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Spend research points to increase F.O.R.T. stats for you and your party.
— In-Game Description

Research points icon.png While you are away, your scientists will continue their research and gather points. You will earn rewards that improve research capabilities as you increase your account level.


By spending your research points, you will gain increased FORT stats: F.O.R.T. is an acronym for the four basic statistics in FORTNITE. Players can add onto these bonuses with Survivor Squads. Increasing survivor stats will increase the overall Homebase Power and assist the player's ability to complete Missions. You can upgrade your F.O.R.T stats with Research Points at the command tab.

Fortitude - Increase health and regen rate.
  • Max Health boosts by 600%. (+200% Party)
Offense - Increase ranged and melee weapon damage.
  • Max Weapon Damage boosting by 600%. (+200% Party)
Resistance - Increases shield and shield regen.
  • Max Shield and Shield Regeneration Rate boosting by 600%. (+200% Party)
Tech - Increases trap damage, ability damage, gadget damage, and healing done.
  • Max Ability Damage, Trap Damage, and Healing Rate boosting by 600%. (+200% Party)

To achieve the maximum power level it is best to level your FORT stats equally, but ensuring you always level each skill per 10. This way you can utilize the bonus FORT stats.

Note: These stats can be manually reset if wished to do so.


  • Max generation rate is 350 points per hour.
  • Storage limit is 8,400 points.
  • Point limit is 33,600 points.