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This Page/Section is about an item / mechanic that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

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This Item/Mechanic is not present in competitive playlists.
It can still be found in core playlists and other game modes when available.

Launches a recon bolt that marks nearby enemies and chests.
— In-Game Description

The Recon Scanner is a Utility Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 7.


The Recon Scanner is a two round grenade launcher that shoots a Scanning projectile. This projectile marks all Containers and Opponents (Including Animals). The field stays active for 15 seconds, before disappearing. The Projectile blinks red for a few seconds before the field dissipates. The projectiles also do very low player and structure damage.


The Recon Scanner deals 5 damage per shot and uses Scanner - Ammo - Fortnite.png Scanner Ammo. However, this ammo is not a pickup, and it instead recharges ammo, storing up to 2 at a time. The Recon Scanner has a headshot multiplier of 1.2x.

Recon Scanner
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DPS: 15
Damage: 5
Fire Rate: 3
Magazine Size: 2
Cooldown: 15s

The Recon Scanner is a Slow Moving Projectile Weapon. There is no damage falloff on the Recon Scanner's projectiles.


From when the item was last available in Chapter 3: Season 2:

Rarity Chest Rare


IO Chest Floor









Strategy Guide

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  • The Recon Scanner can be used as a weapon, although it is largely pointless. The weapon deals 5 damage, giving it almost the lowest DPS in the game.
  • Combining this with the Rail Gun's ability to shoot through structures allow you to easily attack your opponent behind a structure.


Chapter 2: Season 7

  • Update v17.10: Increased the recharge time for the Recon Scanner, as well as how long the projectiles are active.
    • Also added an internal ammo type to the weapon: Scanner - Ammo - Fortnite.png Scanner Ammo.
    • Ammo Boxes will now be marked with a circle if scanned.

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Update v18.00: The Recon Scanner can only be found in IO chests and as a drop from Doctor Slone.

Chapter 3: Season 1

Chapter 3: Season 2


  • Prior to Update v17.10, Recon Scanner’s ammo was displayed as Rocket Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Rockets, despite the Recon Scanner actually not using it.
  • Despite the model holding 8 rounds at once, the Recon Scanner can only fire two shots before needing to go on cooldown. It also never needs to reload the shots in the weapon.
  • The Recon Scanner cannot mark a player who is using an Inflate-A-Bull.
  • Recon Scanner has a small screen showing the number of opponents scanned. If it hits 100, the number rolls over to zero.
  • Recon Scanner bolts act as physical objects, which means they can be destroyed or abducted with a Saucer.
  • Opponents’ Recon Scanner bolts will glow red.
  • The Recon Scanner was previously also obtained by eliminating Doctor Slone.