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Become nearly invisible for a short time. Effect is removed by swapping weapons or when swimming.
— In-Game Description

Predator's Cloaking Device is a Power in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2: Season 5. It is obtained by eliminating the Predator at Stealthy Stronghold.


Predator's Cloaking Device allows the player to go nearly invisible for 30 seconds upon use. In this state, there is a vague outline of the player, but to the untrained eye they are not visible. The effect is cancelled if the player swaps the item out, changes to another item, attempts to build, or tries to swim.


Predator's Cloaking Device lasts 30 seconds upon use, and has a 30 second cooldown after it has concluded.

Predator's Cloaking Device
Predator's Cloaking Device - Item - Fortnite.png
Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 30s


Description Audio
Cloaking Ability Ends
Item Equipped
Ability End Warning
Ability End Warning 2
Ability is Active


Predator's Cloaking Device was only obtained by defeating Predator at Stealthy Stronghold, during Chapter 2: Season 5.

Strategy Guide

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  • Predator's Cloaking Device can be used to effectively reposition yourself in the final set of storm circles. If the enemy players cannot see where you are positioning, you may be able to get the jump on them.
  • Predator's Cloaking Device cancels when doing anything but holding the item. As such you should be weary on the difficulty that might arise when attempting to attack other players.
  • The device does not make you completely invisible, and as such you can be identified when using it.
  • You can easily defeat a player that has this by using visualized sound effects.
  • You should switch to a weapon when you are ready to attack, since if you turn the cloak off by pressing the button, you will stand still for a few seconds, making you exposed.


Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6


  • The item is unique in that it is classed as a 'Power'. However, Superpowers are a very similar class of item, and as such are often included as one in the same.
  • The device is almost identical to the one in the Predator movies, and even the appearance of a cloaked player is the same.
  • When dropped as floor loot, the item shows the cloaking device with a hand attached to it.