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Quests replaced Challenges in Chapter 2: Season 5. Each quest gives a small or large amount of xp, depending on the type of quest.

Some quests give you a limited amount of time to complete them (such as daily and event quests), but others give you until the rest of the season, and some (usually older character quests from chapter 1 or V-buck quests from bundles) give you forever to complete them.

Chapter 3: Season 3

Daily Quests

The daily quest system works exactly the same as Chapter 3: Season 2. Quests are reset daily and will be replaced with another daily quest if it is completed (1,000 XP per quest; 15,000 XP for the first 3 quests of the day).

Weekly Quests

These quests are given weekly by The Paradigm (15,000 XP).


These are goals for players to achieve over-time (EG: Searching 1000 Chests). Completing a milestone gives 5,000 XP and completing X amount of Milestones gives 20,000 XP.

Character Quests

These Quests are given if a player owns a specific outfit (EG: Snap). They allow players to unlock bonus styles or XP.

Chapter 3: Season 2

Daily Quests

The daily quest system works exactly how it worked in Chapter 3: Season 1, however, the xp reward is higher (1,000 instead of 750).

Season Quests

These quests are given weekly by The Origin (20,000 XP).

Omni Chips

These chips can be found at different POIs each week (+3 OMNI Chips). They can also be obtained by completing season quests (+2 OMNI Chips).


These are essentially the same thing as Chapter 3: Season 1 but the XP reward has been lowered (8,000 -> 7,000).

The Resistance

These quests are the storyline quests for this season. Players must complete all of one week's quests to unlock new ones (23,000 XP).

Level Up Quests

These Quests allow you to collect Level Up Tokens. Each of these quests grant 80K XP.

Chapter 3: Season 1

Chapter 3, season 1 reverts the quest system to automatically-given quests and completely removed character/payphone quests.

Daily Quests

The daily quest system works exactly how it worked in chapter 2 season 5-7, however, the xp reward is lower and players are required to complete any 3 quests for the high xp reward instead of a set 3.

(Update v19.01: Changed the XP value per daily quest from 250 XP to 750 XP)

Season Quests

These quests are given weekly and essentially replace weekly quests from before chapter 2: season 8.

Shanta Quests

These are a season-only set of character quests. They give styles for Shanta and also xp.


These are essentially the same thing as rare quests from chapter 2 season 5-7 (7000 XP).

Level Up Quests

These quests give you a level each (80,000 XP)

Chapter 2: Season 8

In this season, automatically-given quests were removed and players had to get their own from Characters. The entire quest system was revamped. All Quests were shared with party members.

Character Quests

Players could collect quests from characters for bars and small XP rewards


Players were given 4 types of punchcards:

Character Punchcards: Complete certain character quests for bonus XP

Daily Punchcards: 5 quests which reset/change daily, giving 45,000 XP each on completion.

Weekly Punchcards: 3 quests with multiple stages for a large XP reward. Usually takes a week to complete

Event punchcards: Given for seasonal/crossover events

For more information on punchcards, see Punch Cards

Chapter 2: Season 5-7

Automatically Given Quests

Quests were introduced in Chapter 2: Season 5. From Chapter 2: Seasons 5 through Season 7, a set of quests were given to every player automatically:

Legendary Quests:

Legendary Quests are part of the replacement for Weekly Challenges, include story-driven quests, and come in the form of a 7-day timed Quest series. Legendary quests are not unlimited, and the number of stages is indicated in the completion requirements (usually in the form of "Stage X of Y"). Normally, the first stage of a Legendary quest rewards the player with 45,000 XP and each of the four subsequent stages gives 30,000 XP, but sometimes there is an additional first quest which grants 15,000 XP.

Starting from Update v17.30, the objectives of your Legendary quests, i.e. objects you need to interact with, will be marked with a white exclamation mark on the map if you get close enough.

Epic Quests:

Epic Quests are the other part of the replacement for Weekly Challenges, are story-driven quests, or are related to the Battle Pass/packaged with certain skin purchases (also known as "Special Quests"). These Quests usually come in numbered stages and either offer 30,000 XP, V-Bucks, or a Battle Pass item. Some quests include shared progression among squadmates (meaning your squadmates can help you complete that quest, and you can help complete theirs).

Rare Quests:

Rare Quests are the replacement for Punch Cards. They are incremental goals for the Player to achieve that are shown when the Player gets close to completing them. These quests exist for the season, until incremental or full completion. They gave 12,000 XP on completion of each stage.

Uncommon Quests:

Uncommon Quests are the replacement for Quick Challenges, specifically the daily ones. They are 24hr timed quests and offer 17,000 XP on completion. You get 3 every day. (After completing those 3 you get common quests). Uncommon quests do not carry over to the next day.

Common Quests:

Common Quests appeared after completing an uncommon quest, replacing it with a different quest and a lower xp reward.

Player-Initiated Quests

Bars Quests:

Quest Bars - Icon - Fortnite.png

Bars Quests are started in-game by interaction with characters or payphones during a match, and can be of Common, Uncommon, or Rare rarity, depending on their difficulty. These quests usually last either 60 minutes or for the duration of the match (or for "Urgent Quests," two minutes), and require the player to do a variety of tasks, such as visiting locations, crafting weapons, or foraging items. Completing these quests rewards Bars instead of XP (80 Bars for Common, 120 Bars for Uncommon, 200 for Rare).


For more info on the subject, see Bounty (Quest)

Bounties are special quests which only exist in the match, and for a maximum of 6 minutes. The player and/or their squad is tasked with eliminating an enemy player roughly shown to them on the map. If the enemy player is killed by your squad, you get the maximum Bar reward, but if they are killed by another squad or die in another way, your bounty is considered 'poached' and you get fewer bars (although this still counts as 'completing' a bounty).

The Bounty also works the other way round, and shows if a player is set out to eliminate you or a squad member. If you survive the bounty, or your hunter and/or their squad is eliminated, you will receive a bar reward, with surviving the time limit offering the most of the two.


  • The largest amount of XP you could get from a single Quest is 90000, awarded for eliminating Glyph Master Raz.
  • Quests used to have a rarity system, but it was removed in Chapter 3.
  • Quests are the third variation of challenges.
  • Characters used to give bounty quests, but that function was later replaced by bounty boards.
  • The XP Icon was changed from Light Green to Purple at the start of Chapter 3, as shown in the quests menu.
    • It also received a slightly new rendering.