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Pleasant Park is a Named Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is located inside the coordinates D2 and D3.
It is usually a risky place to land after jumping out of the Battle Bus, as it is normally densely populated. It contains an above average amount of loot.

In Chapter 2 Season 5, there was a chance Doggo would spawn here, and in Chapter 2 Season 6, Jonesy The First spawns here as an NPC.


Chapter 2 Buildings


Primal Barrier

Gas Station

Soccer Field


Gas Station Before Update v16.20

Map Changes

Season 1

Pleasant Park was added to the island.

Season 7

In Season 7, the Showtime Event took place at Pleasant Park.

Season 8

The white house with a fallen tree has been renovated.

Bunkers also have been added underground under the houses.

Season 9

In Season 9, the modern house was destroyed by The Devourer (Cattus).

Season X

Pleasant Park, along with every other location, was sucked into a black hole during The End event.

Chapter 2 - Season 1

In Chapter 2 - Season 1, despite the old map being sucked into a black hole, Pleasant Park survived, and is now placed in the northwest side of the new map.

Chapter - Season 2

In Chapter 2 - Season 2, a Shadow Safehouse was added at under the soccer field and later opened up during Chapter 2 Season 2.

Chapter 2 - Season 3

In Chapter 2 - Season 3, Pleasant Park has been flooded and is now protected by No Sweat Insurance, the houses, the gazebo, the soccer field and other areas are now on floaties.

On July 18th the water at Pleasant Park is now gone, Pleasant Park is now back to its normal state and the houses are no longer on floaties.

In Week 6 of the 13.30 update, the Pass 'n' Gas Station has been removed and replaced by a much larger one, most likely to accommodate for the cars.

Chapter 2 - Season 4

Doctor Doom has built a Mansion and replaced the central area with a statue of himself. Additionally, Shadow Safe House Alpha was opened up and now contains a Vault, renaming the POI to Doom's Domain. However, most of Pleasant is unchanged.

Chapter 2 - Season 5

Doom’s Domain has been reverted back to Pleasant Park. Everything in Doom’s Domain are all gone that includes Doctor Doom's Mansion, statue, the vault, and all Doom Henchmen and disguise booths are gone, and the soccer field has also closed up.

Chapter 2 Season 6

Update v16.10: Some of Pleasant Park has been blocked off. The GAS Station is completely abandoned.

Update v16.30: Galactico can be found here.


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This location normally has a wide range of players landing here, making it a dangerous place to land. It also has only 18 chests, making it especially dangerous, as there is normally not enough loot due to the amount of players that land here. However, it is fairly close to the center of the island, which means you can usually stay in this location for a while before having to go to the storm circle.


  • , along with Retail Row, have been around since the beginning of Fortnite, being the oldest POIs in Fortnite history.
  • There is usually a chest spawn in the middle of the soccer field.
  • In December of 2019, the location became very dusty. Everybody thought that this was part of the storyline, but it turned out to be a mcguffin.
  • In Chapter 2 Season 7, Pleasant Park's name changes to purple, meaning there are UFOs.