Resources are items earned or looted by the player that can be spent in-game. These are not to be confused with resource materials looted during the destruction of items such as trees, cars and structures. Resources can be earned by playing and completing missions and by looting them from llamas. 

Account Resources

Weapon Supercharger - Resource - Fortnite.png Survivor Supercharger - Resource - Fortnite.png Hero Supercharger - Resource - Fortnite.png Trap Supercharger - Resource - Fortnite.png
Weapon Supercharger Survivor Supercharger Hero Supercharger Trap Supercharger
Legendary flux.png Epic Flux - Resource - Fortnite.png Rare Flux.png Legendary PERK-UP! - Resource - Fortnite.png
Legendary Flux Epic Flux Rare Flux Legendary PERK-UP!
Epic PERK-UP! - Resource - Fortnite.png Rare perk up - icon - fortnite.png Uncommon perk up - icon - fortnite.png FIRE-UP! - Resource - Fortnite.png
Epic PERK-UP! Rare PERK-UP! Uncommon PERK-UP! FIRE-UP!
FROST-UP! - Resource - Fortnite.png AMP-UP! - Resource - Fortnite.png Core RePerk - Resource - Fortnite.png RE-PERK! - Resource - Fortnite.png
Eye of the Storm - Icon - Fortnite.png Pure Drop of Rain - Icon - Fortnite.png Lightning in a Bottle - Icon - Fortnite.png Storm Shard - Icon - Fortnite.png
Eye of the Storm Pure Drop of Rain Lightning in a Bottle Storm Shard
Hero xp - icon - fortnite.png Schematic xp - icon - fortnite.png Survivor xp - icon - fortnite.png Icon XP XL.png
Hero XP Schematic XP Survivor XP XP Boost
Icon GiftXP XL.png Training Manual - Icon - Fortnite.png Weapon Design - Icon - Fortnite.png Trap Design - Icon - Fortnite.png
Teammate XP Boost Training Manuals Weapon Designs Trap Designs
Road Trip Ticket.png Hero Recruitment Voucher - Voucher - Fortnite.png Weapon Research Voucher - Resource - Fortnite.png Gold
Event Tickets Hero Recruitment Voucher Weapon Research Voucher Gold
Llama.png Fortnite llama pinata.png Daily Coins - Resource - Fortnite.png
Mini Reward Llama Upgrade Llama Daily Coins
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