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Ramirez is a character in Fortnite: Save the World that represents the Soldier class. She is the model players use as part of the introductory quests. Her model is used in the following subclasses:

  • Bullet Storm: Uses high magazine weapons to build up attack speed and mow down enemies.
  • Commando: Lays down deadly streams of fire with a highly upgraded Goin' Commando!!! minigun.
  • Master Grenadier: An explosives expert, with powerful high-end Frag Grenade upgrades.
  • Raider: A close quarters battle expert, with a focus on shotgun perks.
  • Rescue Trooper: Well-rounded mix of assault rifle perks, survivability, and ammo efficiency.
  • Sergeant: Uses Goin' Commando in combination with War Cry to boost its effectiveness.
  • Special Forces: An Assault Rifle specialist who bolsters their skills with War Cry.
  • Support Specialist: Uses War Cry to boost the firepower and ammo efficiency of the squad.

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