In Fortnite, Rarity is used to classify how rare an item is, whether its traps, weapons, survivors, or heroes. There are 6 levels of rarity, all of which are defined by a color:

  • Common (grey) - up to two evolutions for schematics
  • Uncommon (green) - up to three evolutions for heroes and schematics
  • Rare (blue) - up to four evolutions for heroes and schematics
  • Epic (purple) - up to five evolutions for heroes and schematics
  • Legendary (orange) - up to five evolutions for heroes and schematics
    • Legendary items are known to be the best in the game. They do the most damage compared to their counterparts. A Legendary Assault Rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale will do more damage than an Epic Assault Rifle. There are also legendary-tier vending machines in Fortnite: Battle Royale. These will cost you 375 resources for an item. Legendary-tier items are the rarest in Battle Royale.
  • Mythic (yellow) - up to five evolutions for heroes and rarity of Infinity gauntlet and Avengers Items. Also rarity of the Infinity blade
  • Transcendent (Red) - The Item Spawner was the only item with this rarity. It quickly got removed
  • Marvel (Red) - Only in Fortnite: Battle Royale that came with the 8.50 update, it also is only able to be gotten during a limited time

Not all items come in all rarities. For instance, some weapons only come in epic and legendary while the rarity mythic is only available for select heroes and unique lead survivors, as well as two Battle Royale items that have since been vaulted. Those are the infinity gauntlet (LTM) and Infinity blade (Only in LTMS they are unvaulted), 5 more came for the endgame LTM and the ice. Those being Stormbreaker, Repulsors, Captain America's Mighty Shield, Hawkeyes bow and the Infinity blade.


  • Generally it's better to use the higher rarity of an item as it'll have more bonus skills available. However, higher rarity items will take longer to craft and generally require more crafting components to make.
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