Reef Ranger is an Epic skin that can be bought at the shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. Her male counterpart is Wreck Raider.

Back Bling

Reef Ranger's Back Bling, Air Tank, is a bright yellow air tank with two cute sea creatures decal: one is a happy whale and the other is a grumpy crab.


Reef Ranger's Pickaxe, Harpoon Axe, is a harpoon gun tied to a Metal pole. There are also two small air tanks on the Pickaxe.


  • There is a Loading Screen of Reef Ranger and Wreck Raider on a boat on Leaky Lake (R.I.P Kevin). They're getting attacked by the Laser Shark Glider and the Chomp Sr. skin.
  • Reef Ranger is based off of scuba divers.
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