Commando Sidewinder Ramirez Rare PlayStation

Ramirez is a character in Fortnite: Save the World that represents the Soldier class. She is the model players use as part of the introductory quests. Her model is used in the following subclasses:


  • The Ramirez skin has been used as a model in the Brite Bomber skin, the Commando skin, the Ghoul Trooper skin, the Skull Ranger skin, the Blue Team Leader skin, the Tricera Ops skin, the Chromium skin, the Trailblazer skin, the Nitelite skin, the Recon Specialist skin, the Dazzle skin, the Munitions Expert skin, the Artic Assassin skin, the Teknique skin, the Chopper skin, the Rapscallion skin, and the Dark Bomber skin.
  • The Ramirez skin is one of the many default skins in the game.
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