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Raptors are Animals in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Chapter 2: Season 6.


Raptors are found randomly scattered around the map in packs.

When eliminated, Raptors will drop 4 Animal Bones and 2 Meat.

Raptors can be tamed with a Hunter's Cloak and by tossing Meat.


Raptors are found randomly scattered across the map.


Raptors will deal 25 damage to the player, deal 200 damage to structures, and have x amount of HP. They have no Shields.

Raptor - Animal - Fortnite.png
Damage Dealt: 25, 200 (Structures)

Strategy Guide

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  • It is impossible to outrun a raptor, so if it is hostile towards you it is recommended you kill them.
  • Since they drop a decent amount of bones they can be very good for crafting weapons into Primal Weapons.


Chapter 2: Season 6


  • The inclusion of large sized Raptors is likely a reference to Jurassic Park, where at the time of the film's creation, Raptors were mistakenly portrayed as several feet tall, when in reality raptors were less than a meter tall.
  • Raptors were teased before their initial inclusion, with various Eggs around the island slowly cracking. It can be inferred these eggs are what spawned the Raptors.


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