, the player enters it, the windows block out, and the player leaves it again, with their skin now altered to that of a Henchmen. This process takes a few seconds from start to finish.

Whilst disguised the player has the ability to do certain actions:

  • Use Scanners to unlock doors and Henchman Chests.
  • Henchmen and Bosses from the area will not become Hostile towards the player.
  • Sentry Cameras will not detect the player.
  • Other players may not be able to differentiate you from other AI.

The Player can lose their disguise by:

  • Firing a weapon or using a Harvesting Tool.
  • Re-entering the Phone Booth.
  • Getting attacked by another player or AI (The storm will not remove the disguise).


As of Chapter 2: Season 4, only one location has Phone Booths, and only one type of AI can the player be disguised as.

Former Locations


  • Standing in front of a Phone Booth, or Driving a vehicle in front of it whilst another player is inside, will throw the player back, or destroy the vehicle completely. The player who exits the booth will not be hurt.
  • The Mystique skin has the unique ability to 'shape-shift' into other skins after eliminating them, including henchmen. This effect does not grant the player the ability to act like a Henchman without disguising.
  • Their design resembles a Red Telephone Box, a iconic sight on the streets of the United Kingdom.
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