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Reality Logs, are audio recordings made by Agent Jones for the Fortnite: Battle Royale Multiverse. Although not included in the game itself, the logs contain important lore specific information and topics, surrounding the content of the game. Audio Logs provide teasers, and story information about various hunters, as well as teasers for upcoming seasons.


The first set of reality logs were released shortly after the The Devourer of Worlds event, teasing the then upcoming Chapter 2: Season 5. As the season progressed, reality logs were released on the Fortnite Twitter Account, to tease upcoming hunters being introduced into the game.

As of the buildup to Chapter 2: Season 6, Reality Logs no longer describe specific hunters, but simply act as a teaser for the upcoming season.

Season 5 Transcripts

The following transcripts are detailed in order of their release on the Fortnite Twitter Account. Currently, all reality logs are produced by Jones, and feature only dialogue from him:

The first set of transcripts were released before the launch of the season, and only detail hunters who are not collaborations.

Reality Log 1987 Hunter
"Reality Log 1-9-8-7"

"Why is every jungle in every reality crawling with venomous snakes and strange predators? Ah, whatever. It will all be worth it when I find Mave. Locals around here call her "Wildheart." Thats uh, shapeshifter, to you and me. Rumor has it that gods have granted her three forms; Shark, Harpy, and... uh, oh, well actually nobody has lived long enough to see the third one. This *sigh* will be fun."

Reality Log 42 Hunter
"Reality Log 42".

"The next recruit goes by Kondor. I finally got him to stop standing in the rain monologuing about cherry blossoms or whatever that was. According to local legend, he's a vengeful spirit, given to the emperors family centuries ago, and passed down since. They say, he'll grant any wish for revenge, no matter how dark or terrible. So, lets all be very careful what we wish for."

Reality Log 312 Hunter
"Reality Log 3-1-2".

I got myself front row to see this guy in action. (Crowd cheers and John Jones whistles) Now THAT is a warrior, with the intensity, the muscles, the...the willingness to do THAT. Wow, that's gross. Ohh, no. No, no, no, oh look at this poor dog, he's coming for him. (Shouts) Turn back! This is NOT going to go the way you think! (Crowd says ohhh) This guy might be a challenge to bring in.

Reality Log [Data Not Found] Hunter
Oh wow, haha, ohohohohowow. Give me a second, my adrenaline is just pumping haha. So this (Static) is a bounty hunter, a a a space bounty hunter named... And we just took on a... I don't even know, It was like nine buildings tall and SUPER angry, but (Static) had LASERS and (Static) was like (Imitates Unknown Creature) Zero-G moves, and my heart, is like STILL really going wild, because I thought this was the end hahahaha. But (Static)...didn't even break a sweat! They're going to be unstoppable the island! I need to sit down! I am sitting down! Oh wow! Huh. Reese
Reality Log 3258 Hunter
Reality Log 3258.

I can't shake the feeling something's hunting me. Well whatever it is, I wish it luck, because I just ordered myself... a killer breakfast. No seriously you gotta see this guy, he's... stacked. Excuse me! Can we get a to-go box for my friend here?

Reality Log 982 Hunter
Reality Log 9-82.

Y'know, at first I figured there must have been... I dunno, some kind of mistake. The bounty hunter I'm tracking is supposedly this merciless psychopath, right? But Lexa here... she looks like she's from Planet Friendship! Seriously, if you told me her best friend was a magical talking cat, I would be, like, zero percent surprised. But, as I learned firsthand, do not let her bubbly personality fool you. 'Cause when Lexa ain't happy, things get ugly. Seriously. Horrifically. Nightmarishly ugly.


The second set of transcripts were released during the season, and detail hunters who are collaborations.

Reality Log 32 Hunter
Reality Log 32.

Note to self: Do not research targets before transporting them to The Island. Because if you do, you might find out a few things you really don't want to know. Like, I don't know, for example that the next guy you're picking up has literally vanquished, MULTIPLE, GODS! With his bare hands, in a fit of uncontrollable rage. (Sigh) Here we go.

Reality Log 30276 Hunter
Reality Log 302-76.

Uh, I tell you, most people take convincing, but these two, they are READY to go. Whatever is up with this reality, it must be DEE-pressing. After they saw that I y'know, came in peace, and he agreed to put down the crossbow, All it took was "Hey you wanna..?", and they were just...IN. Uh, my new friend with the sword is gonna cause some trouble on the island, (sigh) I can already tell.

Daryl Dixon & Michonne.
Reality Log 2053105-28 Hunter
Reality Log 2053105-28.

I don't think my target knows that I know that he knows where I am. Which is just where I want him, you know? He's been hunting me for my last dozen jumps, but it's table-turning time. Because the cat in this little cat-and-mouse game... He doesn't know that the mouse has a knife. That's right! The hunter is now the hunted. I lost him. Well, it was nice being the hunter. If you need me, I'll be wallowing in mud. Again. But the moment I have the upper hand, it's "Welcome to the Jungle".

Reality Log 991 Hunter
Reality Log 9-9-1

When you're dealing with the Zero Point behind the scenes and on the battlefield, it's hard finding anyone who understands what you're going through. On this latest stop though, I met a hero that can relate. Impending global doom, time travel, paradoxes *laughs* oh yeah She'll fit right in.

Sarah Connor

& T-800

Reality Log 10155 Hunter
Reality Log 10-15-5

Sorry hearing's a little shot because well it's just non-stop laser guns and explosions here. So this target's gonna be perfect. Uh him and his buddies are all the real deal and they have the best code names. Whoever's unlucky enough to be in his crosshairs, well they'll never hear him coming but if they could then they would know he means business. And knowing is half the battle.

Snake Eyes
Reality Log 52 Hunter
Reality Log 52

Uh found my latest target but I haven't been able to get him to sit still long enough to actually explain what's going on so coffee it is. Cute little place down the block called CC. Oh oh oh oh! he's back, he's back and he's giving me the one more second through the window... Great. Ah ha, Ok you do what you gotta do pal, more like the most overbooked man alive. Ah well at least I have my good friend coffee here for me, isn't that right Coffee? Uh. Excuse me miss, is that a bear claw?

The Flash
Reality Log MCP-82 Hunter
Reality Log MCP-8-2

There we go, (coughs) Ok (coughs) that's dusty, so according to my source I can get in touch with my next target with this incredibly old computer. How do I even turn this thing... Oh ha! There it is (machines start to sound) Uh, is there supposed to be a smell? Careful you don't wear all your bytes there old timer (blip) there we go, press any key to continue (click) any key but that key (click) or that key or... (clicks all keys) You know what? I'm just gonna hit it a little (crash, engine starts to work) Ha, it understands fear, we have progress and what does that say? "Make yourself comfortable"? What is that supposed to... Ahhhhhh (digital sounds turn off only to hear the computer working).

Bandwidth, Bitstream, Commandline, Cypher, Datapath, Firewall, Io, Packet, Proxy & Upload
Reality Log 3DO-T Hunter
Reality Log 3DO-T

I, uh-- What--? No, no, I just-, I-, I'm trying to record my audio... log thingy... I-, I told you, it's... it's just not working. No no no no no, I'm watching you. Uh huh. Yeah yeah yeah, no y- y- you say the thing and you... (sigh) sure. (clears throat) HADOUKEN! See? I't doesn't-- I- I'm telling you, I'm trying. Yes. Yes. I know. You showing me? It's not helping. There's a... (sigh) let's call it a huge void between where you are and where I am. Right, right. And there you go with the "shoryuken" again, right? That- that- that one's no good either. And you wanna know why? Because skill-wise? That's you over there. And allllllllll the way over here... That's me! Yeah, uh, this is gonna take a second. And, uh... I am almost out of my quarters.

Ryu & Chun-Li
Reality Log 426 Hunter
Reality Log 4-2-6

Uh... I must've gotten my coordinates wrong or something. Because as far as I can tell this is just a very normal spaceship in a very normal shipping route. Running on tech that seems to be from 1986, so that's a little (burp) concerning, but... Crew's been real nice. Super chill, it's just uh... Ooh. I dunno if their cooking is agreeing with me though. I've... Heh, got some-- (burp) ohh, some kind of heartburn. Ahem. I'm gonna see if they've got like a... space antacid or something.

Ellen Ripley

Season 6 Transcripts

Before the launch of Chapter 2: Season 6, reality logs no longer focused on specific hunters, but instead detail Jones' attempts to stabilize The Zero Point.

Reality Log 474 Speaker
Reality Log...does it even matter? What's the point of recording these logs if you're not going to listen? We've lost control of the Zero Point, do you get what that means? You must not because you're doing nothing. I've dedicated my life to the Order. I've given everything. And for what? To just sit back and watch reality end? That's not who we are. At least it's not who I am. Not anymore. Agent Jones
Reality Log 475 Speaker
This is Agent Jones, requesting access to restricted file 8752. Access Denied Beep This is Agent Jones requesting to access restricted file 8752. (Access Denied Beep) Ohohoho. Really. Heheh, no time to stabilize Reality, but PLENTY of time to revoke my credentials! This is Agent Jones, requesting all access to materials related to The Seven. (Access Denied Beep) Ohohohoho! Just GREAT. Ok. If you’re not gonna give me what I need- I’m just gonna have to take it. Agent Jones
Last Log Speaker
...Listen to the crystal song...
Agent Jones


  • Reality 302-76 (The Walking Dead) is named after the postal code for the town of Senoia, where the town of Woodbury from the series is filmed in.
  • In Reality Log 52 (The Flash) Jones says "Cute little place down the block called CC". This is a reference to a Coffee Shop in central city, a key location in the Arrowverse (DCEU), named CC Jitters.
    • Reality 52 is named as such, due to there being 52 different earths in the Arrowverse, although the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths proves there are more.
  • In Reality Log MCP-82 (TRON), Jones said that his source told him that he could contact his next target with a computer. It is possible that the named source is Sam Flynn from the TRON franchise. Furthermore, it is likely the computer how Jones gains access to The Grid, in order to recruit the hunters.
    • Reality MCP-82 is named after the main antagonist of the original 1982 TRON film, the Master Control Program.
  • In Reality Log 3DO-T (Street Fighter), Jones mentions Hadouken and Shoryuken, both notable moves in the Street Fighter franchise.
    • Reality 3DO-T is named after the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console, in which Super Street Fighter II Turbo, a upgraded version of the original Street Fighter II, was released in. It is praised as one of the best versions of the game to have ever been released. The "T" could also be reffering to "Turbo" from the game's title.
  • In Reality Log 426 (Alien), Jones refers to the technology on the spaceship as something from 1986. 1986 was the year the sequel to Alien was released: Aliens.
  • When the numbers of restricted file 8752 added up, 8+7+5+2 equals 22, which is how many minutes a game of Fortnite: Battle Royale lasts.