For the previous version of this location, see Mega Mall.

Retail Row is a location on the east-midlands of the Battle Royale Map. It is a large plaza with many shops, restaurants, and other buildings. This is often a highly used landing area for players because of its high levels of loot and because it is also close to the center of the map. This location contains a number of shops and buildings, many having a possible chest spawn in them.

Since the location is small and narrow, it's ideal for players to use close range weapons, like shotguns. There is a vending machine too.


Season 7

During Season 7, the Durrr Burger and Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit restaurants got added, due to Greasy Grove being frozen over.

Season 8

Near the end of Season 8 on May 4th, 2019, the whole east side of Retail Row was destroyed due to the Volcano eruption right after the Nexus Event, where a giant ash would land on that side.

Season 9


The damage caused during the Nexus Event.

With the start of Season 9 on May 9th, 2019, Retail Row was re-named to Mega Mall with the Mega Mall put in the previously destroyed part of the location.

The roads of the location has changed and the houses at the location were still in play if it wasn't destroyed by the volcano.

Season X

In Season X, the second Rift Beacon reverted Mega Mall to Retail Row. This time, the Fortnitemares husks are involved.

This is because Season X celebrates the best of Chapter 1, and Fortnitemares occurred twice on that chapter.

Chapter 2 - Season 1

In Chapter 2 - Season 1, despite the old map being sucked into a black hole, Retail Row survived, and is now placed in the east side of the new map. This time, the husks are removed to provide new players a fair experience.

Chapter 2 - Season 2

In Chapter 2 - Season 2, Ghost (E.G.O.) and Shadow (A.L.T.E.R.) took over Retail Row with the Ghost Flowers and Shadow Lamps stores added.

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