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Reboot Card is an Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Season 8.


This item is used to bring teammates back into the game after they have been eliminated. Teammates are given 3 minutes to collect it after it first appears. If they do not collect it, it will disappear and the teammate will no longer be able to be brought back into the match.

Once the Reboot Card has been collected by a player, they will need to go to a Reboot Van in order to charge up the card. The teammate will spawn on top of the Reboot Van.


Reboot Card
Reboot Card - Item - Fortnite.png
Max Stack: 3
Time To Use: 10s


This item cannot be obtained from any loot containers. Instead, it is found after your teammates are eliminated, on the tile/prop that they are eliminated on.