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Quests are categorized in different objectives to advance a player in their story with Save The World. These can be optionally pinned. Upon completing quests, players can receive the following: Experience, resources, people, schematics, banners and currency such as V-Bucks and Gold.

There are a variety of different quests to play.

  • Main Quests which follows the story line of the game that requires to complete various objectives in specific missions on progressing regions.
  • Event Quests are limited/seasonal assingments. Completing these events contain exclusive rewards. Such as Schematics and Heroes.
  • Hero Quests are assignments given for early stages of introductory to hero loadouts and abilities.
  • Side Quests are optional quests that can be pursued for extra challenge and high value rewards.
  • Daily Quests are assignments given every day that rewards experience, resources, people, schematics, V-Bucks and Gold. A maximum of 3 daily quests can be active. 1 daily quest can be replaced each day.
  • Challenge Quests are a list of all challenges which grant V-Bucks. Every challenge come in 20 stages, later stages need more work to be completed.
  • Founder's Quests are rewards given to Founder's who have purchased a certain founder's pack of Save The World.
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