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Playlists are game modes in Fortnite: Battle Royale that players can queue up for. Certain Playlists can define how the game is played such as 50v50, where there are 2 teams of 50. Playlists are divided into 3 Categories: Core Gamemodes, Limited Time Modes and Creative Showcases.

Core Gamemodes are Game Modes that will never rotate in and out (Live Events are exceptions to this) and maintain the Default Battle Royale gameplay. Limited Time Modes are playlists that will modify how the game is played. Creative Showcases are a playlist for a limited time of popular community made games in Fortnite: Creative.

Current Active Playlists

At a time, playlists will be active or inactive. Here is a current list of them:

Core Modes

Mode Image Description
Solo - Icon - Fortnite.pngSOLO

Solo (C2S7) - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Go alone in a battle to be the last one standing.
Duos - Icon - Fortnite.pngDUOS

Duos (C2S7) - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Pair up with a buddy and take everyone else down.
Squads - Icon - Fortnite.pngTRIOS
Trios (C2S7) - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Classic Battle Royale with Three-Person Squads.
Squads - Icon - Fortnite.pngSQUADS

Squads (C2S7) - Gamemode - Fortnite.png
Group up and outlast all of the other squads gunning for victory.
Squads - Icon - Fortnite.pngTEAM RUMBLE
Team Rumble Limited Time Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Two large teams fight for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins! Respawn on elimination is ON for the entire match, and gliders can be freely deployed whenever you are far enough from the ground.
Open League - Icon - Fortnite.pngARENA
Arena - Gamemodes - Fortnite.jpeg
Prove your skill in this competitive mode! During each match, you'll earn Hype by either achieving high placements or eliminating opponents. As you gain Hype, you'll compete against tougher opponents with similar skill level.
Icon MoveTool.pngCREATIVE
Creative - Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Play the best games made by the community. There is a new Featured Island to check out every day!
Friendly Bot Grenade - Item - Fortnite.png BATTLE LAB
Battle Lab Cover.jpg
Jump into your own Battle Royale island and set the rules! Select from favorite LTM loot pools, set up combat scenarios with the new Bot Grenades, and create your own mode by setting options like gravity and fall damage. Fill your game with up to 15 friends on your own island, or matchmake with default options in public Battle Lab.
Party Royale Placeholder.png PARTY ROYALE
Party Royale - Mode - Fortnite.png
Welcome to Party Royale, a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind and hang out with friends, play games and enjoy live entertainment. Catch live shows. Race around obstacle courses by land or sea. Go fishing with friends, perfect your skydive, and get up close and connect with some of your favorite artists. Hop on the party bus and enjoy the ride.

Limited Time Modes

Floor Is Lava (Disarmed) Squads - Icon - Fortnite.pngSQUADS

Bugha's Late Game (Arena) Squads - Icon - Fortnite.pngTRIOS
The Floor is Lava - Mode - Fortnite.png
Bugha’s Late Game - Mode - Fortnite.jpeg

Creative Showcases

Mode Image Description
Outlaw's Haven - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Explore the open world of Outlaw's Haven and make your living inside the town of Freehollow. Get a job to earn gold and buy items and weapons to challenge other players. Became an Outlaw and cause chaos or clean up the town as a Sheriff. This game ends when the timer runs out.
SIMPLE TRIOs ZoneWars (40 Players)
Zone Wars With Placement Points - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Teams of 3 clash in an epic battle. Pick your team in round 1. Every player joins the fight with a randomized loadout. After a short preparation period, fight for victory with your team. The team with the most round wins will take home the victory!
Rockets vs Cars
Rockets vs Cars - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
An epic showdown between two teams. One team has access to vehicles and must knock all players of the other team off the platform. The other team must destroy the vehicles with rockets as they chase them around.