Fortnite rey

Ray is the Commander's Assistant and notifies the player of storm data and objectives.


Ray was Dr. Vinderman's assistant in the storm defense project. She thought he was insane to think something like the storm would appear, but she trusted him and kept helping him with the project.

During the game

She was in the Stonewood homebase broadcasting a message to try to get a survivor there("If anyone can hear me.I need your help, I'm all alone out here").

She was there with Pop, Lok, and Kevin. Once the commander came, she briefly explained things about them and got him to help Ramirez save a group of survivors. She broke the airstrike device during the mission and told the commander she has people she's looking for too. She told Pop to set up a Storm shield to help Ramirez and the survivors survive the husks and mist monsters. She gives Ramirez some resources to build a fort for the shield and defend it. After they got the ATLAS blueprint and built a large amount of them so they could fight the storm. During the second storm shield expansion, she tells the commander the shield is basically a bomb and that she doesn't know why it makes a shield and not a crater. She helps the heroes by looking for balloon landing sites and checking where the storm will come from during defenses.She does this for a while but eventually stays behind to get better prepared.Ray appears in most event questlines.


Ray is helpful, but she does do things that cause problems(breaking the storm shield).She is naive and it was easily spotted during the spring questline when she falls for the storm gold trap multiple times.This was also because she got a bit greedy when she saw the gold.She doesn't care for safety hazards much (getting Pop struck by lightning to wake him up) and takes situations lightly( ignoring Pop becoming evil thinking it's just an "evil phase"). She sometimes gets very serious about something with barely any importance(Thinking easter eggs were placed by a "serial decorator" or getting extremely hyped when the heroes were launching fireworks).

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