Fragment specialist who can charge their abilities by defeating enemies in combat.

Reclaimer is a Specialty Outlander available in the game. The number of perks and abilities depends on the hero's maximum evolution and level.

Maximum evolutions

  • Epic and Legendary: 5


Name Unlocked Description
Icon Outlander Bear Stare
Bear Stare
15 TEDDY now fires eye beams that deal 22 base energy damage.
Icon Outlander Bear With Me
Bear With Me
5 Increases the duration of TEDDY by 5 seconds.
Icon Outlander Bearserker
25 Increases the damage dealt by TEDDY by 25% and duration by 5 seconds.
Icon Outlander Focused Aquisition
Focused Acquisition
Stars TierNumber 1Evo Increases chance to find double loot by 6%.
Icon Outlander Forked Lightning
Forked Lightning
12 Shock Tower can emit a third bolt of chain lightning, striking up to 7 additional targets.
Icon Outlander Fragment Generation
Fragment Generation
8 Every 60 kills grant 1 Charge Fragment.
Icon Outlander In The Zone
In the Zone
Stars TierNumber 3Evo After 5 hits in a row with a pick axe, gain In the Zone which increases pick axe damage by 24%.
Icon Outlander Static Cling
Static Cling
30 Enemies hit by Shock Tower take an additional 50% of Shock Tower damage every second for 6 seconds.
Icon Outlander Up The Voltage
Up the Voltage
18 Increases the damage of Shock Tower by 35%.


Name Unlocked Description
Icon Outlander Anti Material Charge
Anti-Material Charge
Stars TierNumber 2Evo Performs a punch that travels 0.5 tiles, dealing damage to any structure punched, and a base of 38 blunt damage to enemies struck. This punch will knock back smaller enemies.
Icon Outlander Llama
Loot Llama
1 Consumes a Llama Fragment to deploy a Loot Llama. Whack the Loot Llama with a harvesting tool to get building materials and crafting ingredients before it disappears.
Icon Outlander Shock Tower
Shock Tower
2 Consumes a Charge Fragment to place a Shock Tower that pulses every 0.5 seconds, and lasts for 6 seconds. Causes Chain lightning, doing a base of 18 energy damage to enemies within 1.367 tiles, stunning small enemies for 1 second. Can stun large enemies after multiple hits.
Icon Outlander TEDDY
1 Consumes a Charge Fragment to deploy TEDDY for 15 seconds. TEDDY will blast enemies within 4 tiles for a base of 10 physical damage, 4 times per second.

Squad Bonuses

When put into a squad slot on the Hero screen, an outlander can give either a passive support or tactical bonus. Some require a certain Primary Hero to use. Abilities that have percentages change depending on the star level.


Name Description
Icon Outlander Energized
Increases Energy damage by 10%/15%/20%.


Name Description
Icon Outlander Bear Stare
Bear Stare
TEDDY now fires eye beams that deal 22 base energy damage.

Requires Outlander as Primary.




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